Plant a Tree in Memory (5 Easy & Beautiful Ways)

How to plant a tree in memory of a loved one

If you wish to plant a tree for someone who has died, you desire a good thing. Planting memorial trees for loved ones has become an increasingly popular choice, as they create a living legacy that honors the life and memory of those we’ve lost.

They are also a unique way to have a positive impact on the environment, all while being a tangible representation of the person we loved. 

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When God Sends A Cardinal: Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning

Cardinal memorial quote

There is an old folklore saying that, “When God sends a cardinal, it’s a visitor from heaven.” Because of this saying, some wonder if the appearance of a Red Cardinal in their yard could really mean something special.  Depending on people’s different cultures, backgrounds, or beliefs, they attribute different meanings to the appearance of these … Read more

50 Best Funeral Songs for Dad

funeral songs for dad - feature

The 50 Best Funeral Songs for Dad is part of our series on the best and most popular songs for funerals. You can read the main article here, which includes a list of the top 100 songs played at memorial services and much more.

What’s the right music to play at Dad’s funeral? For some families, that’s easy – he has an absolute favorite song, or a track that was just “him.” Or maybe your father even told you all what song he wanted at the service.

If that’s your situation, go with it – you already have your own collection of “best funeral songs for dad.”

But for many people there’s not just one song. For others there are some great songs but they just don’t feel right for a funeral – too perky, to thrash-metal, to depressing, or they don’t have the “it” factor that make them the right tribute songs for dad.

So we’ve curated this list of meaningful and apt music to help you celebrate your father’s legacy. Each tune has fitting words, a beautiful recording, and a melody that hits all the right notes.

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40+ Best Funeral Songs About Losing a Child or Infant

Funeral Songs for Child Loss

Today we’re going to be sharing with you over forty songs about losing a child. This is part of our series on the best and most popular funeral songs. You can read the master list here.

Once when I was small, an extended family member had passed away. It got me thinking, for the first time in my young life, about the fragility of life. I remember asking my mom what she would do if something like that ever happened to me.

Her response: “I would cry and cry and never stop for as long as I lived.”

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50+ Greatest Country Funeral Songs For Your Beloved

country funeral songs- feature image

This list of the best country funeral songs is part of our series on songs for funerals, memorials, and life celebration services. Read the main article here. In that article you will find a list of the top 100 funeral songs, music by genre, and much more.

Music lovers of virtually any age and every walk of life adore country music. From Willie Nelson to Carrie Underwood, these artists hold a special place in our hearts. Country songs can depict every feeling out there, from happy and sad, to in love and silly, and back again.

Today, we’re placing a spotlight on those songs that make saying goodbye to a loved one just a little easier.

Below we have compiled a list of the 45 best country songs. These songs are sure to uplift and inspire you as you grieve your loss and prepare for the funeral.

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50 Best Funeral Songs for Mom

funeral songs for mom - feature image

The 50 Best Funeral Songs for Mom is part of our series on the best and most popular songs for funerals. You can read the main article here, which includes a list of the top 100 funeral songs and much more. You’re meeting with the funeral director during the arrangement conference for Mom’s service, going … Read more

150 Uplifting Celebration of Life Songs for Funerals & Memorials

happy funeral songs - feature image

These happy funeral songs for a celebration of life is a part of our series featuring The Most Popular Funeral Songs of All Time, where we examine 100 of most popular songs for funerals ever recorded, organized into helpful categories and themes.

Today we’re sharing our favorite celebration of life songs for funeral services. These songs are ideal for a cheerful, uplifting memorial – not your typical sad and somber funeral service, but rather, with a ‘celebration of life’ in mind for your loved one.

So, if you’re foraging for fun funeral songs, you’ve come to the right place. This list encompasses a whole spectrum of uplifting songs for funerals; we’ve made sure that joy for life can be found in the lyrics, in the melodies, and in the beats themselves.

Our selection spans decades and genres, too, so there’s a little something for everyone (and every loved one).

Let’s take a listen.

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How to Write a Tribute to a Sister Who Passed Away 

tribute to a sister who died - feature image

Sisters are irreplaceable and occupy a very special place in our hearts. That’s why when it comes time to write a tribute to a sister who passed away, it’s important for it to be thoughtful, meaningful and encompass all of those beautiful attributes that she embodied during her life.

You want to share a small piece of who she was with the people who have gathered to honor her.

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70 Best Memorial Plaques for Outdoors, Gifts, Photos, & More

memorial plaques - feature image

Memorializing a loved one means something different to each of us. Some people will dedicate a park, a bench, or a tree in memory of someone. Others are happy to place a picture, a keepsake urn, or a memorial candle to honor their loved ones.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, how expensive or affordable; they are all important ways to say, “Your life mattered to me!”

If you’ve decided to honor your loved one’s memory with a memorial plaque, then we believe this list we’ve compiled will be very helpful for you. With so many beautiful options, it may be hard to pick which one would suit them best! 

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