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Funeral Etiquette: A Brief Guide for What to Say & Do

Funeral Etiquette: What to Do and Say

Attending a funeral isn’t something you do every day. What is the proper funeral etiquette? What are you supposed to say and do? And perhaps more importantly, what are you not supposed to say and do?

Here is our brief guide on funeral etiquette, including what to say and do (or not) for when you attend a funeral. First, we address how guests should act, followed by ideas of what to say to the bereaved family. And finally we have a section on funeral etiquette for the immediate family.

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21 Best Funeral Songs for Dad

Songs for a funeral service father

The 21 Best Funeral Songs for Dad is part of our series on the best and most popular songs for funerals. You can read the main article here, which includes a list of the top 100 funeral songs and much more.

What song are you going to play at Dad’s funeral? For some families, that’s easy – he has an absolute favorite song, or a song that was just “him.” Or maybe he even told you all what song he wanted at the service. If that’s your situation, go with it – you already have your own collection of “best funeral songs for dad.”

But for many people there’s not just one song. For others there are some great songs but they just don’t feel right for a funeral – too perky, to thrash-metal, to depressing, or they don’t have the “it” factor that make them the right funeral songs for dad.

So we’ve created this list funeral songs for dad to help you celebrate your father’s legacy. Each song has fitting words, a beautiful recording, and a melody that hits all the right notes.

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10 Meaningful Legacy Project Ideas

How to leave a legacy

What do you want your legacy to be? Leaving a legacy to your children and family is an important consideration. As you make arrangements for the end of your life, you will be consulting a lawyer, writing a will, signing advance directives, planning the funeral, and more.

But what does all of it mean?

This is where you may want to consider a legacy project as a way to help tell the story and meaning of your life.

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The Most Popular Funeral Songs of All Time

Funeral Songs List

Music touches us at a very deep, intimate, and basic level. So choosing the funeral songs for a loved one’s service can be a daunting and emotional task. Which song, or songs, to choose? Is a particular song appropriate? What is the best funeral song for dad, or for a country music enthusiast, or for an evangelical Christian?

Since each person is unique, we can’t make those decisions for you. However, we can point out some of the most popular and appropriate songs for funerals in a variety of genres and styles.

Below, you’ll find more than 100 of the most popular funeral songs of all time. We have a “top ten” list, songs listed by genre and person, and helpful guidance in the form of funeral song FAQs.

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Pet Loss Quotes, Poems & More to Honor Your Furry Friend

Sympathy Quotes for Pet Loss

Welcome to the ultimate collection of pet loss quotes. We have more than 80 helpful and heartwarming memorial quotes, inscription and epitaph ideas, poems, Bible verses, saying, and other pet loss quotes to help you honor and remember your special friend.

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Inurnment Definition & Everything Else You Need to Know

Inurnment Definition

Inurnment is simply the placing of cremated remains into a container to store or bury them. Cremated remains or “ashes” are typically inurned in a plastic or cardboard container and given to the family. The family can then purchase a permanent cremation urn and transfer the remains into the new urn.

In this fairly typical scenario, inurnment happened twice. Both times the ashes were put into a container (first into the temporary urn, then into the permanent urn), the ashes were inurned.

That’s the simple, easy answer. But if you are like most people, this is the first time you’ve dealt with body disposition and you probably have many more questions about the process.

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The 5 Best Funeral Blogs (That Post Regularly)

Funeral Industry Bloggers

I do a lot of writing about funeral topics, so I keep up on funeral blogs, industry news, trends, and the questions people are asking about end of life issues. Below are five of my favorite funeral blogs that actually post regularly.

If you were to follow some of these funeral blogs, you’ll learn things that are truly fascinating. And not just about funeral industry news, although they certainly do cover a lot of that. Rather, if you follow each of the funeral blogs listed below, you’ll educate yourself about the deathcare industry with an inside scoop. You’ll learn how to effectively plan a funeral for yourself or a loved one. You’ll see a little bit of the day-to-day life of industry professionals.

Plus, you’ll also have great fodder for cocktail parties and workplace water cooler conversations. (Or pub crawls and your Twitter feed. Whatever.)

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What is the “Death Positive” Movement?

The Death Positive Movement

Quick take: The Death Positive movement encourages people to think and talk freely about death. Distinctives include a focus on family-centered funerals, hands-on participation in the body preparation and burial/cremation, “green” and natural burial options, more affordable burial and cremation choices, meaningful rituals and ceremony, and an acceptance of death and decay as part of the natural world


When you hear the word “funeral,” you probably get some sort of image of suits and ties, black dresses and veils, a stately church or chapel, a heavy casket. Words like grief, dreary, formal, morose, sad, depressing, cemetery, expensive.

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Cheap Caskets: 5 Ways to Get an Inexpensive Casket

How to find cheap caskets that honor your loved one

For some, there is no allure to a $12,000 felt-lined mahogany casket with matching hand-stitched pillow. Your loved one, perhaps, always said to bury them in a simple pine box and use the savings to do something good, like send a grandchild to college. So you’re looking for cheap caskets not just as a way to save money (though that is a consideration). Most people choose an inexpensive casket as a way to carry out your loved one’s wishes with simplicity and financial wisdom.

So, how do you find an inexpensive casket? Here are five tips for finding cheap caskets followed by five ways to find, make, or purchase cheap caskets.

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