20 Best Hunting Urns: Deer, Elk, Camouflage, & More

Deer Hunting Urns

If you’re looking for some beautiful hunting urns, you’ve come to the right place. It can be tough trying to sort through all the junk out there on the internet. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the very best for your loved one.

Here are the 20 best hunting urns with hunting designs, including:

  • Deer Hunting Urns
  • Elk Hunting Urns
  • Bird Hunting Urns
  • Camouflage Hunting Urns
  • Other Hunting Urns: Moose, Bear, etc

Let’s take a look!

The 20 Best Hunting Urns

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Deer Hunting Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Deer Hunter Cremation Urns
Available Here

This is our most popular hunting urn. Made in Oregon from solid wood, it’s shown here in Walnut but can also be made in Oak, Maple, or Mahogany woods. The deer, too, can be a whitetail or mule deer, depending on your preference. Optionally we can engrave an “in loving memory” inscription of name and dates onto the top of the urn.

The deer art design is crafted by layering together several different wood types, which creates the depth and color in the scene. Framed by the overhanging branches of a tree, the deer stands proudly by the shores of a mountain lake, the perfect symbol of the beauty and power of creation.

A beautiful tribute to your hunter. This urn is available at Urns Northwest or at Amazon.

Wall Mounted Deer Hunting Cremation Urn Plaque

Wall Mounted Wood Cremation Urn Plaque - Includes Personalization
Available Here

This Urns Northwest Original truly is an original concept for a cremation urn. Designed to look like a wooden memorial plaque, it certainly is that and more. We handcraft each piece right here in the USA from solid wood with contrasting stained frame. Your laser etched personalization includes a deer hunting antler image, and the whole memorial arrives ready to hang.

But this is not just a memorial plaque.

It’s also a cremation urn. The plaque, which will stick out from the wall just 3 inches, has space in between the front and back to create a hollow section in the middle. This is the “urn” section, which holds the ashes.

The final result is a beautiful cremation urn and memorial tribute that doesn’t look like an urn. Rather, it looks like a tribute to your beloved deer hunter, which is how they would have wanted to be remembered. Available at Urns Northwest.

Personalized Deer Hunting Photo Urn

Available Here

This simple wood urn features a sublimated photo art scene of deer stalking quietly through the forest at dawn. The urn includes personalization of name and dates. Elegant, affordable, and beautiful. Available here.

Mahogany Wood Deer Hunting Urn

Mahogany Wood Deer Hunting Urns
Available Here

This elegant mahogany wood box stands tall in tribute to your beloved deer hunter. The scene is deeply carved in relief into the front surface of the urn, which is made in the USA from solid mahogany wood. A deer walks nobly through the trees, heading to the river which is nestled deep in the mountain forests.

Optional engraved personalization of name and dates can be added. Available at Urns Northwest.

Cherry Wood Deer Hunting Urn

Wooden Hunting Cremation Urns
Available Here

The cherry deer hunting urn is just like the previous entry, just with a different type of wood. Cherry has a robust, almost cheerful color, which ages well over time into gorgeous sunset tones. A lovely choice of wood and a beautiful memorial for your beloved.

Laser Carved Deer Hunting Cremation Urn

Laser Carved Deer Hunting Urn
Available Here

This solid wood urn is made in the USA and comes in your choice of cherry (pictured), maple, or mahogany wood. The deer hunting memorial scene is laser carved onto the front of the urn, and there is ample space on top for a personalized inscription of name and dates.


Elk Hunting Wood Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Elk Hunting Cremation Urn
Available Here

The elk hunting urn is the same design as the deer urn, above, but with a wood carved elk figurine in place of the deer. The 3D wood art inlays are made from separate pieces of wood in their natural colors, engraved for detail and set into the front of the urn to create a lifelike 3-dimensional effect. An impressive memorial tribute to your beloved elk hunting enthusiast, available here.

