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A Beautiful Oak Wood Cremation Urn

A classically designed memorial, the Boston II Cremation Urn has been a mainstay in our Wooden Urns Collection since the early 2000’s, when we began offering this urn in solid Cherry and Walnut woods.

It’s been a bestseller in both standard and companion sizes, so now we’ve decided to make it available in gorgeous honey-yellow Oak.

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Moose in the Forest Cremation Urn (Video)

Oak wood memorial urn

Presenting our new Moose in the Forest Cremation Urn, crafted in the USA with a 3-dimensional inlay wood art nature design. The rustic scenery of mountains, lake, evergreen forestry, and a noble moose grazing near the water’s edge provides a fitting art eulogy for your beloved hunter. Continue reading Moose in the Forest Cremation Urn (Video)

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Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn

Memorial Urns - Hibiscus Flower

With an attractive craftsman-esque shape, solid wood materials, laser engraved detail, and gorgeous hibiscus flower inlay, this is the ideal cremation urn for the gardener or flower loved. Made in the USA, the Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn is a tribute to earthy elegance and is available in your choice of white maple as pictured, vibrant oak, or rich dark walnut wood. Continue reading Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn

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360° View of a Gorgeous Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Boxwood companion urn in walnut wood

Here is a full 360° view of our gorgeous walnut wood cremation urn, which we call “the Boxwood.” Crafted in the USA using only the finest premium dark walnut wood, the Boxwood Cremation Urn is available in Walnut (as pictured here), Oak, or in the larger Companion Urn size. Continue reading 360° View of a Gorgeous Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

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Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn made in the Pacific Northwest

Oak Wood Cremation Urn made in the Pacific Northwest

The Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn is the newest design in our series of 3-dimensional wood art urns crafted in the Pacific Northwest. The wood art inlay scene is perfect as a memorial tribute for an avid fisherman, built in layers of wood inlays using different wood types in their natural colors. Each piece is engraved in lovely detail and assembled by hand. Continue reading Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn made in the Pacific Northwest

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Remembering Your Sweet Lily: The Lilies Urn with Inlay Art

Lily cremation urn with wood art carvings

A lily is a flower imbued with much symbolism, but the most important symbol of all is how you remember your beloved spouse, your sweet lily. Spouses will often refer to one another with affectionate nicknames – darling, sweetie, honey, etc. – some of the most adorably personal and intimate nicknames involve flowers. We have a variety of memorial urns with flowers of all types, including roses, carnations, sunflowers, tulips, and more. Continue reading Remembering Your Sweet Lily: The Lilies Urn with Inlay Art

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Video: Hawaii Cremation Urn with Hawaiian Beach Art Inlay

Hawaiian Beach Urn

This video showcases our Hawaii Cremation Urn. Crafted in the USA from real wood with a simple, clear finish, the gorgeous grain our premium hardwood is clearly visible in each piece. Shown here in solid Walnut, we also offer this memorial urn in honey-yellow Oak or soft white Maple wood. Continue reading Video: Hawaii Cremation Urn with Hawaiian Beach Art Inlay

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Cremation Urns – How I Got Involved

Maple Wood Cross Urn

In conversations about life and work or when getting to know people, the question I seem to get asked a lot is – Why cremation urns?

When I am asked what I do for a living and I mention that I sell cremation urns, people seem to react with a somber, “Why?” Well, it wasn’t because my family ran or owned a funeral home, which seems to be more of a common answer among funeral professionals. For me, it was because of my dad’s old golf ball display company.

Wooden Cremation Urns

You see, I worked for my dad’s company Golf Treasures for a few years and back in 1998, before I worked for them, we had started a business called Northwest Gifts (which is still going strong).  That company started by selling locally manufactured golf gifts, such as hole-in-one award trophies, collectible golf ball cases, and other sports-related display cabinets.  Many of the golf items we sold were made by Golf Treasures, so when Golf Treasures started manufacturing a small line of 5 different hardwood urns like these, I figured we could create a website to sell those urns as well.

Memorial Urns

For a couple of years we would only sell a couple of urns a month. But as time went by things started to grow, of course, and each year we would add several new urn designs along with other premier manufacturer’s collections of cremation urns. Over time, our selection has grown to include handcrafted ceramic urns, pet memorials, hundreds of beautiful wooden urns, and unique products like memorial tree urns, personalized bird feeder memorial gifts, plantable bookmarks, and more.

Cedar Urn

So, the history of my involvement in selling urns isn’t glamorous or very interesting, but now it has become part of my daily life. I speak to many of our customers and feel their pain as they’re dealing with heartache, memorial arrangements, and costly funeral expenses. The loss of a young child is always the hardest to hear. I can’t imagine the pain of those who have lost a child, but that is for another post.

Now that you know its unglamorous history, the present and the future of Urns Northwest is still to serve at a time of great loss. It is always appreciated, yet humbling, to receive the many “thank you’s” from our customers. We will continue to do our best to provide premium, personal customer service to help you get the right memorial, beautifully made, and delivered at the right time.

Boxwood - Angle