Remembrance Gifts: 75 Creative “In Memory Of” Gift Ideas

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When it comes to life, we all have one thing in common: we all leave this world eventually, and hopefully we’ve left it a little better than we found it. At least that’s our wish. 

Oftentimes, talking about death — at least in America — is somewhat taboo. This makes it even harder to know how and when and where to grieve even though death is something we all must grapple with.

It could have been sudden and tragic, a long time coming, or far too soon. Whether it was a closer-than-a-brother friend, an old schoolmate, or an office acquaintance; finding the right words (and the perfect gift) can be very difficult and rather overwhelming.

How do we choose a memorial gift? What’s better: a handwritten sympathy card or a home cooked meal? Should we linger at someone’s deathbed or quickly say our goodbyes? There are so many frustrating, uncomfortable, and sometimes awkward questions when it comes to the end of life.

We think it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Keep the conversations going (no matter how difficult or awkward). One of the best ways to spark that conversation is with beautiful and meaningful “in memory of” remembrance gifts.

10 Best “In Memory Of” Gifts

Let’s start out with some of our favorite memorial tributes. Take a look and see if any of these “sing” to you.

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1. Memorial Cardinal Birdfeeder

remembrance gifts - cardinal birdfeeder
Available Here

2. Hear the Wind & Think of Me Windchime

Think of Me - Memorial Windchime
Available Here

3. Memorial Voicemail Sound Wave

remembrance gifts - voicemail soundwave
Available Here

4. Raise a Glass in Memory of Bottle Opener

remembrance gifts - raise a glass in memory bottle opener
Available Here

5. Create a Memory Jar Filled with Stories & Tributes

remembrance gifts - create a memory jar
Available Here

6. Remembrance Ornament

remembrance gifts - Ornament
Available Here

7. Loss of Loved One Photo

remembrance gifts - custom memorial photo
Available Here

8. Memorial Shadow Box

Available Here

9. “Goodbyes are Not Forever” Memorial Slate

Goodbyes are not forever - memorial slate
Available Here

10. In Loving Memory Personalized Candle

in loving memory - personalized candle
Available Here

Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Father

The loss of your father is something we all know we will experience, and yet what a blow it is. My dear father-in-law passed away this year and, while we’ve known it was coming since 1990(!), it still rocked our world.

He was a Vietnam veteran, the proud owner of only one leg, an avid fisherman, and the Granddaddy of Dad Jokes. Losing your father — not to mention your children’s grandpa — is like losing a part of yourself, and nothing ever really prepares you. 

He never liked being the center of attention unless it was for the aforementioned dad jokes (insert groans here). So for our family we remember him out loud the most when we’re fishing. Especially when we get “skunked!”

11. Custom Made Memorial Bears

custom made memorial bears
Available Here

12. Our Angel in Heaven Keepsake Jar

Available Here

13. I Miss You Dad Candle Holder

I miss you dad - candle holder
Available Here

14. Remembrance of My Beloved Father

Available Here

15. Personalized Photo Necklace

remembrance gifts - personalized photo necklace
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Mother

If you are blessed to have a wonderful mother, then you have a little bit of heaven right here on earth. Mothers are our built-in best friends, guidance counselors, advice givers, hair brushers, home chefs, chauffeurs, and our most enthusiastic cheerleaders! Losing her is like losing a hundred women in one. 

Remember how she forgave you when you sneaked out? When she “believed” you when you said you were just holding that cigarette for a friend? How about when you picked out your wedding dress together, or she helped you choose the exact right engagement ring? 

Mothers simply cannot be replaced, and it’s foolish to even try. Instead, think of her often, talk of her everyday, and find a little something that you can hold that will make the memories flow. 

16. I Call Her Mom Memorial Plate

Available Here

17. My Mother’s Eternal Light & Love Tea Light Candle

Available Here

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18. I Miss You Mom Candle Holder

I miss you mom - candle holder
Available Here

19. Memorial Pocket Coin

remembrance gifts - pocket coin
Available Here

20. Handwritten Family Recipe Memorial Cutting Board

handwritten family recipe cutting board
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Son

You’re not meant to outlive your children. But, sadly, there are far too many times where that is the case.

After the fog lifts enough (which will take some time), it can be helpful in the healing process to find a little trinket or memorial gift that reminds everyone who sees it of that wonderful light that was extinguished too soon.

When I lost my foster son to suicide six years ago I found myself wandering into a Hallmark store. It was getting near Christmas, and Eddie’s birthday had been on Christmas Day.

I came across an ornament that was shaped like a sand-dollar (we had been at the coast when we found out about his death), and it said “Remembering you.”

Chills went up and down my spine. Of course I purchased it right away. To this day, that special ornament gets the best spot on our tree each winter.

