US Urns Online started as the customer resource website of Urns Northwest, our premier cremation urn store. At Urns Northwest, we’ve been providing high quality urns and memorials to the public since 2000.

We specialize in custom engraving and personalization on our cremation urns. Our goal is to have satisfied customers every time. Because each order we receive reflects a great loss to a family, we believe that the last thing the family needs is to be unsatisfied with the quality of an urn or the service of a provider.

So our highest priority is always providing the best service and the best products in your time of grief.

About US Urns Online

US Urns Online began as a resource page for our cremation urn customers. We started by explaining things like how to open an urn, how to shop carefully so that you choose a high-quality memorial at an affordable price, and what size urn you need to hold the remains.

Over the years, our database of informational articles has grown to include hundreds of articles on funeral planning, memorial service ideas, cremation urn video demonstrations and photo, plus unique product highlights, sympathy gift ideas, and funeral industry trends.

We also curate a monthly newsletter, showcasing great funeral products and highlighting interesting industry news and inspirational ideas for celebration of life events and much more.

About Urns Northwest

Urns Northwest is a family run business based in Medford Oregon, but we serve customers throughout all of the United States, U.S. Territories, Canada and a few other regions. Please allow us to serve you and we will provide the old-fashioned American service that is being lost in today’s marketplace.

We have been offering great urns for ashes since 2000 and have been a leader in personalization and custom engraving in the memorial industry. Most of our cremation urns are made in the USA, and our quality reflects that. All imported urns are noted as such on the product page and are fully guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

We offer a wide variety of unique, premium cremation urns and personalization options. Our specialty is in wood urns and custom laser engraving, including the engraving of photographs, directly onto the wood.

We also offer other types of adult urns, including ceramic, metal, granite, marble, and biodegradable urns. We also carry a wide selection of urns for couples, known as companion urns, child and infant urns, military memorials, flag cases, burial vaults, keepsake urns, and pet urns.

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