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Where can I find an artist to draw a memorial portrait?

How to find the right artist to paint a memorial portrait

Where can I find an artist to draw a memorial portrait?

When a loved one dies and is buried, there remains a gaping, aching hole in your life. After the funeral is over, once the flowers have dried and the baked casserole leftovers have all been consumed, visiting relatives trickle away and life (for everyone else) returns to normal. But not for you.

Grief will continue in many forms. One expression of grief is a desire to memorialize the decedent, to honor their memory in a way that captures a sense of their personality, vitality, life, and passion. This can be done in many different ways: Continue reading Where can I find an artist to draw a memorial portrait?

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Fish Urns for Ashes: 21 Gone Fishing Cremation Urns

If you are searching for the perfect fish urn to honor your beloved fishing enthusiast, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Not only are these the very best made-in-the-USA wood urns with fishing themes from our online cremation urn store, we’ve searched the web high and low to find all of the best fish urns for ashes to serve as the memorial urn for your fisherman. Continue reading Fish Urns for Ashes: 21 Gone Fishing Cremation Urns

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100 Inspirational Memorial Ideas for a Celebration of Life

Memorial Service Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

The 100 memorial ideas will inspire you to celebrate the life of your loved one. Even as you grieve, it is important to treasure and honor the memory of the decedent. These creative and inspirational memorial ideas are perfect for the funeral or celebration of life service, for the days and weeks following, and to ensure that their memory is well-kept for years on into the future.

These creative ideas fall into ten broad categories, each of which has ten specific memorials:

  • Memorial ideas for the service
  • Crowdsourced memorial ideas
  • Online memorial ideas
  • Home decor memorials
  • Charitable memorial ideas
  • Christian memorial ideas
  • Nature memorials
  • Wearable memorial ideas
  • DIY memorial projects
  • Crazy & creative memorial ideas

My prayer is that this list helps you broaden the possibilities of how you can honor someone you love so very much.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

100 Inspirational Memorial Ideas for a Celebration of Life


These memorial ideas are for the service itself, to personalize and make it a little bit unique – just like your loved one.

  1. Take the time to write a beautiful eulogy
  2. Get a beautiful cremation urn
  3. Make your own casket with this DIY kit
  4. Take steps to have an eco-friendly disposition
  5. Hand out memorial favors to those who attend
  6. Create a video or photo montage set to their favorite song
  7. Livestream the service for those who cannot attend
  8. Display a custom portrait in place of or in addition to the traditional photograph
  9. Decorate with symbols of their favorite pastime; e.g., in the colors of their favorite sports team, or herbs and foliage for an avid gardener
  10. Serve their favorite food or treat at the reception


Use the resources of funeral or celebration of life attendees to create a special memorial. Ask each person to bring a photo, write down a memory, etc and use these things to make your own scrapbook-style memorial.

  1. Use “My special memory of you” cards to have people write down a favorite memory or story
  2. Bring a recipe to create a memorial cookbook
  3. Take pictures of projects the loved one helped with
  4. Collect photos for a scrapbook
  5. For artists, have people vote on their favorite song, poem, photo, painting, sculpture, etc and create a “best of” scrapbook
  6. Ask for quotes that remind people of your loved one
  7. Have stones, wood tags, quilt squares, or Jenga blocks available for people to sign and write a message, then use them to create a memorial
  8. Set up a memory board for people to add their own photos, notes, memories, and condolences
  9. Fill a time capsule with notes, photos, and memorabilia; the burial can be a part of the service or a separate event
  10. Give out flower seed packets as funeral service favors, which crowdsources the spread of blossoms in memory of your loved one


Here are some creative memorial tributes you can create and share online.

  1. Create a memorial website (for free)
  2. Share an album or series of photos on social media and tell the back story
  3. Write out and post one (funny, sad, heartwarming, interesting) story each day for a week
  4. Ask friends and family to share stories and photos
  5. Make a “meme-orial” social media memorial (free)
  6. Create a playlist of their favorite songs and share it
  7. Share images with comforting Scripture verses
  8. Start a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral expenses or help the family of the decedent
  9. Share your grief journey in a blog or in a dedicated Facebook page
  10. Live tweet as you read their favorite books or watch their favorite movies. This is something you can do alone at home as part of your grieving process, but still get some community involvement by talking about it online


