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Memorial Trees: 16 Varieties

Memorial Tree Urns

Memorial trees are beautiful living monuments to the life of a departed loved one. There are many ways you can plant a tree in honor of a loved one. The physicality of digging, planting, watering, and tending a small tree, and watching it grow into full and vibrant life, can be very therapeutic and helpful in the grieving process. You can choose their favorite tree, or a tree that reminds you of them in a special way, and get a seed, seedling, or sapling from your local garden center. If the particular species is unavailable in your area, try Sheffield’s Seed Company or use a search engine.

Our line of memorial trees is a little different from ordinary tree seeds. These unique, eco-friendly products are actually cremation urns, holding a small amount of cremated remains in the ceramic-based container. The lid to the memorial tree urn is imbedded with the seeds of the chosen tree species, and will begin growing once buried in the ground and in contact with moisture. The urn itself is made from a proprietary blend of materials which actually utilizes the cremated remains in nurishing the tree. By themselves, ashes are harmful to the health and well-being of your plant. However, by planting our memorial tree urn with your loved one’s cremated ashes, you cultivate a mixture that folsters health and sustains your memorial tree.

These memorial trees hold 35 cubic inches of remains. The average adult will need about 5-7 of these tree urns to utilize all of the ashes; a pet will take 1-2. However, many of our clients choose to share of scatter some of the remains, so you can plant as few or as many memorial trees as you like using our biodegradable, eco-friendly urns.

Here are the sixteen nineteen+varieties of memorial trees we offer, including the new Personal Choice, which allows you to add the seeds for any tree or flower for a truly unique memorial.

1. Ponderosa Pine Memorial Tree Urn

Memory Trees

2. Oak Memorial Tree Urn

Oak Tree Memorial Urn

3. Mexican Fan Palm Memorial Tree Urn

Memorial Tree Urns

4. Sugar Maple Memorial Tree Urn

Sugar Maple Memorial Trees

5. Japanese White Birch Memorial Tree Urn

Memorial Tree Urns

6. Japanese Maple Memorial Tree Urn

Scattering Urns: Memorial Trees

7. Jacaranda Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a Memorial Tree

8. Ginkgo Biloba Memorial Tree Urn

Memorial Tree Urns

9. Flowering Cherry Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a Memorial Tree

10. Eastern Red Bud Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a memorial tree

11. Dogwood Memorial Tree Urn

Dogwood Memorial Tree

12. Deodara Cedar Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a Memorial Tree

13. Coral Memorial Tree Urn

Memorial Tree Urns

14. Blue Spruce Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a Memorial Tree Urn

15. Quaking Aspen Memorial Tree Urn

Plant a memorial tree

16. Sitka Spruce Memorial Tree Urn

Sitka Spruce

17. Tulip Poplar Memorial Tree Urn

Tulip Poplar Tree Urn Seeds

18. Palo Verde Memorial Tree Urn

Memorial tree seeds

19. Personal Choice – Use Your Own Seeds

Plant a memorial tree urn

The Personal Choice Memorial Tree Urn allows you to provide your own seeds to create a custom living memorial for your loved one. The urn is designed using a special, biodegradable mixture which uses your loved one’s remains to help nourish the plant of your choice. Choose a favorite plant – tree, bush, or flowers – and insert the seeds into the space provided in the urn. Insert the remains, and plant to grow the living memorial which will honor your departed loved one.

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