Blue Urns: The Top 10 Blue Cremation Urns

The Top 10 Blue Cremation Urns for Ashes

Blue urns are the ideal final resting place for someone who truly loved the color blue. There are many blue cremation urns on the market today; these are 10 of the best. Combining top quality with beauty, elegance, unique designs, premium craftsmanship, and affordability, our list of the top 10 blue cremation urns is intended to help you find the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Most of the urns below are also available in different colors, as well as sizes (such as small keepsake urns for a portion of the remains or for pets, or “companion urns” for two people). Some of the most affordable urns are good quality imports, while most of the items featured below are made in the USA and reflect top craftsmanship in quality, excellence, and beauty.

10 Best Blue Cremation Urns

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Mystic Blue Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

Blue Urns - Cremation Urn in Caribbean Blue
Available Here

Cultured marble cremation urns are also sometimes called “vaults,” meaning that they can be buried in the ground without need for an additional burial vault. The non-biodegradable stone construction will endure for generations.

This particular urn is in a bright Mystic Blue color. The consistent shades of traditional blue are enhanced by bold splashes of lighter aqua blue marbled throughout. We also offer the same urn style other shades of blue along with many other colors. Contact us if you don’t see the color you like.

The Mystic Blue Cultured Marble Cremation Urn offers an ideal surface to personalize with custom engraving. We can etch names, dates, and more, and we can customize further in a wide variety of ways including art etching and even photo sublimation.

Mediterranean Blue Cremation Urn in Brass

Available Here

These blue urns are handcrafted from enameled brass and polished to shine luminously. The “Mediterranean blue” hints at the aquas, light blues, and rich deep blues of the famed Eastern sea. This is a standard sized adult urn.

Blue Cremation Urn in Hand-Blown Glass

Glass Cremation Urn in Water Blue
Available Here

This deep blue “Water” hand blown glass cremation urn is unmatched in beauty and elegance. The Deco Series of blown glass urns boasts a sleek and artistic design that highlights the rich and mysterious colors characteristic of the glass blowing process. The blue cremation urn is made in the USA with superior craftsmanship and is the perfect way to celebrate the depths of your loved one’s life.

Hand Turned Blue Oak Wood Cremation Urn

Blue Cremation Urns - Oak Wood
Available Here

Here is a truly unique entry in the hand-turned wood urns category. Many vase-shaped wood urns made on a lathe are crafted from a single block of wood. The artist who crafts this urn, however, takes dozens of wood pieces and fits them together beautifully to create a captivating look.

The Hand Turned Blue Oak Wood Cremation Urn is made from oak wood, which is then stained a rich blue that still manages to highlight the spectacular wood grain patterns inherent within oak wood. A masterpiece.

Blue Angel Wings Ceramic Sculpture Urn

Blue Ceramic Cremation Urn with Angel Wings
Available Here

Cast ceramic cremation urn crafted in the shape of stunningly detailed angel wings. The Cobalt Blue finish is a deep and rich shade of blue. Lighter accents enhance the edges and highlight the shapes of the memorial art piece.

Available in several additional colors with the option to pair it with a matching (yet different) small keepsake urn.

Flying Home Teal Cremation Urn with Doves

Flying Home Doves Blue Urn
Available Here

This elegant cremation urn is made from solid brass with an enameled silver inlay detailed in teal/aqua decorative patterns. It’s not completely blue, probably a little closer to green than anything, but it’s still in the wider family of blue coloration with its attractive teal palette.

The images of the doves shows up in relief, creating images of peace and serenity that turn your thoughts to the heavens. Matching smaller keepsake urns (including the popular tealight urn) are also available.

Aluminum Rock Blue Cremation Urn

Available Here

This unique cast aluminum cremation urn boasts a creative, natural shape and a stunning blue color. This is a full-sized adult cremation urn and can easily hold the remains of the average individual. The artful teardrop shape is decidedly modern. Also, the bright blue is laced with lighter marbled striations which ensure that this art piece won’t go unnoticed.

Serene Corsica Blue Urn

Available Here

This light blue metal cremation urn for ashes is solidly made and affordably priced. The “Corsica blue” is a light seafoam color associated with the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Blue Ceramic Pet Urn – Small Keepsake Urn

Blue Urns for Pets - Personalized Ceramic Pet Urn
Available Here

Here is an adorable personalized blue ceramic pet cremation urn. Handcrafted in Portland Oregon, you can customize it with your pet’s name. These urns hold a small amount of cremated remains (sizes range from 5 cubic inches up to 40, roughly the equivalent of 5-40 lbs of body weight). As small urns, they are ideal for pets or to hold a small “keepsake” portion of an adult’s cremated remains. For comparison, the typical size for an adult urn is about 200 cubic inches. So these urns hold about 1/5 or less of the full amount of ashes from an average adult cremation.

Several features make this blue urn simply super-cute. The round shape with highlight of baby blue color, the little gold heart, the hand-carved lettering of the name in a simple font, all these make this urn vessel an attractive memorial.

Biodegradable Blue Urn for Natural Water Scattering

Blue Urns - Water Scattering Urn
Available Here

This biodegradable navy blue cremation urn provides an eco-friendly water or ground burial. Made from biodegradable paper extracted from the bark of mulberry trees, this eco-friendly urn is sustainably produced and allows you to securely spread ashes at sea. The scattering takes place without a mess and without negatively impacting the environment.

Simply place the urn into the water. We designed the urn to float for a few minutes before filling with water and sinking to the ocean floor. The material will break down over the next few days and take your loved one’s remains into the ocean and throughout the world.

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