What Are Cultured Marble Urns? 5 Genuine Advantages

Best Cultured Marble Urns

Cultured marble urns are elegantly constructed containers for holding cremated remains. It’s a different material from genuine solid marble, but holds many advantages for you.

Especially if you are looking for a beautiful, long-lasting, elegant, and affordable urn for your loved one, you won’t regret getting a cultured marble cremation urn.

Let’s learn about these urns and why you should consider one.

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100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Wooden Urns

100 Wood Cremation Urns- Feat Image

Here are 100 of the world’s most beautiful wooden urns for ashes.

Wood is a stunning, adaptable, and unique material. With so many ways that woodworkers have invented to use various wood types in various ways, there are so very many options available.

So we’ve chosen the best of the best wood urns, and featured them below. Our collection of wooden urns for human ashes has been arranged into five groups to help simplify your browsing:

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25 Most Beautiful Butterfly Urns for Ashes

Butterfly Urns - Feat Image

Today we’re going to show you 25 of the most beautiful butterfly urns.

Cultures all over the world have come to revere the butterfly as a symbol of death. Historically, the winged creature is a sign of a departing soul fluttering off to the next world. They represent a beautiful part of the tragedy of death: the transformation of life.

But for many others, they simply love butterflies for their undisputed beauty, fragility, and elegance. Whether it is for the rich symbolism or as a cherished favorite, butterflies are among the most popular designs for cremation urns.

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25 Urns That Don’t Look Like Urns

Unique and Creative Urns

Choosing an urn can be a difficult decision. You have to take the “final resting place” into consideration when purchasing an urn. Are you placing the urn in the ground? A niche? Keeping it at home? If you’re keeping it at home, do you want it to look like an urn?

Plus, how large should the urn be? Are you dividing the cremated remains between family members? What material should the urn be made from?

Most importantly – what will best honor your loved one’s memory?

You may have never realized how many things you need to consider. In this list, you will see some very unique and non-traditional urns. These urns don’t look like urns – and to honor your beloved, that may be the way to go!

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Urn Display Ideas at Home & At the Service

Best Urn Display Ideas

You want your loved one’s urn to be the center of attention at the service. You want it to be shown in a place of honor at home. What’s the best way to display an urn at home, and at the funeral?

You could display the urn with pictures, or perhaps flowers. Some prefer to leave the urn by itself, a minimalist display free from any distractive elements. There there are also stands and cases and frames. Then you ask yourself, what about their hobbies and interests, faith and military service?

How do you honor your loved one in the way you display the cremation urn?

Continue to read, we will be discussing these questions and more below.

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Floating Urn Shelf & Memorial Display

Memorial Shelf Ideas for Cremated Ashes

Many people are at a loss when thinking about how to display their loved one’s cremation urn.

How do you set up a memorial display? Where do you put the urn? Is it even ok to keep your loved one’s ashes at home? What if you want the urn close, but don’t want visitors and friends to be weirded out?

We have the perfect solution: The Pacific Crest Floating Urn Shelf from Urns Northwest.

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25 Best Motorcycle Urns for Bikers on Their Final Ride Home

25 Best Motorcycle Urns for Bikers

Motorcycles give people the feeling of freedom. Open the map, choose your destination, and go! The wind enfolds you even as the open road calls you further.

Motorcycles are fun to ride; there isn’t a motorcyclist that would disagree with that. The incredible adventure that comes with an open-air ride is unrivaled. 

People that ride motorcycles LOVE their bikes.

We have put together an exhaustive list of the best motorcycle urns we could find. So if you are looking for an urn, you’ve come to the right place.

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