Horse Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

Horse Themed Cremation Urns

Horses are loved by many. The majestic power, the graceful movement, the equine beauty. Horse cremation urns are a popular choice as a memorial for people who loved horses, and there are plenty from which to choose.

At Urns Northwest, we offer some brilliant and premium horse themed cremation urns. Our most beloved designs are wood funeral urns made in the USA that are either standard sized (to hold the remains of one person) or companion sized (to hold the remains of two people, usually a husband and wife).

The premium feature of our horse urns is the 3-dimensional wood inlay art scene on the front of the memorial; this is a selection of laser etched woods in their natural colors which are assembled together like a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle to create a vivid, lifelike, yet earthy wood inlay art scene.

We have many styles of horse urns available. These will feature a horse and rider – a cowboy or cowgirl – roaming through desert mesas or alongside a mountain lake surrounded by trees. You’ll also find horse and beach designs, tender scenes with just horses, and more affordable laser etched wood urns.

So browse our selection of gorgeous horse themed cremation urns for people who loved horses, and treasure up the memory of their life and loves in your heart.

Horse Cremation Urns

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Horse Themed Cremation Urns
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This companion sized cremation urn is designed to hold the remains of two people, such as a husband and wife. Made in the USA from solid wood, the urn pictured above is in Walnut wood but it can also come in your choice of Oak, Maple, or Mahogany woods.

The inlay art scene is layered in three dimensions, with a lighter wood background engraved in detail with the sandy beach, and in the foreground the horse and rider, seagulls, a boat, and the setting sun. All solid wood, all beautifully done.


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This urn is featured in our popular “Ambassador” urn shape. A standard sized urn for an adult, this one is available in all four wood types (Oak, as pictured, plus Mahogany, Maple, or Walnut), this rugged landscape showcases the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


Cremation Urns for People Who Love Horses
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This horse inlay art scene depicts the softer, gentler side of the beautiful animal. A mother nestles up to her foal as they rest in the shade of a hay-filled barn. Gorgeous wood art memorial made in the USA.


Horse Themed Cremation Urns
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Wood cremation urn with a timeless cast resin-based bronze horse statue. Optional photo frame and name plate are available, and the urn base can be made in your choice of Oak (pictured), Cherry, or Walnut wood. True elegant in horse-themed cremation urns.


Cremation Urns for Those Who Love Horses
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Premium wood cremation urn with Cowboy & Horse Road Home inlay art scene. Elegantly carved with 3-dimensional inlays, this old-timey memorial has the look and feel of a country lane and days gone by. Shown in walnut, also available in oak wood.

Horse & Cowboy Urn

Horse Riding Home scene

For any cowboy, horse rider, or Western enthusiast, an artistic rendering of this scene will provide a fitting and meaningful memorial. That’s why we offer the Horse & Cowboy Cremation Urn, a stunningly crafted wood art cremation urn featuring a horse & rider heading down the trail towards the sunset on their final journey home.

The wood art scene is carefully crafted in the USA using a variety of hardwoods, which are individually laser engraved to provide detail and then artistically inset into the front panel of an elegant wood urn. The urn itself is available in white Maple wood (as shown here), and also in dark Walnut and a gorgeous honey-yellow Oak.

Whichever type of premium wood you choose for the box, the scene itself will remain the same. The border outline surrounding the pice, carved to look like an old-fashioned stick picture frame, is made from Oak.

Just inside the border the main background of the horse and rider scene uses natural Cherry wood, with darker Walnut in the deepest recess to provide contrast against the rider and the setting sun. White Maple wood is used for the horse, Walnut for the cowboy’s pants, and Purple Heart for the shirt. Cherry again is used for the wide brimmed cowboy hat, and robustly yellow Oak for the sun.

Here are some photos which will give you a wonderful picture of the skill and quality of the woodwork on our Cowboy & Horse Cremation Urn.

Wood Art Inlay Scene

Close up of art carving

Elegant maple wood box

Wood Urn Inlay Art Scene

Maple Wood Cremation Urn

Horse Cremation Urn

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Horse Themed Memorials for People Who Loved Horses

Beyond cremation urns, there are also a variety of beautiful horse-themed memorials for people who loved horses.

Perhaps you’re looking for a sympathy gift to send to a dear family member, or maybe your loved one was buried and you would like a keepsake token to keep in or around your home.

Here are several choice horse themed memorial gifts to honor their memory.


Horse Sympathy Gift
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Cedar bird feeder with custom engraved clear acrylic front panel. Includes leaping horse and personalized “In Loving Memory” inscription of name and dates. Arrives ready to hang. Additionally, you can personalize the back panel for an extra special message.


Memorial Horse Bell Chime
Available Here

A lovely, thoughful gift for someone who has lost their equine companion, this little bell chime will be so loved and appreciated. Hand crafted from wood beads and a metal medallion, this chime comes with a beautiful sympathy card, too. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and such a sweet memorial for your friend.


Available Here

A lovely little keepsake box, this horse-themed memento is hand painted and features Willow Tree carving of a woman with her beloved horse.

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  1. I loved your idea to get an urn specifically for horse lovers when their horse passes away. My grandpa has a horse but it’s getting on in years and it wouldn’t surprise me if he has to get put down in the near future. I’ll be sure to let him know that there are some beautiful urns out there if he decides to have his horse cremated.

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