Most of us don't know how to plan a funeral until we actually do it. So we put together all the basics into one helpful guide.

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What makes a good funeral home? Read our guide, which includes tips and helpful questions to ask when you're calling or visiting. (Read...)

A helpful checklist on who to notify, legal certification, funeral directors, ministers, estate issues, and more. (Read...)

Most funeral directors are genuinely helpful. Here, we dispel some common myths about shady funeral homes, and provide tips on how to avoid the few bad ones. (Read...)

We get a lot of questions about funerals, memorials, cremation, burial, scattering, etiquette, and much more. Browse our extensive funeral FAQs. (Read...)

If you're wondering what to expect, what your options are, or have any concerns at all, we've been writing about cremation for over ten years and have plenty of resources.

Funeral Songs for All Time

Music touches us at a deep level and in a very powerful way.

What song will you play at your loved one's memorial? Here are 100 of the all-time greatest funeral songs.

Turn Ashes into Diamonds

Diamonds symbolize eternity. Learn more about this unique and beautiful process.

101 Condolence Messages

If you're not sure what to say in a sympathy card or condolence message... well, we've been there. The right words aren't always easy to find.

Here are over one hundred messages you can use and modify to express what you're thinking and feeling as you try to support someone close to you.

Cardinal memorial quote

Cardinals Appear When Loved Ones Are Near

There are several variations on this phrase, but the sentiment is the same for each version: Cardinals make us think about our loved ones.

Read more about the meaning and history of this beloved phrase, and be inspired by many memorial gifts and plaques with cardinal themes.

Death Anniversary: How to Remember & Celebrate Your Loved One

How can you “celebrate” a life that is gone, one you miss so very much? How do you grieve, yet do so in a healing way?

Let's consider this meaningful - if difficult - day of remembrance, and think about how to honor a cherished memory even while you mourn.

How to Write a Death Announcement (Plus Examples)

If you’re unfamiliar with the proper etiquette for death announcements, well, that’s understandable.

We’ve written a guide to help you with what to write, when and where to post or publish it, and how to do so in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Missing You: 22 Honest Quotes About Grief

Rich, raw, and honest thoughts about grief when you're missing the one you love the most.

We've collected twenty-two of the most meaningful quotes about grief right here, pairing them with stunning visuals for you to share or simply contemplate.

Sorry for Your Loss: 10 Alternative (and Better) Things to Say

There's nothing wrong with saying "I'm sorry for your loss." It's a cliché for a reason - it does the job.

But what if you want something better to say? We've put together a list of the best alternative condolence phrases for you right here.

Cemetery Etiquette: What to Do (and NOT Do) in a Cemetery

If you’re planning on visiting a cemetery – whether to pay respects to a loved one, or because you’re simply drawn to cemeteries – there is some basic etiquette you should follow.

Here are 10 things to avoid doing when visiting a cemetery.

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