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Helpful Sympathy Gift Ideas to Send in Difficult Times

Sympathy gifts provide you with a great way to send a tangible expression of your love to someone who is grieving. As I’m sure you know, there are limitless ideas when it comes to finding (or making) thoughtful gifts for loved ones who passed away. But sympathy gift ideas that are truly helpful, practical, and above all, meaningful, are what we’ll be focusing on today.

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How to Sign a Sympathy Card: From Beginning to End

It can be hard to figure out how to properly sign a sympathy card. No matter who the card is for, whether a close family member, a best friend, an acquaintance, or a distant relative, it’s often difficult to figure out the right things to say to someone who is grieving, and to properly express sympathy.

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Best Rest in Peace Quotes

30 Simple Things To Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

Losing someone is hard. Losing a loved one out of the blue is even more difficult. Tragedy often occurs when we least expect it, and knowing what to say when someone dies unexpectedly can feel next to impossible.

Because what exactly do you say to a friend who is going through the most difficult time of their life? You certainly can’t ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen.

And what about you – what if you’re the one who lost someone? You’re shocked, grieving, and trying to make sense of it all. How do you encourage yourself through the hard times?

Let’s take a look at some helpful places to start.

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30 Best Funeral Poems for Your Grandmother

Today we’re looking through a beautiful selection of funeral poems for grandmother.

A loving Grandmother is such a beautiful and integral part of life on this earth, which is one of the many reasons it can be so hard to let go of their hand. 

She may have been that quiet yet resolute source of strength; the one who always seemed to be ready with listening ears, just the right words, and a helping hand. 

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15 Things You Should Never Do When Someone Dies

When a loved one dies, it can be such a stressful and lonely time. There are so many decisions to be made, and none of them will be easy. 

When you’ve just gone through a life changing ordeal, you don’t want to make any sudden and potentially bad choices that could affect the rest of your life negatively. 

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comforting things to say at funerals

What to Say at a Funeral? Finding the Right Words

Losing someone you care about is hard to experience and, for some, it’s just as hard to figure out what to say at a funeral service to those experiencing that grief.

Funerals are generally a place where people can come together to remember the person who has passed away. You can also use this time to offer support to the close family members and friends who are grieving.

But how do you do this? The most important thing is to choose your words and actions carefully so that you can truly bring comfort during this sad time.

If you are struggling to know what is appropriate to say at a funeral, you’re in the right place.

Below, you will find examples of comforting things to say at funeral services, what not to say, as well as how to follow up afterward. 

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How to Rebuild Your Life After Loss of Spouse

It’s been some time since the death of your spouse, and “letting go” seems so far beyond where you’re at mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. How to rebuild your life after the death of a spouse seems so far beyond your abilities.

You’re still feeling the depth of the loss as you wake up each morning, realizing you’re alone and yearning for that familiar morning routine with your best friend by your side. 

Drinking coffee together in the breakfast nook. Exchanging pages from your favorite newspaper while discussing the latest events. Planning your day with each other in mind. Anticipating the comfort that your soul mate’s well wishes will ultimately bring…

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When to Dispose of a Loved One’s Belongings (Now, Later, Never?)

When is the right time to dispose of your deceased loved one’s belongings?

How long after someone dies should you get rid of their clothes? What about their keepsakes, their shoes, their jewelry? Their shampoo bottles and old prescriptions? Their worn-out gardening gloves, that book they kept meaning to read?

What exactly do you keep after someone dies? Knowing when to dispose of the deceased’s belongings isn’t going to be an easy task.

The space of time following the life celebration and burial of a loved one can be lonely. You are left with many reminders of your loss in the objects that surround you.

Your next step is to decide what to do with your loved one’s belongings.

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Quotes about the loss of a loved one

101 Beautiful Letting Go Quotes to Overcome a Loss

Grief and recovery look different for everyone. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or just struggling to move forward, each scenario is as unique as the individual no longer present in your life.

Some people seek solace and quiet to sort through their emotions, and others find comfort in the presence of close friends and family. Some read, some journal, some exercise…

It all depends on how you process your feelings.

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