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The Best Memorial Tree Urns for Your State

State hardiness zones for memorial tree urns

Our collection of 19+ unique varieties of Memorial Tree Urns are a hit with families looking for a way to celebrate life by planting a memorial tree. These small, earth-conscious urns contain tree seeds in the lid, hold 35 cubic inches of cremated remains, and are buried (i.e. planted) in the ground. Utilizing a special biodegradable and eco-friendly mixture which neutralizes the ph found in cremated ashes, these urns actually incorporate the remains into the growth process for the memorial tree.

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Memorial Trees: 15 Varieties

Memorial Trees: 15 Varieties

Memorial trees are beautiful living monuments to the life of a departed loved one. There are many ways you can plant a tree in honor of a loved one. The physicality of digging, planting, watering, and tending a small tree, and watching it grow into full and vibrant life, can be very therapeutic and helpful in the grieving process. You can choose their favorite tree, or a tree that reminds you of them in a special way, and get a seed, seedling, or sapling from your local garden center. If the particular species is unavailable in your area, try Sheffield’s Seed Company or use a search engine.

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