Live Streaming Funerals: How to Stream a Memorial Service

how to live stream funerals - feature image

How do you live stream a funeral?

When relatives are spread all over the country (2020 COVID-19 update – or, you know, during a worldwide pandemic) it may not work out for everyone to be present at the funeral.

The next-best thing, for those who can’t be there physically, is to be there through the magic of the internet.

Here’s how to livestream a funeral or memorial service so that all your loved ones can take part.

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16 DIY Options for Scattering Ashes

DIY Ideas Scattering Ashes - feat image

If you’re planning your own DIY scattering ashes service, you’ll need some sort of method or container for the actual scattering.

Here we’ve gathered together all your options for scattering ashes, ranging from budget-friendly DIY ideas that cost you pennies all the way up to pre-made scattering urn containers specifically designed for ease of use in scattering ashes.

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15 Ideas for a Beautiful Memorial Service on a Budget

Ideas for funerals on a budget

Planning a beautiful memorial service on a budget is a goal anyone can obtain. There are definitely many costs to a funeral for a loved one, but there are also many steps you can take to ensure that you get competitive prices, find affordable alternatives, and make informed choices that make sense with your funeral budget.

Here are our 15 affordable ideas to consider for a beautiful memorial service on a budget.

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14 Questions to Ask the Funeral Home About Cremation

14 Questions on Considering Cremation

Are you considering cremation, but aren’t even sure what questions to ask?

If you think you may choose cremation as the disposition method in your or a loved one’s final disposition, it’s important to know some basic information about the cremation process. There are many options, and this isn’t a topic we think about every day.

We’re here to help you get an idea of what options are available, what issues are important to you, and what services and pitfalls you should avoid.

Here are the questions to ask the funeral home about cremation.

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10 Things the (Shady) Funeral Home Won’t Tell You

What you need to know when planning a funeral

There are so many tips out there for planning a funeral that you may feel overwhelmed by all options.

Many of the guides and how-to manuals are put out there by funeral homes, and, while most funeral information is truly meant to be helpful, there may be a few things the funeral home or director may not tell you unless you inquire specifically.

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