Laser Carved Elk Hunting Wood Urn

Available Here

Here is the Elk version of our laser carved hunting urns. Pristine all-American craftsmanship, solid wood, gorgeous laser etching, and a classic design make this a beautiful memorial for your hunter.

Elk Hunting Photo Urn

Hunting Urns with Elk Photo
Available Here

This stunning wood urn features an actual photograph of an elk, laser etched into the surface of the inlaid wood panel. There’s the perfect amount of space below the picture to add a personalized inscription of name, dates, and more.


Pheasant Hunting Wood Cremation Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Wooden Pheasant Hunting Urn
Available Here

A gorgeous inlay art scene depicts the pheasant taking flight over a peaceful country road. Shown here in dark walnut wood, the urn is also available in your choice of oak, maple, or mahogany.

Turkey Hunting Wood Cremation Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Hunting Cremation Urns for Turkey Hunters
Available Here

In this urn’s art scene, a turkey flies up over an old country lane in the American heartland. A beautiful memorial for an avid turkey hunter.

Heirloom Mallard Duck Cremation Urn Sculpture

Duck Hunting Cremation Urn Sculpture
Available Here

This heirloom sculpture urn boasts a lifelike rendition of the beautiful mallard duck. It’s the perfect cremation urn for an avid duck or waterfowl hunter.

Duck Hunting Wood Cremation Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Duck Hunting Cremation Urn
Available Here

The Duck Hunting Wood Urn is an attractively designed memorial with a multi-layered laser cut and engraved scene. The scene, made from an inlay variety of hardwoods engraved and assembled in layers, is of a group of ducks flying into a peaceful marsh. Choose solid oak, walnut, mahogany, or maple, for the urn box, which boasts a wood art scene perfect for the nature lover or one who liked to hunt. 

Hunter & Hunting Dog Urn with 3D Inlay Art

Hunting Dog Cremation Urns
Available Here

Here is our premium Hunting Dog Urn, which features the hunter and his loyal dog at the ready. As with any of our wood urns, you can personalize this urn with a laser engraved inscription of name, dates, and more.


Handcrafted Ceramic Camouflage Urn

Ceramic Hunting Cremation Urn
Available Here

If you are looking for something that bridges the gap between earthy hunting themes and high-end art, this handcrafted ceramic camo urn will be the one for your. This urn is custom made to order in the USA by a talented artist. The artist hand-paints each piece in fine detail to create a one-of-a-kind hunting memorial.

Metal Camouflage Cremation Urn

Metal Urn with Hunting Theme
Available Here

Hunters love camouflage. Here’s a natural-looking design on a wrapped metal cremation urn. Priced right and so perfectly camouflaged you almost can’t see it, this hunting urn is the perfect choice.

Find more camouflaged urns here.

Camouflage Cultured Marble Urn

Cultured Marble Camouflage Urn
Available Here

For a stately stone memorial that subtly displays your loved one’s passion for hunting, go with this Cultured Marble Camouflage Cremation Urn.


Moose Hunting Urn with 3D Wood Inlay Art

Moose Hunting Urns
Available Here

This premium wooden moose hunting urn is the perfect choice for a moose hunter. Crafted from solid slabs of hearty wood, you can choose to have the urn box made in walnut, mahogany, maple, or oak as shown above. The 3-D wood inlay shows the noble moose walking along a tree-lined mountain lake.

Bear Hunting Urn with 3D Wood Inlay Art

Bear Hunting Cremation Urn
Available Here

Bear hunters will love this beautiful and rustic hunting urn. Old-school woodcrafters make the urn in the USA from solid wood in your choice of oak (shown), walnut, maple, or mahogany. The two bears climb on the high rocks outside of their mountain cave, watching the moon rise in the distance. Available here.

Custom Wall Mounted Hunting Cremation Urn Plaque

Custom Wall Mounted Hunting Urn
Available Here

We can engrave any theme or design onto our premium wall mounted cremation urn plaques. As long as the artwork you supply is good (must be high quality black & white clipart), we can create the perfect personalized hunting urn and memorial plaque for you.

See here for more information.

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