How Does Cremation Work? +35 Weird Questions About Cremation

Questions about Cremation

Sometimes the questions we have (especially questions about the cremation process) can be a bit weird, but we still need to ask them.

Thankfully, we have the internet!

You probably have a bunch of odd, quirky questions about cremation, and that’s completely normal.

How does cremation work?

Do bodies sit up during cremation?

What happens to the teeth, internal organs, casket?

Do dead bodies scream during cremation?

Is there a smell?

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68 Beautiful Things to Do with Ashes From Cremation

What to Do With Your Ashes

People don’t always know what they want to do with their loved one’s ashes after cremation. You’ll receive the cremated remains from the funeral home in a simple plastic box… but then what?

Sure, sometimes it’s clear – maybe you’ve already purchased a cemetery plot for burial, or they expressed a wish for their ashes to be scattered in a field.

But what if your loved one didn’t say? What if they were a creative soul – a true original – and you know that they’ve always had that yearning to be free, to experience the world, to live a life of expressive beauty?

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Pet Cremation Costs: What to Expect & How to Save

pet cremation cost - feature image

Pet cremation is becoming the go-to choice when a beloved pet passes. After all, most pets are part of the family, and we want to treat them that way even in death.

As this service becomes more popular, it also becomes more affordable to the “average” person. Many funeral homes offer pet cremation, though they may not list it in their regular brochure. But you can rest assured your human loved one is never cremated in the same receptacle that your beloved pet is. Funeral homes actually outsource pet cremations to a third party.

Read on to learn more about cremating your pet and the ins and outs of making this decision.

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Using a Temporary Urn: Transferring Cremated Remains

temporary urn - feat image

You have your loved one’s cremated remains inside something called a “temporary urn.” What should you do?

Most likely you’ve never had the responsibility before of disposing a loved one’s cremated remains.

After all, this isn’t something you do every day.

You probably have questions. Specifically: What do you do with that temporary urn received from the funeral home?

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What Does the Bible Say About Cremation? (More Than You Think)

what does the Bible say about cremation - feat image

Does the Bible have anything to say about cremation?

If you are planning a funeral for a Christian, whether for yourself or someone else, one of the choices you will have to make is whether to bury or cremate the body.

What do Christians believe about cremation? Is it a sin to be cremated? What do the passages in the Old Testament about ceremonial uncleanness and burning bodies mean for Christians?

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Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Jewelry

What To Know About Cremation Jewelry

Everyone wants a beautiful and unique way to honor their loved one.

You want to keep your loved one close to your heart, but you don’t want to be weird about it. You want to celebrate their memory, yet at the same time you may not necessarily want to create some huge monument.

Cremation jewelry is one great way to do these things. Come along and learn about the types and options available, how to use and fill them, plus discover some beautiful jewelry memorials that you’ll be proud to wear.

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