What to Write in Funeral Thank You Notes (w/Examples)

Are you stumped with what to write in funeral thank you notes? Or how? Is there a right way and a wrong way to write them?

After your loved one’s passing, you might sit back and think through just how many special people have given loving support to you and your entire family.

You’re truly thankful, but at this point it may be overwhelming to think of what to write to all of them, even if it’s just a short note. 

You want to show your love and deep appreciation, as well as express gratitude to the people who have helped you in your time of sorrow, but what is the best way to go about it? Is there a “best way”?

That’s what we’re here for! We’ll help you create lovely funeral thank you notes with examples of what to include, what to say, how to say it, and more.

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When to Write Thank You Notes After A Funeral

We would advise not waiting too long after a funeral to send out thank you notes. Sending the letters one to two weeks after the funeral would be an appropriate time frame. That way you’ll have time to get your thoughts together and get to writing. 

However, remember that a heartfelt thank you note will be appreciated at any time, regardless of how much time has passed.

If you’ve been procrastinating and you’re feeling overwhelmed, give yourself some grace. This is a difficult period for you and your family, and we know your dear friends will understand.

First, you need to get the right organizational tools.

Make sure you have a clean workspace like an office desk or un-busy countertop to work at. If you’re already overwhelmed, having a clean space will help you calm down.

Use a notebook or a digital spreadsheet to organize your thoughts. Write a list of everyone who supported your family during this very difficult time, and how they supported you; whether it be attending the funeral, making meals, or simply offering a listening ear and thoughtful words. 

When you’re prepared to write, take a deep breath and let the ideas flow.

What to Write in Funeral Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is a quickly vanishing art, but thankfully this type of letter has a simple formula to follow. 

Salutation. You’ll want to write a salutation first. Whether you include just their first name or their last name also depends on whether they’re a family friend or if they were simply an employee at the funeral home.

Expression of thanks. In the body of the note, you’ll want to thank them for being a great help to you and your family. Mention the specific role they played in the funeral or the generous gift they gave you, and include a personal note to make your message feel authentic.

Closing. To write a sign-off, use a heartfelt phrase like “warm regards” or “with deepest gratitude” and include your full name on the line below.

Best Funeral Thank You Note Ideas

Here are some options for thanking the attendees of the funeral:

1. Our whole family would like to thank you for attending Kevin’s funeral. We know you were good friends with him, and it means so much to us to know you were there.

2. Thank you so much for coming to Autumn’s funeral. She would have been honored by your presence.

3. You have brightened our lives with your support and prayers after Clay’s passing. It has been difficult, but we’ve made it through this time of grief thanks to great friends like you.

4. You have been a great blessing to us, and our whole family thanks God for putting you in our lives.

5. We were so happy to see you and other members of our family at Evan’s funeral. You have always been good to us, and we’re grateful for everything you’ve done for us.

What to Say in a Funeral Thank You Note for Flower Arrangements

Use these sample letters as starting points to thank those who sent you flower arrangements as a kind expression of sympathy:

6. Thank you for providing the beautiful flower arrangement. Kiana would have loved the peonies. You truly helped brighten this time of sadness and we’re grateful for your help.

7. Roses were Dawn’s favorite, and our family would like to thank you for your donation. They were a perfect bright spot in a dark time.

8. It was so thoughtful of you to donate such a special funeral flower arrangement. We were very pleased with how the venue looked. All thanks to you, Patrick was able to have a beautiful funeral.

9. You were such a great friend to Emily, and I know she would have been delighted by your donation of such lovely flowers.

10. Our family is honored that you donated flowers to Jay’s funeral even though you weren’t that well acquainted. We’re so grateful that you came to the service, as well.

Thank You Card Wording for Funeral Donations

Funeral service donations are such a compassionate gift to your family – make sure they know their generous support is appreciated by sending your kind regards.

11. Your generous monetary donation made our family feel very loved in this difficult time. Jack cared for you very much, so thank you for thinking of us.

12. Your monetary donations made Patti’s funeral possible, and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

13. We were so thankful to receive your generous donation. You may have only been an acquaintance to Bradley, but you still helped us fund the funeral. He would have appreciated your kindness. Thank you for honoring him and being such a thoughtful friend. 

14. Your donation truly helped to relieve a burden during the funeral preparations and made a huge difference. You did so much to support Kate in school, and she would have felt so loved to know that you thought of her. 

