21 Best Christian Funeral Songs

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It’s important to think of music as one of the first things to set aside for you or your loved one’s funeral. Songs really speak to the soul in ways that eulogies and slide shows can’t even touch.

Having your songs carefully selected ahead of time is a must. And when you’re a believer, selecting the just-right Christian funeral songs is even more important. Here are 21 wonderful ideas for your consideration.

21 Best Christian Songs for Funerals

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1. Messiah / You’re Beautiful by Phil Wickham (2007)

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Imagine your loved one seeing Jesus’s face as you listen to the words of this beautiful song. The guitar is soothing and the background voices are so gentle; this special tune will have everyone smiling through the tears as they picture themselves in Heaven someday, reunited with their loved one and all together once again.

2. I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin (2008)

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Knowing Jesus and knowing His peace anchors our souls, and this song reminds us that it is well. Chris Tomlin is one of the most popular Christian artists of our time, and for good reason. His voice swells to a heavenly range, and his song-writing is unparalleled. 

3. Scars in Heaven by Casting Crowns (2021)

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This song reminds us to love well and often – while we can. We all wish we could have one more day with our special person, but it helps to know we will see them again one day, in a place with no suffering and pain and death. If your loved one had a difficult life, full of scars and tragedy, this is a wonderful song that will really speak to the legacy they left behind. 

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4. Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill (1995)

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Vince Gill has one of the most soothing and gentle voices of our time, and he lends his talents to this gorgeous song with all of his heart. Even non-believers will feel the tug of their heartstrings being pulled with the lyrics to this lovely song that celebrates new life in Heaven with our Lord. 

5. All My Tears by Julie Miller (1999)

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With her slightly indie-style and near country vibe, Julie Miller brings this song to life with simple accompaniment of musical instruments, perfect pitch, and great harmonies. This is a great song for someone who was a little bit more rock and roll, but still loved Jesus more than life itself. 

6. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away by Justin Moore (2011)

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Country superstar Justin Moore brings a Southern drawl to this unforgettable song. Perfect for the loss of a cowboy or cowgirl, this Christian funeral song reminds us how fun it will be to see them again someday and introduce them to all our loved ones. If only we could visit Heaven on the weekends – but imagine how lovely it will be there once it is our eternal address! 

7. Yahweh by All Nations Music ft. Matthew Stevenson & Chandler Moore (2020)

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A worship song that will have all of the funeral-goers raising hands and praising God. How can you not when you hear the melodious crooning of Stevenson and Moore? This song will absolutely bring everyone together for all the right reasons, holding one another in hands and hearts. 

8. Dancing with the Angels by Monk & Neagle (2005)

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What will make you smile through the tears more than picturing your loved one dancing with the angels? The harmonies of Monk and Neagle and the gentle rock beat will have everyone swaying in the aisles as they remember their favorite memories of your loved one. 

9. Blessings by Laura Story (2011)

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We rarely get exactly what we pray for because God knows best! This song is simple, yet profound. It reminds us – with Laura Story’s angelic voice – that our trials may be mercies in disguise, and our healing can come through our tears. 

10. Even Unto Death by Audrey Assad (2016)

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Written originally for the 21 martyrs who died at the hands of ISIS, this beautiful song is brought to life by Audrey Assad and her breathy, sincere voice. It’s a sweet reminder that this world is not our real home and that even unto death, Jesus is our everything. 

11. Save a Place for Me by Matthew West (2008)

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Saying goodbye is so, so difficult, but remembering it’s only temporary for those who believe is so comforting! This song is sung out to the person we lost, and tells us we will join them soon. A more modern vibe and melody accompanies this gorgeous track, making it perfect for the loss of a younger loved one. 

12. Cry Out to Jesus by Third Day (2005)

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Reminding us that Jesus is close to the broken-hearted, this Cry Out to Jesus by Third Day is both soothing and comforting. We have a God who listens to our cries and weeps with us. This was a hit when it came out in 2005 and has aged rather well! A lot of the congregation will know the words so if you’re looking for songs to sing along to, this is a perfect choice. 

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13. Thy Will by Hillary Scott (2016)

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This beautiful song by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family is a flawless choice for a church funeral. The lyrics are raw and the melody haunting in all the best ways. It reminds us that the Lord has a plan, and sometimes that plan includes our tears and loss. Through it all, He is good all the time! 

14. Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher (2013)

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Bringing it all back to a place of worship and back to the Lord, Matt Maher’s song really focuses on what’s important instead of dwelling in sadness and despair. A wonderful addition to a funeral where there will also be non-believers due its simple and gentle lyrics that really speak to the soul. 

15. Comforter by CeCe Winans (1999)

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CeCe Winans lends her angelic tone to this pretty track that has a more modern, almost electronic beat. If the songs are one of the most important additions to the funeral that you’re planning, this one is definitely one you will want to add to your playlist. 

16. I’ll See You Again by Westlife (2009)

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I’ll See You Again by Westlife is a gently emotive tune that will calm our beating hearts and help us wipe away our tears. Sung directly to the lost loved one, it’s a promise that we will one day all be together again in the presence of our Lord Jesus. What a comforting belief! This is one you’ll want to play on repeat. 

17. Angels Among Us by Alabama (1993)

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When it comes to perfect harmonies, Alabama knows how to do them perfectly. This gorgeous funeral song frees us to close our eyes and picture our loved one amongst the angels. If your special someone was your own personal angel on earth, you can be comforted to know that they are still nearby, watching over us. 

18. Peace Be Still – Hope Darst (2020)

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One thing that believers have because of God’s word is a deep-seated peace! This stunning song really captures this with Hope Darst’s genuine and honest voice. Especially applicable to people who have suffered with depression or addiction, this song brings peace and comfort because Jesus has said the word: Peace, be still.

19. There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp (2008)

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Although funerals are filled with tears and sadness, there’s a special hope that abides in a Christian funeral. We have that hope because we know that we have a loving God who will wipe away our tears and calm our fears. This truth reminds us that a day is coming soon where we can laugh and rejoice with Jesus and see our loved ones again. That’s the theme of There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp, and it is a perfect addition to your funeral song list. 

20. No More Night by David Phelps (2002)

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David Phelp’s perfect vocals bring to life hopeful and deep lyrics. Imagine a world with no more night, no more tears, giving praise to the great I Am! The children’s choir joining in, along with a beautiful violin, makes this song gentle yet oh-so powerful. 

21. When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley ft. Dolly Parton (2005)

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Country music legend Dolly joins with country music superstar Brad Paisley in this unforgettable duet! Believers will rejoice in the sweet promise of God, that once we get where we’re going (Heaven and the new earth) there will be only happy tears. 

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