How to Write a Funeral Order of Service (+ Templates)

Order of Service Guide

Planning a funeral for your loved one can be challenging, to say the least. It can be tough to know what to do, what’s expected, what’s appropriate, and what your loved one might have wanted.

Deciding on the order of service will help you find some peace of mind. Before you can do that, though, it’s a good idea to view at least a few order-of-service funeral examples.

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How to Announce a Death on Social Media + Examples

Facebook Sympathy Pots - Feat Image

Today we’re going to talk about what to post when someone dies. If you’ve lost a loved one, how do you know when it’s the right time to share the sad news with the world on social media? And what do you say?

Or perhaps you know someone who has lost a loved one, and you want to show your love and support. When announcing a death on Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram, or other social media), what is okay to post? What should you say, and what sort of etiquette should you follow?

Learn everything you need to know here. We’ll also include plenty of examples of Facebook posts to share when someone dies.

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Helpful Sympathy Gift Ideas to Send in Difficult Times

Sympathy Gifts Feat Image

Sympathy gifts provide you with a great way to send a tangible expression of your love to someone who is grieving. As I’m sure you know, there are limitless ideas when it comes to finding (or making) thoughtful gifts for loved ones who passed away. But sympathy gift ideas that are truly helpful, practical, and above all, meaningful, are what we’ll be focusing on today.

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How to Plant a Tree In Memory of a Loved One

How to plant a tree in memory of a loved one

If you want to plant a tree in memory of someone who has died, but don’t know where to begin, look no further. Planting memorial trees in dedication to loved ones has become an increasingly popular choice, as trees can create a living legacy that honors the life and memory of those who’ve gone before us.

Memorial trees are also a unique way to have a positive impact on the environment, all while being a tangible representation of the person you loved. 

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How to Write a Tribute to a Father Who Passed Away 

tribute to a father who died - feature image

The loss of a father or a father figure is indescribable. The same could be said for the love of a father.

So, how are you supposed to write a beautiful tribute that accurately reflects the incredible person he was, his life, and his love? Especially if you’re still grieving your father’s passing.

Due to his profound impact on your life, it may be challenging to find words for just how much your late dad meant to you. As you navigate the grief of your father’s death during this difficult time, writing a tribute may not be something you are looking forward to.

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25+ Weird Things to Do with Ashes

weird things to do with ashes - feature image

Looking for weird things to do with ashes? You’re in the right place. ’cause I’ve seen it all as someone with years of experience in the funeral world. Whether you are hoping to find some (respectfully) weird ways to honor your loved ones, or are future planning for yourself—way to think ahead!—there is no shortage … Read more

20 Beautiful Ideas for What to Do with Cremation Ashes

what to do with ashes: beautiful ideas that honor them

“When I die, just put me in a box in the attic.”

I answered the phones for a cremation urn company for over a decade, and heard this comment 3,127 times.

Ok, perhaps that’s a generous estimate. I heard it a lot. Or a similar variation: “Just toss my ashes in the ocean, in the backyard, in the river; just put my remains in a tin can, in a cardboard box…”

The thing is, everyone who said that was in the process of buying an exquisite urn to honor their loved one. So while most people live by the idea of simplicity, when they die their family members want to do something special to honor them.

After your loved one is cremated, you’ll receive their ashes from the funeral home in a simple plastic box… but then what?

There are three basic things you can do with cremated ashes:

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110 Tombstone Messages with Short, Beautiful Words for Gravestones

tombstone messages - feature

When it comes to choosing tombstone messages for your loved one, the right words are everything, and I’m here to help you get it right before it is—to be a little on the nose—set in stone.

Some family members prefer religious texts or song lyrics on the headstone, while other epitaphs are more of the snarky type. Some messages are long and detailed, and some are short, beautiful words for gravestones.

Just keep this in mind: whatever short quotes you choose to have engraved on the grave marker will live on for years to come.

You know your loved one best, and what they would have wanted. After all, a tombstone is forever, and we’d all like to be remembered forever for something, right?

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How to Open an Urn

how to open an urn - feature image

There are several reasons why you may need to know how to open an urn.

Maybe your family is wanting to use a different urn for your loved one’s ashes. Or perhaps you are hoping to scatter the cremated remains, or share them among family members. Or maybe, you just want to know how to open an urn, just to know how!

Whatever the case may be, opening an urn is not as complicated as you may think, so let’s take a close look at how with a little help from my friends at Urns Northwest.

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