15. It was very kind of you to donate to Mia’s funeral campaign. It means the world to us that so many people in her life would help us with the funeral. 

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What to Say in Thank You Notes for Sympathy Food and Meals

These letters are meant for those who offered your family some much-needed warm meals:

16. Your lasagna was delicious, and it was a hit with our family. Getting meals on the table has been tough for us lately, and your help was much appreciated.

17. You have been such wonderful neighbors over the years, and we’re grateful for the meals you brought us. We were blessed to have you visit and break bread with us. You have always supported our family, and your love has warmed our hearts and brought such comfort.

18. Enchiladas were Mike’s favorite food, and the rest of our family loves them, too. It takes time and hard work to make a home-cooked meal for all of us, so we appreciate your help and generosity. 

19. We can’t thank you enough for all the food. Our church community’s help has been a lifeline, and it’s been so nice to know that we are loved by so many people.

20. The food was such a thoughtful and comforting gift. It’s such a blessing to be served by our friends and family. We’d love to have the recipe if you’d like to share it.

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Thoughtful Thank You Notes for Sympathy Gifts

These are some ideas for thank you notes to the gift-givers in your life. We recommend that you mention something about the gift in your thank-you note. Identifying the gift shows the person who sent it that you received and appreciated it.

21. Deedee would have adored your gift. The [name of gift] makes a lovely addition to our home, and it was so sweet of you to send it to us.

22. We were so grateful to receive [name of gift]. Your kind gesture means more to us than you will ever know.

23. Thank you for the beautiful [name of gift]. It has given warmth and comfort to our home. We may be just acquaintances, but we are so touched that you reached out to us in our time of mourning.

24. You’ve always given Karina such thoughtful gifts. You had a beautiful friendship, and you’ve been a light to us during these past few weeks.

25. We will always remember the beautiful gift you sent us. Thank you for your love and support during these toughest times.

Best Thank You Expressions for Short Notes

Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go with funeral notes. Take a look at these sample notes of thanks:

26. We were blessed by your presence at [loved one’s name]’s funeral.

27. Thank you for your prayers and support.

28. You’ve made these tough times easier by sharing so much of your time with us.

29. We were honored to receive your [gift name].

30. Jessica would have been honored that you attended her funeral.

Best Funeral Thank You Messages for Social Media Posts

If some of your friends made social media tributes filled with meaningful words for your loved one, here are some ways to thank them:

31. Your post about Carlos on Facebook was wonderful. It was bittersweet for us to see all those old photos. Thank you for sharing those memories.

32. Thank you for paying your respects to Lee with your social media post. You were a wonderful friend to him, and he cherished your presence in his life.

33. This post warmed my heart today. I am so happy to know that Danielle was such a positive part of your life. We all miss her very much.

34. I am touched by your tribute to Zack. I’m so proud of his legacy. Thank you for being such a support to them.

35. Your kind words about Amanda brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

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Best Funeral Thank You Cards

You’ll need some stationary or a beautiful card to send your thank you notes on. Check out these pre-printed cards and blank notes, and choose the best option for your messages.

36. Personalized Photo Funeral Thank You Card

This customizable card features an attractive green floral background with a photo of your loved one. The card comes with pre-made text, but can include a message of your choice. 

The included text of the card reads, “There are no words to express our heartfelt gratitude for the sympathy and support you have extended toward our family during this time of loss.”

37. Cardinal Thank You Note Card

This simple card with an image of a cardinal is made of quality cardstock and comes with the premade message, “Your love and kindness brought us great comfort and will always be remembered.” 

You can change the message if you would like. If you have an Etsy account, you can even edit this thank you note template. Check the product description for more details.

38. Pre-Filled Funeral Thank You Note

If you’d prefer pre-filled thank you cards, look no further than this 50-pack set with cards and envelopes. The watercolor greenery detailing gives a touch of elegance to the notes. 

The card features thank-you note text on the front, and comes with a blank side so that you can add a more personal note inside.

39. Minimalistic Photo Thank You Funeral Note

This no-frills, white thank you card includes a photo of your loved one and a personal message. The card comes with an editable image template that you can change to your liking through your Etsy account.

40. Watercolor Butterflies Sympathy Thank You Cards

These vibrant watercolor butterfly sympathy cards are a tasteful way to send your thank-you notes to those who have shown their support. This 50-piece set comes complete with cards with messages and blank space inside, envelopes, and themed stickers to close the envelopes and add some color to the letter.

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