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Video: Hawaii Cremation Urn with Hawaiian Beach Art Inlay

Hawaiian Beach Urn

This video showcases our Hawaii Cremation Urn. Crafted in the USA from real wood with a simple, clear finish, the gorgeous grain our premium hardwood is clearly visible in each piece. Shown here in solid Walnut, we also offer this memorial urn in honey-yellow Oak or soft white Maple wood. Continue reading Video: Hawaii Cremation Urn with Hawaiian Beach Art Inlay

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How Does Cremation Work?

How does cremation work?

If you are in the process weighing cremation versus burial, you may be wondering, “How does cremation work?” Choosing how to lay to rest the remains of a loved one is a very personal decision and our hope is that discussing the cremation process will help you explore and narrow down your options. Continue reading How Does Cremation Work?

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How to Open an Urn – Wood or Marble

Opening a cremation urn

How to Open an Urn

It may seem like a simple task, but this is one of the most frequent question we get asked: “How do I open my Urn?”

Below are two short video tutorials addressing the question. One is for a typical wooden urn and the other for a typical granite, marble or stone urn. Generally urn makers create a product that allows the user to easily Continue reading How to Open an Urn – Wood or Marble

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How to Bury an Urn

Ideas for urn burial

Final arrangements FAQWhen a loved one is cremated, there are many options available for honoring the life of the individual in the storage or disposition of the remains. These options can generally be distilled down to three basic choices, each of which will be discussed in its own post:

  1. Burial
  2. Scattering
  3. Storage

Click the link to view each option. Let’s begin with the first choice listed here, burial of a cremation urn.

Continue reading How to Bury an Urn

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Biodegradable Shell Urn

Biodegradable Funeral Urns

New to our online cremation urn store, the Biodegradable Shell Urn is ideal for an environmentally conscious water burial of cremated remains. Handcrafted in the USA by a Washington-based ceramic urn artist, the Shell Urn is the first in a new line of naturally water-soluble scattering urns made from Grolleg paper clay.

Biodegradable Funeral Urns

Grolleg clay is a “green” mixture of plant materials and naturalplant fibers, which help bind the clay together and make  Continue reading Biodegradable Shell Urn