DIY Memorial Service Favors

DIY Funeral and Memorial Service Favors

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

If you’re planning on passing out remembrance keepsake favors at the funeral or memorial service of your loved one, there are many ideas (like these) which you can order ready made for you. But if you’re on a budget, or if you or your loved one have always been the do-it-yourself types, here are some traditional and uniquely modern ideas for DIY Funeral and Memorial Service Favors:

  1. Crossword Puzzle Memorial Favor Printable – generate your own crossword puzzle using clues from your loved one’s life and hobbies
  2. Candy Bar Funeral Favors – if your loved one had a favorite candy bar, use it!
  3. Set up a donation instead of favors – donate what you would have spent on favors to a charity that was important to your loved one
  4. DIY Forget-Me-Not Seed Packet Favors – get tiny envelopes and forget-me-not seeds, and you can print or  hand write whatever you like on the envelopes
  5. Matchbox Favors with DIY Printable Sticker Labels – ideal for anyone who loved to camp and enjoy company sitting around the fire
  6. Remembrance Rosemary Memorial Favor – Rosemary is a traditional funeral favor which symbolizes remembrance
  7. Bird Seed Packets – Easy as a DIY memorial service favor, and perfect for anyone who loved birds
  8. DIY Hot Chocolate Favors –  Send attendees home with a treat to warm their hearts in memory of your loved one; ideal for winter funerals
  9. DIY Printable Bookmarks – Perfect for the bookworm; see link for a variety of templates and printables

For more inspiration on possibilities for DIY memorial service favors, check out our list of 30 Unique Funeral and Memorial Service Favors.

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