30 Best Funeral Poems for Your Grandmother

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Today we’re looking through a beautiful selection of funeral poems for grandmother.

A loving Grandmother is such a beautiful and integral part of life on this earth, which is one of the many reasons it can be so hard to let go of their hand. 

She may have been that quiet yet resolute source of strength; the one who always seemed to be ready with listening ears, just the right words, and a helping hand. 

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35 Best Funeral Poems for Your Grandfather (Papa, Grandad…)

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If you’ve just recently lost your grandfather, there is most likely a multitude of emotions through which you are currently navigating.

There’s the initial pain of his loss, the nostalgia of thinking back over your time spent together, the emptiness of his absence at family gatherings and celebrations, and the sweetness of memories—of his laugh, his ridiculously good stories, his silly antics… 

Just to name a few.

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40 Best Funeral Poems for Your Brother (In Loving Memory)

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Today we’ll be taking a moment to look at the forty best funeral poems for your brother.

The loss of a brother can cause such pain, and it can leave us searching for something to ease that pain. We may also need reminders that though current days seem dark and we face many sleepless nights, there is still hope, love, and joy to be found — even in the midst of our grieving

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Best Poems for Funeral Programs: 50 Most Beautiful Ideas

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If you’ve attended even a small handful of memorial services, you’ve probably noticed that funeral programs often include a beautiful, short funeral poem to commemorate the decedent’s life. 

Many times they are written from first person perspective, as though the one who has passed is speaking directly to the reader, comforting them and reminding them to stay strong in their absence. 

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101 Beautiful Letting Go Quotes to Overcome a Loss

Quotes about the loss of a loved one

Grief and recovery look different for everyone. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or just struggling to move forward, each scenario is as unique as the individual no longer present in your life.

Some people seek solace and quiet to sort through their emotions, and others find comfort in the presence of close friends and family. Some read, some journal, some exercise…

It all depends on how you process your feelings.

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Purple Urns: 35 Most Beautiful Purple Cremation Urns 

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Today we’re going to show you the 35 most beautiful, purple cremation urns.

The color purple has always carried special significance throughout history. Purple has long been seen as a sign of wealth, royalty, mystery, and majesty; but darker shades of purple are also associated with loss, mourning and sadness.

Some cultures even reserve this color solely for mourning the loss of a spouse, and it is seen as irreverent to wear it outside of such solemn and meaningful occasions.

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21 Best Jazz Funeral Songs

Jazz Funeral Songs - Feature Image

Today we are going to look at the 21 best jazz funeral songs.

Few genres of music can carry the emotional and sentimental impact that jazz does. Often considered “America’s Classical Music,” its beloved bent or “blue” notes express melancholy in an unparalleled manner, while its forward momentums can brighten and uplift the mood unlike any other. 

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