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Wood Funeral Urns Designed to Fit into a Columbarium Niche

We now offer a selection of beautiful wood funeral urns deisgned to fit into a columbarium niche. These niches are known by a variety of terms – mausoleum niche, columbarium vault, funeral home niche, etc. Generally these are compartments meant to hold cremated remains in a wall at a funeral home, cemetery, columbarium, or mausoleum. The size of the niche might vary a little depending on how much you are willing to pay, but generally they stay fairly small.

For instance, at Arlington National Cemetery, they require that the funeral urns going into the niche must measure less than nine inches high, wide, and deep. This is typical of the spacial limitations for columbarium niches – the niche you purchase may be a little larger, or a fraction smaller, but it should be pretty close. You may find difficulty getting an urn online that will fit into the required dimensions. Of course, the funeral home will probably have urns that fit, but you may not like the design or the price point.

That is why we have created this selection of wood funeral urns designed to fit into a standard niche space. Let’s take a look.

Wood Funeral Urns Designed to Fit into a Columbarium Niche

These wooden niche urns come in two sizes, three wood types, and with two personalization options. Watch the video above for a brief product demonstration, and read on for more information and some additional photos.

Two urns will fit into most niches
Two niche urns, which will allow a couple to keep their remains together in the niche. Shown in Mahogany wood.


  • Urn sizes are standard adult and companion adult
  • Standard adult urn holds 218 cubic inches and measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 4.5″
  • This means that two standard adult urns will measure a combined 8.5″ cubed
  • Companion adult urn holds 440 cubic inches, plenty of room for two adults
  • The companion urn measures 8.5″ cubed


  • Rich, red-hued Mahogany wood
  • Subtly understated Natural Cherry wood
  • Honey-toned Oak wood with gorgeous woodgrain highlights
  • Each urn is crafted in Oregon with thick slabs of real wood


  • Optional laser engraving of text: name, dates, etc
  • Laser engraving is carved into the surface of the wood urn
  • We also offer military service emblems: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps


Wood Funeral Urns Designs to Fit Columbarium Niches

Wood urns made in the USA

Niche Urn - Companion Size

To order or for more information see here.

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The Loon Bird Wood Urn for Memorials in Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Michigan

Wood Cremation Urn with Loon Bird Art

Our newest 3-dimensional inlay wood art memorial urn design is the Loon Bird Wood Urn, our rustic take on this gorgeous waterfowl found throughout the midwest and especially popular in the lake regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario Canada.

Here are some key facts and trivia items about the loon bird and the midwest region:

  • State bird of Minnesota
  • Provincial bird of Ontario
  • Depicted on the Canadian dollar coin, which is nicknamed “the loonie”
  • The “loon capital of the world” is Mercer, Wisconsin
  • Mascot of the Major League Soccer club in Minnesota (United FC)
  • Appears in several movies including Finding Dory and On Golden Pond
  • Also called “divers”, the loon can dive up to 200 feet below the water’s surface in pursuit of fish
  • The loon’s eye color will change with the seasons, gray in colder months and a bright crimson in warmer weather

If you are an outdoors enthusiast in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, or other midwest lake regions, you may be interested in a loon memorial urn. Let’s take a look at this beautiful new rustic wood funeral urn.

Loon Bird Wood Urn

Made in the USA from solid wood, this urn is available in your choice of Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or Walnut.

Shown in the video above and the photos below in Walnut wood. The craftsmanship and detailed art etchings are clearly evident, beautifully completed in a way that doesn’t detract from the exquisite appearance of the loon bird as the centerpiece.

Available here.

We can also laser engrave name and dates into the wood on the top or back of the urn to personalize. The urn opens from the bottom with a removeable panel that attaches with screws. These urns are made using genuine and hearty solid wood. The vivid and lifelike 3-dimensional realism is accomplished with a multilayer inlay and detailed laser engraving of the bird.

Loon Bird Wood Urn Wood Cremation Urn for Memorials in Minnesota Memorial Urns for Michigan

A truly lovely memorial tribute to your loved one. Lastly, the urn has a standard adult capacity, holding a little over 200 cubic inches of cremated remains or “ashes.” We can also make it in companion size with a capacity of 400 cubic inches upon request. The Loon Bird Wood Urn is available from Urns Northwest, made to order for you within 3 business days.

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The Layman’s Guide to Funeral Urns

Funeral urns can seem like a daunting subject to the uninitiated. So many options, so many things to think about, and all you want is to honor your loved one without messing everything up. So to help, we present to you The Layman’s Guide to Funeral Urns. Continue reading The Layman’s Guide to Funeral Urns

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Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

Cremation urns for people who loved horses

Horses are loved by many. The majestic power, the graceful movement, the equine beauty. Horse themed cremation urns are a popular choice as a memorial for people who loved horses, and there are plenty from which to choose.

At Urns Northwest, we offer some brilliant and premium horse themed cremation urns. Continue reading Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

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How To Safely Travel With Cremated Remains

If you are traveling a long distance by car or flying to retrieve the cremated remains of one parent or both, you will probably want to take the remains with you back home. Or perhaps you might want to honor a last wish and scatter them somewhere with sentimental value. Cremation is a popular practice that affords different options to honor a dead parent or keep them close. Whether you are honoring a final wish to scatter the ashes somewhere sentimental or take them back with you, you will want to keep the remains as safe as possible depending on the traveling methods. Continue reading How To Safely Travel With Cremated Remains

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New Wood Lighthouse Cremation Urn Designs

Wooden Lighthouse Cremation Urns

In recent months, we’ve added an array of new wood lighthouse cremation urn designs so that any and all who love lighthouses and the seacoast can find the perfect funeral urn. These wooden urns are crafted in the USA, available in your choice of four types of solid premium woods, and can even be made in larger companion urn sizes for a couple to remain together always. Continue reading New Wood Lighthouse Cremation Urn Designs

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Wood Cremation Urn with Great Lakes Art Inlay

Wood Urn with Great Lakes Art

Each and every region of these great United States have their own particular – and sometime peculiar – beauty. The land surrounding the Great Lakes is no different. Whether you live in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, or across the border in Ontario, you know and love the Great Lakes for the way these lakes represent home. Continue reading Wood Cremation Urn with Great Lakes Art Inlay

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Soulmates Cremation Urn: A Memorial of Your Life & Love Together

Soulmates Cremation Urn

Our new “Soulmates” cremation urn presents a timeless memorial of your life and love together. Using elegantly constructed and engraved inlay hardwoods, this memorial art urn features a serene mountain lake with a couple sitting together on a personalized bench. Continue reading Soulmates Cremation Urn: A Memorial of Your Life & Love Together

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Circular Wood Cremation Urns with Handcrafted Inlays

Round Wood Cremation Urns

Come and see our new selection of circular wood cremation urns. These are individually made by hand in the USA, featuring handcrafted wood inlays. Each inlays boasts a variety of wood types and elegant designs. You’ll find the perfect round wood cremation urn for your loved one in this simple, artful, and timeless collection of inlay art memorials. Continue reading Circular Wood Cremation Urns with Handcrafted Inlays

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Mailbag: An urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time

Companion Urns for Two

From the reader mailbag, a question about an urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time. First, here is the note we received: Continue reading Mailbag: An urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time