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Make memorial garden stones with loved one’s ashes

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A recent commenter mentioned that they were planning on using their loved one’s ashes to make memorial garden stones, because gardening was one of the things they loved most.

I immediately thought, What a unique and personal! Kudos to the family for creativity and for honoring their loved one’s memory in a special way.

Garden Stones with Ashes

However, the commenter was posting with a question: Is there any place that makes memorial garden stones from ashes?

To my knowledge (and especially so since this is the first we’ve encountered the idea), there are no companies that mix remains into garden stones. My thought was that you can go about this in one of two ways:

  1. Call around to local stone manufacturers, concrete specialists, handymen, or artists to see if they will do this for you
  2. Do it yourself

The first option is going to involve a lot of calling, a lot of explaining, probably a lot of weird responses, and small chance of success. My recommendation is option #2 if you are planning to make garden stepping stones with your loved one’s ashes.

It’s really not too difficult as a do-it-yourself project; all you need are a few common supplies, a few inexpensive materials, and an afternoon of labor.

Below are some of our favorite DIY decorative memorial garden stone tutorials. All you’ll need to do is add a little of the ashes (a.k.a. cremated remains) to each stone as you are mixing the concrete.

There are several ways to use memorial garden stones. Stepping stones is perhaps the most popular. But you may not be too sure about the idea of walking on the remains of a loved one. So you can either use the stones for decoration where people won’t be walking, or you can skip mixing in the ashes and simply make this a memorial project. The possibilities and ideas are endless.

DIY Memorial Garden Stones Tutorials


Garden Stepping Stones from Loved One's Ashes

Use concrete and large plant leaves to create detailed leaf-shaped stepping stones. Tutorial here.


Make stepping stones from loved one's cremated remains

Mosaics are unique and beautiful yet relatively easy to make. Plus they can add a splash of cheerful color to your garden or yard. Tutorial here.


Garden stones with cremated ashes

Using pebbles will add a very natural yet artistic flair to your garden stones. Tutorial here.


Create Stepping Stone Memorials

Lovely garden pathway with simple, shapely handmade bricks. Tutorial here.


Broken Dishes Memorial Stepping Stone

Saving perhaps the best idea for last, use broken bits of treasured teacups or fancy chinaware in the mosaic for a beautiful memorial garden stone. Tutorial here.

Well, those are some of the simplest and most beautiful DIY memorial garden stone tutorials. Add ashes to make it truly personal, or customize it with your beloved’s name and dates.

Thanks for reading, pin it to save for later!

DIY Memorial Garden Stones with Ashes

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5 thoughts on “Make memorial garden stones with loved one’s ashes

  1. I just do not care to step on them. I would plant or place in garden I like tree planting

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I’m sure many people wood agree with you! Instead of a garden stepping stone, perhaps many would rather create a similar stone piece set into a garden bench or made into a decorative piece.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Daniel, Thanks for sharing these ideas. I’m searching for the right way to celebrate someone special and I really appreciate this one and the variations.

  4. Do the ashes interfere with the way the concrete sets? It there an amount of ashes per lbs of concrete? Thinking of using concrete molds (leaves, turtle, frogs) for flower garden for each family member to remember loved one.

  5. Hi Pam,

    While we haven’t done this ourselves using ashes, I have done a fair amount of concrete and it will set with pretty much any material. As long as you have more concrete (the prepared mix involving cement, sand, and small rocks) than ashes, it should work fine.

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