50 Best Sympathy Gifts for Someone Grieving a Loss

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Sympathy gifts provide you with a great way to send a tangible expression of your love to someone who is grieving. Today, we’re going to show you some wonderfully memorable gifts for someone who passed away. 

While there is something special about sending a note, a card, or a text, you may also feel the desire to give a tribute, something meaningful that can be touched and seen.

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How to Rebuild Your Life After Loss of Spouse

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It’s been some time since the death of your spouse, and “letting go” seems so far beyond where you’re at mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. How to rebuild your life after the death of a spouse seems so far beyond your abilities.

You’re still feeling the depth of the loss as you wake up each morning, realizing you’re alone and yearning for that familiar morning routine with your best friend by your side. 

Drinking coffee together in the breakfast nook. Exchanging pages from your favorite newspaper while discussing the latest events. Planning your day with each other in mind. Anticipating the comfort that your soul mate’s well wishes will ultimately bring…

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How To Let Go of (or Hold Onto) A Loved One’s Belongings

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How long should you wait after someone dies to get rid of their clothes? Their keepsakes, their shoes, their jewelry? What exactly do you keep after someone dies? Letting go of the deceased’s belongings isn’t always an easy task.

The space of time following the life celebration and burial of a loved one can be lonely. You are left with many reminders of your loss in the objects that surround you. Your next step is to decide what to do with your loved one’s belongings.

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101 Beautiful Letting Go Quotes to Overcome a Loss

Quotes about the loss of a loved one

Grief and recovery look different for everyone. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or just struggling to move forward, each scenario is as unique as the individual no longer present in your life.

Some people seek solace and quiet to sort through their emotions, and others find comfort in the presence of close friends and family. Some read, some journal, some exercise…

It all depends on how you process your feelings.

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101 Loss of Daughter Quotes for Remembrance & Comfort

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Losing a daughter — no matter their age — is one of the worst pains imaginable. And yet, very sadly, it does still happen. 

When this type of pain is experienced by your friend or loved one, it’s so difficult not knowing what to say to help ease their burden. Or perhaps you are experiencing this pain yourself and you’re looking for some meaningful quotes to soothe your own heart. 

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65 Best Bereavement Gifts to Show Your Love & Support

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Finding ways to comfort someone who is experiencing a loss can be difficult. Knowing what to do or say even more so. A well written sympathy card or letter is always a good and appropriate idea, but you may want to offer them something… more. That’s when bereavement gifts become a fitting choice.

While a home cooked meal or flowers are often appreciated, picking out a gift for them can be another wonderful way to show someone just how deeply you care. A tasteful memorial gift can go a long way in expressing your support and love for a grieving friend in their time of need. 

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60 Comforting Sympathy Messages for Loss of a Child

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There can be no greater pain than the loss of a child. No parent should have to go through it, yet it happens every day. Someone, somewhere is saying a final goodbye to their child

Just a few words of advice from a funeral director, please don’t say, “I know how you feel.”  Because you don’t. Even if you have been in the same situation, we all handle grief differently. Simply offer your love, support, compassion and a listening ear…

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21 Best Butterfly Memorial Gifts for Sympathy & Comfort

Butterfly Memorial Gifts - Feat Image

Symbolizing both the fragility and the strength of life, butterflies remind us of transformation and flight through struggles.

Spirituality, the butterfly is a metaphor of hope. The slow, colorless caterpillar is shrouded in death only to emerge beautiful, graceful, and with wings that cause it to soar. 

Those are just a few reasons why a butterfly-themed memorial is such a thoughtful gift for someone who is grieving. They need comfort and support. Here are 21 pretty gifts that feature our favorite winged friend: the butterfly. 

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