21. Missing You Memorial Poem Plaque

remembrance gifts - memorial photo plaque
Available Here

22. My Son Fishes with Angels

remembrance gifts - my son fishes with angels lure
Available Here

23. Plant a Tree in Remembrance

donation remembrance gift ideas
Available Here

24. Engraved Fingerprint Necklace

engraved fingerprint necklace
Available Here

25. Letters to My Son in Heaven

remembrance gifts - letters to my son in heaven
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Daughter

Losing a daughter is like losing a part of yourself — and it’s the best part that has disappeared.

Never feeling her hand in yours again, never hearing that tinkly laugh or watching her eyes sparkle with mischief, the peanut butter and jelly kisses, the late-night phone calls… it’s a grief that cannot be measured.

And that grief… Did we mention it’s a sneaky thing? Grief prowls around like a patient lion, ready to pounce  — usually when you least expect it.

Whether sudden or after a long illness, there is no cure for your own sadness and sorrow after losing a daughter. The things that perhaps provide the most comfort are helping others navigate their own ocean of grief, and finding ways to treasure and celebrate the memory of your beloved daughter.

26. Memorial Butterfly & Heart Garden Stake

Available Here

27. Remembrance Angel

remembrance gifts - Remembrance Angel
Available Here

28. Personalized Birth Flower Locket

remembrance gifts - personalized birth flower locket
Available Here

29. Enchanted Remembrance Rose

remembrance rose
Available Here

30. Daughter’s Hug

daughers hug- tealight remembrance sign
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Brother

He was there when you kinked up a good old knot in the hose so he’d spray himself in the face (CLASSIC!). Maybe he was there when you lost your first tooth, when you climbed your first tree, or when you had your first crush.

And whether older or younger, he most likely he did ungodly things like drooled/farted/belched on you as much as possible!

Ugh, why are brothers so gross?

Someone who shares so much of that growing-up-together sibling history can never be replaced or found again. That’s why the loss of your brother is so very profoundly felt.

When you go through life as a team, how do you go on as a team of one? 

31. Brothers Willow Tree Figurines

brothers - willow tree figurine
Available Here

32. Memorial Love Knot Pendant

Remembrance-Gifts-Love Knot
Available Here

33. Hug in a Mug From My Brother Up Above

Hug in a mug - loss of brother
Available Here

34. Personalized Fishing Memorial Tumbler

custom memorial tumblers
Available Here

35. A Brother’s Love is Timeless Memorial Clock

brother's love is timeless memorial clock
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Sister

Older or younger, smaller or bigger, shorter or taller, there’s no one like your sister.

A built-in best friend (except for those middle school years, but let’s not talk about that), a confidante, the keeper of secrets, the instant alibi, and the key to all your shenanigans, your sister was one of a kind.

Losing her is like losing a little bit of you. 

Whether you’ve lost your own beloved sister or know someone who has, finding something to bring her to mind in all the best ways can be healing, useful, and therapeutic. The best remembrances will bring a smile to your face — even through all those hot tears.

36. Loss of Sister Remembrance Light

remembrance gifts - loss of sister remembrance light
Available Here

37. Handcrafted Personalized Remembrance Plaque

personalized remembrance plaque
Available Here

38. My Sister, My Angel Keychain

remembrance gifts - my sister, my angel keychain
Available Here

39. Personalized Sister in Heaven Illustration

remembrance gifts - sister in heaven illustration
Available Here

40. Now She Flies with Butterflies Remembrance Tumbler

remembrance gifts - now she flies with butterflies tumbler
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Husband

Till death do us part… Back in the day, we didn’t give much thought to that part of our vows, did we? 

And yet, there comes the day where we find ourselves members of this club we never wanted to join: the widow’s club.

Speaking about him (and even to him when you feel his presence — who cares about the strange looks you might get) will move us towards healing and acceptance of this deep loss. 

Whether you were married for two or fifty-two years, losing your husband leaves a huge hole in your heart and soul. Not to mention the giant hole in your daily life.

Surrounding yourself with memories and photographs of the good times — and even the bad times, too — is so important. Talk about him often and don’t censor yourself!

41. Forever in My Heart Engraved Photo Locket

Available Here

42. Fishin’ in Heaven Memorial Hook

gone fishing in heaven - memorial hook
Available Here

43. Creatively Classical Portrait

creative classic portrait remembrance gifts
Available Here

44. Memories of You Personalized Journal

remembrance journal
Available Here

45. Missing You Personalized Photo Frame

remembrance gifts - personalized photo frame
Available Here

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Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Wife

Losing that better half of you is devastating. People get awkward and don’t know what to say. And the casseroles? What is up with all the casseroles?

Maybe it was a sudden and unexpected loss that left you reeling. Perhaps it was a long, drawn-out illness. No matter. The physical cause isn’t as important as the gaping hole she left behind.

The house is too quiet, the meals are too bland, the conversations too stilted… will life ever be the same?