Make a pillow from a loved one's favorite shirt

  1. This pillow made from their favorite shirt
  2. Get a memorial quilt made from their clothing
  3. Choose a beautiful cremation urn like these 3-dimensional wood art memorials
  4. Personalize a set of coasters with their initials
  5. Have their portrait painted (send old photographs to the artist for inspiration)
  6. Engrave your loved one’s favorite quote onto a handcrafted wooden memorial plaque
  7. Create a memory board with photos, letters, keepsakes, and more
  8. Customize a wall-mounted bottle opener to raise a glass to their memory
  9. Light up your home with a memorial tealight cremation urn
  10. Personalize a memorial bench for the backyard or garden area


  1. Start a scholarship fund in their memory; this can be for a wide range of things:
    • College, vocational training, ministry training
    • Music lessons, band camp
    • Volunteer expenses for camps and ministries
    • Paid internships
    • Relief aid
    • Tutors for disadvantaged kids
  2. Donate to a cause in their name, one that was important to them
  3. Give their clothing to charity
  4. Donate their books to a public or school library; include an inscription or sticker saying the book was donated in their memory
  5. Adopt a pet to honor your beloved animal lover’s memory
  6. Send Christmas gifts to children’s hospitals in your loved one’s memory
  7. Donate the vegetables from your memorial garden to a food bank
  8. Sponsor a youth sports team or program in your loved one’s name
  9. Knit hats, gloves, socks, or scarves for your local homeless shelter and sew in a tag that says “in memory of” your loved one
  10. Give to your church in memory of your loved one


  1. Hold the funeral service in your local church
  2. Have your pastor clearly preach the gospel at the funeral service
  3. Sing their favorite hymn at the funeral and record it (here are some favorite funeral hymns)
  4. Tell the deceased’s testimony at the service, and/or write it out to share with friends and family
  5. Get their favorite Bible verse etched onto a memorial plaque
  6. Give out seed packets at the funeral with John 12:24, Revelation 14:13, or John 11:25 printed on them
  7. Donate to their church and/or a cause that was important to them:
    • Hunger relief
    • Homeless shelters
    • Disability ministry (consider Joni & Friends)
    • Clean water projects (here are five good ones)
    • Your local pregnancy resource center
  8. Volunteer at one of those ministries or charitable organizations
  9. Pass on their personal Bible as a special heirloom to a child, grandchild, or someone they mentored
  10. Many churches have a meal program to bring hot meals for the sick, parents of newborns, or the grieving. Consider setting up meal deliveries for the family of someone who has lost a loved one, or, if you are the bereaved, join the ministry when you are up to it in memory of your loved one (Read our sympathy meals guide here)


Personalized Memorial Seeds

  1. Give out personalized seed packets at the funeral
  2. Plant a tree in their memory
  3. Plant a tree in a devastated forest area in their honor
  4. Feed the birds from a personalized memorial bird feeder
  5. Grow a memorial garden
  6. Grow a memorial tree from their cremated ashes
  7. Name a star in their memory
  8. Create on of these 11 Living Memorial Ideas
  9. Scatter their ashes at a favorite outdoor location – ocean, river, mountaintop, park, etc
  10. Maintain or sponsor a park, hiking trail, or other local outdoor attraction in memory of your loved one


Wearable Memorial Ideas

  1. This memorial t-shirt which reads, You are my today and all of my tomorrows
  2. Create jewelry with their signature or fingerprint engraved
  3. Get a memorial necklace that holds a small portion of cremated ashes
  4. These cremation necklaces are also aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils
  5. Wear their wedding ring on a necklace chain
  6. Turn the funeral flowers into jewelry beads
  7. Wear one of their t-shirts as an infinity scarf (tutorial here)
  8. Get a memorial tattoo
  9. Make a custom memorial t-shirt
  10. Create and wear a personalized memorial button


  1. Create a memorial scrapbook with photos, notes, newspaper clippings, funeral programs, and more
  2. Make a quilt or pillow from their old clothing
  3. Set a place at the dinner table for your loved one on special occasions
  4. Use the funeral flowers to create jewelry (tutorial here or have it done professionally)
  5. Replace the face of their watch with their photo and wear it or keep it by your bedside
  6. Make a memorial teddy bear
  7. Barrel-age your own spirits at home to raise a glass to your loved one’s memory
  8. Create a memorial space in your home, such as a wall, shelf, mantle, or entire room (see our guide here)
  9. Make your own special and personalized candles to light in memory
  10. Take a photograph and make your own photo necklace pendant


