Do Funeral Homes Take Pictures of the Deceased?

do funeral homes take pictures of the deceased

Navigating the process of planning a funeral and remembering someone’s life involves some important questions. During this process, it’s common to wonder if funeral homes take photos of the deceased.

Your concern may be about privacy and making sure that images of your departed loved one aren’t floating around without your knowledge.

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What will happen to cemeteries in the future?

What will the cemeteries of the future look like?

Will there be cemeteries in the future?

Even with the explosion of cremation’s popularity in recent years, there will always be a demand for a physical location in which to bury, store, or inter the bodies (or remains) of departed loved ones.

As cities become more dense, cemeteries fill, and trends towards eco-consciousness continue, what will the cemeteries of the future look like? Will there even be cemeteries?

Here are some ideas.

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Coffin Dancers: Top 10 Coffin Dances & How to Hire Your Own

How to Hire a Coffin Dancer

Whether you know them as Dancing Pallbearers, the Dancing Coffin Meme, or Coffin Dancers, they are entertaining to say the very least.

The Coffin Dancers are a true viral phenomenon that hit the bigtime with a video uploaded to YouTube in 2015. Musical funeral processions are common in some areas of the USA – especially in the New Orleans vicinity – but this one really took it to the next level.

Come on this journey to discover the history of coffin dancing, view some great videos, and find out how to hire your own. Enjoy!

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15 Funny Funeral Songs That Are Totally Inappropriate

Worst Funeral Songs (Ever)

As it turns out, funny funeral songs are actually a thing on the interwebs. And apparently enough of you search for “inappropriate funeral songs” that it calls for an entire article dedicated to the topic.

So… fine! We’ll give you what you want 🙂

In this post, we’ll oblige you with our 15 favorite funny funeral songs, from well-worn classics like Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” to Sarah Silverman’s infamous nursing home gig.

You asked for it.

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Funeral Procession Etiquette: What to Do When You See a Funeral Procession

Funeral Processions

Let’s talk about funeral procession etiquette.

What do you do when you see a funeral procession going down the street? Do you pull over? What if you’re walking down the street? Or, perhaps even more importantly, what if you’re in a funeral procession?

If you’ve wondered to yourself what the proper protocol is regarding funeral processions, we’re here to shed some light on any questions you may have.

Let’s begin.

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14 Fascinating Funeral Photos

Interesting images of funerals and cemeteries

Let’s take a look at some quirky and interesting funeral photos.

Every person who has ever lived has, or will soon have, the need for a funeral.

Since life is so full of wonder, interest, intrigue, mystery, humor, and much more, it should be no surprise that death would have its share of the strange and wonderful.

Here is our collection of fascinating funeral photos that capture a small hint of the paradoxical beauty, unsolvable mystery, odd irony, and morbid humor of funerals.

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31 Morbid-But-Funny Funeral Jokes & One-Liners

Funny Funeral One-Liners

You just have to admit it: Death is absurd. Funerals can be weird; funny, even.

God has, for some reason, granted us life, numbered our days, and given many of us a steak of dark humor.

If that’s you, read on! If not, well, uh… don’t.

Here are 31 somewhat dark but otherwise harmless (and hilarious) funeral jokes and one-liners.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Funeral Directors

7 Things You Didn't Know About Funeral Directors

In today’s society and throughout history, funeral directors have gotten a bad rap. Thanks to scary stories, movies, and breathless tabloid headlines, funeral directors are still thought of by many people as dark shadows of the night come to “undertake” your loved one into the mysterious lair that is the back of the funeral home (where they most certainly live, by the way).

More realistically, they are thought of as antisocial creeps, or shady salespeople at best.

But with the exception of a few (and they shall remain unnamed), most funeral directors are normal hard-working men and women, just like you and me, trying to make a small difference in this world while also making a living for their own families.

Here is a list of seven things you didn’t know about funeral directors and the necessary work they do.

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Euphemisms for Death: 200+ Ways to Describe Death & Dying

300 ways to say that someone has died

Euphemisms for death abound. This is because there are many ways we talk about death.

Sometimes we talk evasively, in a way that avoids really talking about death. Other times we are trying to be polite and sensitive, especially around the family of the one who has died. Still other times we turn it into a big joke, blunting the razor edge of death’s horror with humor.

We can talk about death clinically, with a focus on the physical symptoms that avoids the emotional aspect. And of the flip side we can use purely emotional, whimsical terms like “living on in our hearts” as a way to deflect the crushing reality.

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