How to Write a Tribute to a Brother Who Passed Away

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Today we’re going to take a look at how to write a tribute to a brother who passed away.

The loss of a brother can be so incredibly hard, and writing a tribute for him can seem like a huge challenge. 

No one else shared your childhood memories the way he did, and no one better deserves a heartfelt eulogy or tribute reflective of all the great things he accomplished in his life. But when it comes time to honor your dear brother, it can be difficult to know what to say. 

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30 Best Sympathy Gifts For Someone Who Lost A Parent

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Sometimes a card just isn’t enough, and a well thought-out gift is a must. But when someone you know and love is struggling with grief, it can be hard to know what to reach for.  Flowers? Seems too obvious and generic. A gift card? Not very personal. That’s precisely why we’ve compiled this list of gifts for someone who lost a parent.

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101 Loss of Daughter Quotes for Remembrance & Comfort

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Losing a daughter — no matter their age — is one of the worst pains imaginable. And yet, very sadly, it does still happen. 

When this type of pain is experienced by your friend or loved one, it’s so difficult not knowing what to say to help ease their burden. Or perhaps you are experiencing this pain yourself and you’re looking for some meaningful quotes to soothe your own heart. 

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Remembrance Gifts: 75 Creative “In Memory Of” Gift Ideas

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When it comes to life, we all have one thing in common: we all leave this world eventually, and hopefully we’ve left it a little better than we found it. At least that’s our wish. 

Oftentimes, talking about death — at least in America — is somewhat taboo. This makes it even harder to know how and when and where to grieve even though death is something we all must grapple with.

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35 Best Military Memorial Gifts to Honor Fallen Soldiers

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When your loved one gives his or her all to keep us safe and protect their beloved country’s freedom, it won’t do to create just any old memorial, or give the standard sympathy gift.

You want something that will last. Something personal, which reflects their individuality, temperament, and charisma. The best military memorial gift will bring their memory to mind each time that loved ones see it.

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23 Best Rock Songs for Funerals

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If your loved one was a classic rock enthusiast, choosing the best rock songs for their funeral will take something of a deft touch.

Other styles of music are easy. Some people love the classical beauty of Bach and Mozart, while others are going to turn to religious songs and hymns. Still others will prefer to hear one of their loved one’s favorite pop and country standards.

Among all these styles, there are plenty of songs that are perfectly suited for the funeral or memorial service.

But for the rock ‘n roll fan? You want to select songs that represent them well, but at the same time you don’t necessarily want the music choices to come off as tactless or as a joke.

That’s why we’ve curated the 23 best rock songs for funerals. Each track has lyrics suitable to remember and memorialize your loved one, and many are rock ballads that feel right for a celebration of life.

And, most importantly, they all rock.

When you choose one of these classic rock songs for your loved one’s funeral, you know that somewhere your special someone is rocking out and watching with approval. 

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50 Meaningful Sympathy Messages for Coworkers

Sympathy Messages for Coworkers - Feat Image

Imagine that one of the people you love the most on this earth has died.

It could be a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling. When someone like that passes away, it rocks you to your core.

Then imagine going back to work. Even if you were given a few weeks, even a month, to mourn, going back to work feels weird. It’s as if you’re pretending everything is normal when in fact your world has exploded. Life goes on, work goes on, and everyone around you is so… normal. As if your loved one had no impact on the world. It just seems off.

That’s what your colleague is feeling right about now.

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21 Best Modern Funeral Songs

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Modern funeral songs – sounds like any oxymoron, right? Most people think of funerals as traditional affairs, full of dreary and dull music played at a plodding tempo.

But in these modern times the trend has been towards updating and personalizing the memorial service. Even the name of the service has changed to be more positive – nowadays, most people call it a “Celebration of Life.”

The aim is to make it as individual and unique as your loved one was, and that includes the song selection.

After all, not everyone one who passes would leave instructions to play Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven at their funeral. Some would prefer pop music – and that’s ok!

For those who adore all things modern and trendy, up-to-date and on-the-money, we’ve curated 21 wonderfully fitting modern songs to play at the funeral. Drop a beat and make your guests nod, sway, and smile through their tears.

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