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Mailbag: Can I Remove Ashes from an Urn to be Scattered?

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

Email inquiry from a family researching wood urns for scattering:

Once you put the ashes into one of your wooden urns, is it sealed or can we remove the ashes to be scattered?

– Linda W.

Open a wood urn for scattering ashes

Hi Linda,

Most of our regular wood urns open by removing the base, which is really easy to do. The base or bottom panel is attached using four to six standard screws, simply flip the urn upside-down, remove the screws, and you’re ready to inurn the ashes. (You can watch a video demo here.)

How to open a wood urn

Normally, when you (or the funeral home) place the remains inside the urn box, the remains will already be sealed inside of the plastic bag in which they come. So all you need to do is place the plastic bag containing the ashes into the urn, reattach the base, and then you’re done.

To remove the ashes from an urn to be scattered, all you need to do is take off the bottom panel or base and pull out the plastic bag. You can scatter straight from the plastic bag, or  if you prefer you can get a simple scattering container like one of these scattering urns. Our scattering urns are designed to make the scattering go smoothly while also providing you with an attractive vehicle from which the ashes can be scattered.

For more information on scattering, see this helpful post entitled, How to Scatter Ashes.

I hope this helps!!

Thank you,

Daniel Szczesniak
Urns Northwest

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