Mushroom Burial Suit

It’s been called the Mushroom Death Suit. That may have scared off the fainthearted, so the name was updated to the Infinity Burial Suit and now it’s known as the Mushroom Burial Suit.

In any case, the result is the same: A new green burial option that aids in the body’s natural decomposition by way of mushrooms.

Green Burial Mushroom Suit

Yes, you heard that right – mushrooms. The suit is a full-body outfit, embroidered with the spores of a particular strain of fungi known as the Infinity Mushroom. This mushroom was bred to actively cleanse out toxins released from the human body as it decomposes.

Over the span of our lives, our bodies collect a wide range of toxins – according to the CDC, the human body accumulates more than 200, including preservatives, mercury, and lead. The Infinity Burial Suit, with its embroidered thread infused with mushroom spores, uses nature’s own processes to help combat the negative environmental effects of ground burial.

Mushroom Death Suit - Eco-Friendly Burial
Infinity Burial Suit creator Jae Rhim Lee modeling the suit.
Mushroom Death Suit

The burial suit is as simple as it gets to use. Simply place the body in the suit, button the top and bottom, and bury in the ground. No coffin or outer casket is needed.

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