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Funeral Planning Guide
Start here to learn everything you need to know about planning a funeral or memorial service.

What Do I Need to Buy From the Funeral Home?
Know your rights as a consumer and what to expect from the funeral home.

10 Things the (Shady) Funeral Home Won’t Tell You
Most funeral homes and funeral directors will serve you well. Read this article to learn how to avoid common mistakes, all your options, how to avoid overpaying for products and services, and how to avoid a shady funeral home that isn’t on the up and up.

How Long After Death Is a Funeral Held?
One of the first questions you’ll address when planning a funeral is when to hold the service. What is typical, how long is too long, is it too soon? Answers to all your questions including the most popular days and times for funerals.

Most Popular Funeral Songs of All Time
Choose the perfect funeral songs to play in honor of your loved one.

10 Types of Funeral Services & Ceremonies
A guide to all the different types of funeral events, including wakes, visitations, committals, and more.

Free Funeral Program Templates
Here are some free funeral program templates that you can download and customize yourself at no cost.

What Should I Wear to a Funeral? Funeral Outfit Ideas
Tips on how to dress appropriately when attending a funeral, including specific outfit ideas.

Funeral Etiquette: A Brief Guide on What to Do & Say
Everything you need to know about proper funeral etiquette, whether you’re part of the family of the decedent or a guest at the funeral.

Funeral Etiquette for the Immediate Family
This article drills down on what is expected of you when you’re part of the family of the deceased.

Prepaid Funeral Plans (An Insider’s Guide)
Everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans and how to pay for funeral services in advance.

Should I Tip the Funeral Director? The Minister?
How, when, and how much to tip for various funeral vendors and service providers, including ministers, florists, pallbearers, and more.


9 Cremation Myths Everyone Thinks Are True
Discover the facts vs fiction in this fascinating and insightful article about cremation myths.

25 Weird Questions People Always Ask About Cremation
Those quirky questions you’re afraid to ask the funeral director? Yep. We answer them right here.

What Amount of Ashes Will There Be After Cremation?
Learn ahead of time how the amount and volume of remains you’ll receive from the crematorium.

8 Things You Need to Know About Cremation Urns
Here are the 8 most important things you should know as you choose an urn for your loved one.

Are Ashes Loose in the Urn?
Depending on the type and design of the urn, maybe – but probably not. Learn more in from this helpful article.

What Size Urn Should I Get?
Understanding cubic inches, companion and keepsake urns, and help computing the size of urn which you need.

How Much Do Cremation Urns Cost? And How Can I Save?
The title says it all. Save big on your funeral expenses when you do your research and know what you want.

Urn Inscription Ideas and Standard Formats
Helpful information for formatting an inscription or epitaph. Also a list of popular layouts, quotes, Bible verses, poems, and more.

Choosing a Companion Urn
Are you considering an urn for two? Here is a helpful article on selecting the right companion urn.

How to Open an Urn
Wondering how to open a cremation urn to insert the ashes? Here is our most popular video.

Transferring Cremated Remains into an Urn
A list of your options for transferring remains into a cremation urn.

Are Cremation Urns Allowed on Airplanes? Flying with an Urn
Planning on traveling by airline? Here’s some helpful info, including options for cremation urns.

Do I Have to Purchase an Urn from a Funeral Home?
A bit about the FTC’s Funeral Rule, which gives you the choice of where to purchase an urn.

Eco-Friendly Options for Ashes
Scattering, sea scattering, or burial of cremated remains using biodegradable, eco-friendly urns.

Cremation Urn FAQ
Frequently asked questions about cremation urns.


5 Creative Memorial Service Ideas
Browse this list of classic and creative memorial service ideas to inspire your loved one’s celebration of life.

100 Inspirational Celebration of Life Ideas for an Amazing Person
Do you plan of having a life celebration in place of (or in addition to) the more somber funeral service? Here are 100 creative and inspirational ideas to honor and celebrate your loved one’s memory.

33 Inspiring Life Celebration Quotes
Meaningful quotes to honor and celebrate your loved one. Includes shareable “meme” style quote images.