The answer is no. It won’t ever be the same. But different isn’t always worse; it’s just different.

And someday, when you can see through the mist and the fog once again — all the way to the light and the sunshine — you’ll catch a glimpse of her. And she’s smiling. 

46. Forever in My Heart Personalized Photo Mug

forever in my heart - personalized photo mug
Available Here

47. Custom Photo Memorial Ornament

photo memorial ornament
Available Here

48. Cherry Blossom Tree Memorial Paver Stone

cherry blossom tree memorial paver stone
Available Here

49. Handwritten Memorial Photo Keychain

handwritten memorial phpoto keychain
Available Here

50. I Never Left You Photo Wall Art

I never left you - photo wall art
Available Here

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Grandpa Remembrance Gifts

There’s no one like a grandpa! They’re like the dad you almost had, but your dad was always too busy… well, too busy being a dad.

Grandpas are the fixers, the talkers, the jokers, the gnarled hands and age-spotted face, the toothless grins, and the “putterers.” Take them away and the world is so much more bland, uninteresting, and dull.

All you have now are the memories, so keep them alive with “do you remember” questions and conversations, and some items that will always and forever make you think of that un-caped superhero: Grandpa.

51. Remembrance Pillow Made from Grandpa’s Shirt

remembrance gifts - pillow made from his shirts
Available Here

52. Gone Fishing Memorial Plaque

gone fishing- memorial plaque
Available Here

53. Personalized Photo Keychain

remembrance gifts - Personalized photo keychain
Available Here

54. Sailboat Memorial Beach Artwork

Sailboat Remembrance Art
Available Here

55. Memorial Golf Bird Feeder

remembrance gifts - memorial golf bird feeder
Available Here

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Grandma Remembrance Gifts

How come Mama didn’t have the patience of a saint, like Grandma did? Well, probably because Mama won’t earn that quality until she becomes a grandma!

Grandmas know all the secrets: dessert is always first, sugar isn’t THAT bad for you, the best storybooks get read a billion times without long-suffering sighs, songs are meant to be sung loudly and off-key, it’s totally okay to splash in a tub full of extra bubbles… And Grandpa better take his muddy boots off before he comes into the kitchen!

My two grandmas were characters in their own rights.

One was a tiny little Southern lady, tanned and creased with wrinkles like used tissue paper. She smoked a pack a day, drank sweet tea, couldn’t cook a lick, and had a shaky voice kind of like Katherine Hepburn.

The other was overweight, which made her hugs and cuddles all the better because of so much softness. She read Harlequin romance novels and watched soap operas all day. She collected goofy singing stuffed animals, and liked nothing more than a rousing fight with my grandpa. 

I miss them.

56. Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Garden Stone

cardinals appears when angels are near garden stone
Available Here

57. Remembrance Photo Book

remembrance gifts - remembrance photobook
Available Here

58. A Hug from Nana Memorial Blue Jay Throw

memorial throw - loss of nana
Available Here

59. Sound Wave Memorial Photo Wall Art

remembrance gifts - soundwave memorial photo wall art
Available Here

60. Personalized Cardinal Lantern

remembrance gifts - cardinal lantern
Available Here

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More Personalized Remembrance Gifts

Whether it’s a painting, a pressed flower, a coffee mug, a flannel shirt, or a set of dishes; finding the perfect something to remember your loved one by isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

Hold it in your hand when you can no longer hold theirs; you’ll find it helps stitch your broken heart back together again.

No, it’ll never be the same. But a slightly patched-up, tear-stained, and tumble-dried heart is better than none at all. 

61. Floating Tea Light Vase

floating tealight vase
Available Here

62. Memorial Car Decal

remembrance gifts - memorial car decal
Available Here

63. Engraved Garden Stone

engraved memorial garden stones
Available Here

64. Memorial Shirts

Available Here

65. Remembrance Garden Cairn

remembrance gifts - Garden Cairn
Available Here

66. Photo & Angel Wings Rearview Mirror Ornament

remembrance gifts - rearview mirror ornament
Available Here

67. 3D Crystal Memorial Photo

3D crystal memorial photo
Available Here

68. Planted in Memory Of Garden Marker

remembrance gifts - In Memory Garden Marker
Available Here

69. In Loving Memory Coasters

engraved memorial coasters
Available Here

70. Flower Seed Memorial Cards

flower seed memorial cards
Available Here

71. Those We Love Personalized Remembrance Vase

remembrance gifts - those we love don't go away remembrance vase
Available Here

72. Memorial Moon Lamp

remembrance gifts - memorial moon lamp
Available Here

73. Engraved Planter Box

engraved planter box - memorial gift
Available Here

74. Loss of a Loved One Photo Necklace

remembrance gifts - photo necklace
Available Here

75. Create a (Free) In Remembrance Website

create a free remembrance site
Available Here

More Ways to Remember & Memorialize

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