  1. Get their cremated ashes put into fireworks or bullets
  2. Write notes to or about your loved one, include your contact information, put them into bottles, and let them go in the ocean. You may get a text or email someday from around the world!
  3. Write their name in the sand and take a photo (or have it done for you)
  4. Scatter their ashes at a favorite location – in the ocean, at the golf course, from a mountaintop
  5. Make up a drink or a sandwich, name it after your loved one, and get it on the menu at their favorite bar, coffee shop, or restaurant
  6. Share a bottle of wine or spirits with close family and friends in an annual remembrance
  7. Get a park, building, or local landmark named after your loved one (usually this involves a large donation)
  8. Give away your loved one’s trinkets, games, toys, and keepsakes to younger family members. Do an Easter-egg-style treasure hunt to make it fun
  9. Bring your loved one’s favorite books, movies, music, or other trinkets to the memorial service and invite people to take one home as a memorial
  10. Provide self-addressed stamped envelopes to everyone at the funeral service, and encourage them to write a note of encouragement to the family or a story/memory of the decedent, and send it in the mail in a month or six months. This will ensure that the family receives plenty of sympathy notes, stories, photographs, and more during the following months


Creative memorial service ideas for a celebration of life

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Solid Wood Cremation Urns, Made in the USA: The Real Deal

Premium real wood urns made in the USA

When choosing the cremation urn that will serve as your loved one’s final resting place, it is worth the time and effort to find the best quality at a respectable price.

While there are many types of urns out there, perhaps there is no greater disparity in quality among wooden cremation urns. While the photos you see online may look similar, don’t be deceived. There is an unbelievable difference between genuine solid wood cremation urns and the cheap knockoffs that use veneers and particle board.

You want the real deal. You want solid wood cremation urns, made in the USA. Continue reading Solid Wood Cremation Urns, Made in the USA: The Real Deal

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Euphemisms for Death: Ways to Say That Someone Has Died

300 ways to say that someone has died

Euphemisms for death about. This is because there are many ways we talk about death.

Sometimes we talk evasively, in a way that avoids really talking about death. Other times we are trying to be polite and sensitive, especially around the family of the one who has died. Still other times we turn it into a big joke, blunting the razor edge of death’s horror with humor.

We can talk about death clinically, with a focus on the physical symptoms that avoids the emotional aspect. And of the flip side we can use purely emotional, whimsical terms like “living on in our hearts” as a way to deflect the crushing reality.

Continue reading Euphemisms for Death: Ways to Say That Someone Has Died

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12 Tips To Get The Headstone Inscription Just Right

12 tips for the headstone inscription

Headstones are big, expensive, and permanent, so you want to get it just right. The headstone inscription can be a lengthy description or a short sentence or anything in between, but whatever length or style you want it done well.

To that end, here are 12 tips to help you get the headstone inscription just right. These tips work equally well for inscriptions on cremation urns, niche cover plates, memorial gifts, and more. Continue reading 12 Tips To Get The Headstone Inscription Just Right

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How to Find Comfort in a Time of Loss

Finding comfort in the midst of grief

I awoke from a vivid dream around four in the morning. Though my eyes were swollen from all the tears I cried earlier, I began quietly sobbing again, in the stillness of the night. Nobody else was awake in my house. It was just me and my tears, replaying memories in my head like a music player replays my favorite song.

My dream was about my dad, who was very ill. At the time, he appeared to be near death. The day before I visited him at a hospice care center with my husband and two young daughters. We brought him yellow flowers, something cheery to brighten up his cold, stark room. Then, we said our good-byes.

Continue reading How to Find Comfort in a Time of Loss

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Death Doulas & Caring for the Dying

Have you heard of “Death Doulas”? They, of course, prefer the term end-of-life doula, but the catchier term is the one that sticks in the mind and is what most people search for when first diving into this broad topic of death, dying well, and end-of-life care. Continue reading Death Doulas & Caring for the Dying

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The Aron: Jewish Burial Caskets & Where to Find Them

Where to find Jewish Burial Caskets

Jewish burial practices are very similar to the contemporary eco-friendly trend, the “green burial” movement. As people begin to realize just how harmful some of the modern “traditional” funeral practices are, a movement back to the old ways it beginning to take place.

For the Jewish community, the reality is that they have been doing it right for many years and the rest of the Western world is waking up to the wisdom of a simple, natural burial. Continue reading The Aron: Jewish Burial Caskets & Where to Find Them