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Autumn Leaves Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

The Autumn Leaves Walnut Wood Cremation Urn presents a lovely, earthy, homespun memorial to your loved one. This beautiful cremation urn is made in the USA from premium solid walnut wood and boasts a dark walnut stain and elegant “Autumn Leaves” carvings on the top of the piece. Continue reading Autumn Leaves Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Walnut

There are several varieties of walnut wood from which our urns are made, depending on the manufacturer. Walnut is a dark wood, and most American walnut varieties grow with either a straight grain or a very distinctive and highly figured grain. Both grain types result in a beautiful finished product, and you can see whether a particular wood urn is made with straight-grain or variable-grain walnut by looking closely at any product photo with decent resolution.

The hardness, strength, stability, and heaviness of walnut wood contribute to its legacy as one of the largest hardwood trees grown in the United States and our most popular type of wood for our funeral urns. Below you will see a small sample selection of just a few of our walnut urns. The images below will give you a good idea of the variety of shades and grain textures available, as well as the number of different wood urn designs that we sell.

To browse our collection of urns available in Walnut, see here.

Walnut Scattering Urn
Hand Turned Walnut Urn: Sample #1
Cross Cremation Urn
Seascape Urn for Ashes
Lighthouse Urn | Lighthouse Cremation Urn