Eulogy vs Obituary: What’s the Difference?
Learn about eulogies and obituaries, what they are, and why they matter.

How to Write a Eulogy
Just like it says – how to write a eulogy, in seven simple steps. Written by a professional.

How to Deliver a Eulogy
Once you have the eulogy prepared, here are the best tips to deliver it well. Additionally, if you’re concerned about breaking down during the speech, here are some tips on how to deliver a eulogy without crying.

50 Best Sympathy Gifts for Someone Who Is Grieving
Are you looking for a creative way to express condolences by giving a thoughtful memorial gift? Here’s your guide to the best and most comforting sympathy gifts.

50 In Loving Memory Quotes
Here are 50 of the best “In loving memory” quotes, ideal for inscriptions, sympathy cards, condolences, and memorials.

“When a cardinal appears in your yard, it’s a visitor from heaven.”
Learn about this quote, what it means, and how it’s used in some very charming memorial gifts and tributes.

11 Living Memorial Ideas to Honor a Loved One
Check out these ingenious “living memorials” that will grow out in nature to honor the memory of your loved one in an eco-friendly, life-affirming way.

Sympathy Meals: How to Make & Deliver Meals For a Grieving Family
Here’s our guide to help you arrange, plan, cook, and deliver sympathy meals to someone after a death in the family.

10 Most Beautiful Pet Memorial Tattoos
When you lose a beloved pet, you treasure the memories you shared. Many people choose to remember their pet in a special way by getting a pet memorial tattoo. Here are ten beautiful examples.

Death, Loss, and Planning Ahead

What to Do When Someone Dies
Here are the first steps, next steps, and other things to think about when someone close to you passes away.

What Papers Do You Need When Someone Dies?
Here is a list of papers you’ll need to find, fill out, and prepare when a loved one dies.

Here’s the Complete List of Everything You Can Do with Your Body After You Die
From traditional burial to scattering remains, from eco-friendly options to ash-infused tattoos, here is everything your body can do after death.

Burial vs Cremation: Which Is Right For You?
We’ve set the advantages and disadvantages for both traditional burial and cremation side by side, so you can consider which one is best for you.

13 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery
These are the important things to consider as you look for the final resting place for yourself or a loved one.

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving Through Text
Tips on what to say, plus specific quotes and phrases you can borrow when texting a grieving friend.

30 Questions About Death, Dying, and Your Legacy
A collection of open-ended questions to help you consider what is most important in life as you think about the end.

What Is the “Death Positive” Movement?
There’s a growing trend in the funeral industry regarding how we think about death and dying. Learn about it here.

What Is a “Death Doula”? How End-of-Life Doulas Can Help You Die Well
Have you heard of death doulas? It’s a professional advocate who is there with you at the end of your life, helping you in practical ways to die in the way you choose.

10 Meaningful Legacy Project Ideas
How do you want your family to remember you? What do you want your legacy to be? Here are some ideas to help you discover and articulate your legacy.

5 Steps to Make Sure Your Funeral Plans Are Followed
How do you know that your family will follow your final arrangements? Here are some ways to ensure that your final wishes are respected.


101 Condolence Messages to Show Love & Support
Here’s what to say at the funeral, or write in a sympathy card.

Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love
That final goodbye is the most difficult. Here are some tips on what to say, and how to say it.

Missing You: 22+ Honest Quotes About Grief
Grief hurts because the relationship you shared was truly worth treasuring. These quotes express something of what you may be feeling in a genuine, honest way.

How Long Does Grief Last?
It’s different for everyone, but here are some guidelines to help understand what you or someone you care about may be going through after the loss of a loved one.

The Grieving Process
Yes, there’s way more than five “stages” in the grieving process. Learn something of the ups and downs that people experience as they mourn.

Types of Grief
Experts have identified at least 16 different types of grief. Learn about them all here.

How to Care for Someone Who Is Grieving
We’ve put together 22 of the best tips to help you care well for a grieving friend or family member.

Grief Journaling
There are many advantages to starting a grief journal. Here are some tips and prompts to get you started.

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