2024 Funeral Trends: Aftercare, Doulas, and Digital Memorials

What are the up and coming funeral trends?

At US Urns Online, we’ve been observing funeral industry trends for over ten years now.

Our picks for 2024 trends reveal the normalization of some ideas that were once new and are now standard, and introduce other funeral service trends that are on the cutting edge of technology and creativity.

With the new year comes new expectations, and every family engaged in funeral planning this year will be more online, more adept at research, and will have more unique requests than ever before.

If you are in the funeral profession, are you ready?

Let’s take a look at the funeral options that will interest the families you serve in 2024.

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50 Wedding Memorial Table Ideas to Honor a Loved One

Wedding Memorial Table Ideas

Your wedding day is a time to share your happiness and love. Without a doubt, you’ll want to include all of your loved ones.

But what if one of the most influential people isn’t there to participate? How can you include them? How do you remember them, along with reminding everyone else?

Here are some heartfelt tributes to revere that special someone that is no longer with you. We’ve selected 50 wedding memorial table ideas that honor your loved one in unique and creative ways.

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100 Inspirational Celebration of Life Ideas for an Amazing Person

celebration of life ideas - feature image

Here are 100 creative celebration of life ideas to inspire you as you celebrate the life of an amazing person.

Even as you grieve, it is important to treasure and honor your loved one. These creative and meaningful memorial ideas are perfect for right now and on into the future.

We have suggestions for the funeral or celebration of life service that will be happening soon, unique memorials for the days and weeks following, and inspiring tributes to ensure that their memory is well-kept for years to come.

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10 Meaningful Legacy Project Ideas

How to leave a legacy

What do you want your legacy to be? Leaving a legacy to your children and family is an important consideration. As you make arrangements for the end of your life, you will be consulting a lawyer, writing a will, signing advance directives, planning the funeral, and more.

But what does all of it mean?

This is where you may want to consider a legacy project as a way to help tell the story and meaning of your life.

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25 Beautiful Funeral Favors, Keepsakes, & Giveaways

Ideas for funeral and memorial service favors

Funeral favors are a popular trend as a way to say thank you to guests and also a way to honor your loved one. These are little trinkets or keepsakes that you give away at funerals, memorials, or life celebration events.

While funeral favors are definitely an “optional” part of your funeral planning, it’s a nice gesture of thanks for the support of friends and family, and it can also be a lovely way to keep your departed loved one in the hearts and minds of all who were part of the memorial service.

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