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Frequently asked questions about cremation – the process, how to handle the remains, disposition methods, and more.

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Is There Energy in Cremated Ashes? 

Well, is there? It’s a common enough question — much more common than you think, actually. Many people wonder if there is energy in cremated ashes. So if you find yourself looking for answers, just know that you aren’t alone. 

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Using a Temporary Urn: Transferring Cremated Remains

You have your loved one’s cremated remains inside something called a “temporary urn.” What should you do? Most likely you’ve never had the responsibility before of disposing a loved one’s cremated remains. After all, this isn’t something you do every day. You probably have questions. Specifically: What do you do with that temporary urn received …

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Benefits of Cremation

10 Important Benefits of Cremation Over Burial

Cremation has many benefits. That’s why it is rapidly becoming the standard option for final disposition. Many people who, like yourself, are considering cremation over burial find themselves asking the question, Why should I choose cremation? So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cremation versus burial.