Memorial Service Keepsakes: Pewter Pocket Charms

Last Updated on May 3, 2018

A memorial service is a time to remember, to share stories of fun and laughter and of tough times endured and gracious acts of love, all of which will be treasured in the hearts and minds of those who gather together to honor the life of a loved one.

Our minds store our memories in long- and short-term; and many people find that a particular location or object aids the retention of a memory into our long-term memory. That is why we offer keepsakes for memorial service, such as our Angel Pocket Charm. These sorts of items can be passed out to all who attend a service, not only as a token of appreciation for attending the service, but also as a mnemonic device for remembering the departed loved one.

The charm features an image of an angel with flowing hair and robes, which can be kept in a pocket or special place, and when a friend or family member comes across it they will reflect on how special their loved one was. Each pewter heart-shaped charm comes in a beautiful 3″x 4″ ivory organza pouch with a card, which┬áreads,

“May you find comfort in the arms of an angel”

Pewter Angel Memorial Service Keepsake

Available here

These memorial service keepsakes come in lots of 25 long lasting and durable charms. Share a treasure with your friends and family in honor of your loved one. Also available as a Pewter Heart Charm and Pewter Shamrock Charm.

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