100 Greatest Songs About Death & Losing Someone You Love

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Songs about death abound. From Homer to Poe, the canticles of Mesopotamia to Beethoven, ancient mosaics to modern art — death and loss have long been a source of inspiration for the arts.

Plays, poetry, paintings and music have centered around this inevitable part of life since the earliest civilizations. Death rocks us at the very core of our emotions and stirs the deepest corners of our spirit, moving many to express their pain in ways that can be shared.

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40 Best Photo Memorials & Remembrance Ideas

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Memorials are a wonderful way to keep those we’ve lost close to our hearts, and stir up warm recollections each time we see them. There are so many options available for remembrance items: jewelry, wall collages, albums, paintings, plaques, vases and candles — the list is almost endless.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the 40 best photo memorials and remembrance ideas.

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