100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Wooden Urns

Here are 100 of the world’s most beautiful wooden urns for ashes.

Wood is a stunning, adaptable, and unique material. With so many ways that woodworkers have invented to use various wood types in various ways, there are so very many options available.

So we’ve chosen the best of the best wood urns, and featured them below. Our collection of wooden urns for human ashes has been arranged into five groups to help simplify your browsing:

Simple & Elegant – Expertly crafted wood urns that convey a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Unique Accents – These memorials offer unexpected colors and accents which draw the eye to appreciate the beauty of the woodworker’s skill.

Wood Art Inlays – Wood cremation urns with jigsaw puzzle-like art scenes in three dimensions, using real wood assembled in layers.

Hand Turned Wood Urns – Premium wood turned onto a lather and finished to perfection.

Heartwarming Images – These memorials include personalized engraved photos of your loved one, lovebirds, hearts, religious symbols and more.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Scroll on down to view 100 of the most beautiful wood urns ever made, and remember to Pin your favorites to save them.


Below you’ll find elegant designs notable for their simplicity of shape and adornments. These wood cremation urns make idealistic use of real hardwoods such as Cedar, Black Walnut, Cherry, Elm, Mahogany, and more. To achieve such beauty in simplicity, the requisite expertise in woodcraft is plainly evident.

Note that many of these simple wood urns can be personalized with laser engraving of an inscription. Click or tap each image to be taken directly to the product page on the seller’s retail store.

Cherry Urn with Sculpture Art Carving

An all-time favorite and perennial bestseller, the Cherry Wood Urn with Sculpture Art Carving is crafted in Oregon from solid cherry wood and laser carved in detail to honor your loved one. Optionally, you can add an inscription to the top or front of the urn.

Cedar Wood Cremation Urn

The Cedar Urn is one of our most popular designs. Premium – and aromatic! – cedar wood is the highlight of this piece. A deceptively simple shape allows the cedar wood grain to surprise and shine.

Floating Shelf Urn

This one-of-a-kind wood urn is handcrafted in Oregon and designed as a floating shelf, which has a dual purpose:

First, it holds the cremated remains inside, discreetly keeping them anywhere you want in your home without advertising that this is a cremation urn. Second, it provides shelf space for you to create a memorial display in honor of your loved one.

Available in several wood types with an option to laser engrave an inscription onto the front wood surface.

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Boston II Companion Urn in Walnut

Red Roses Cherry Wood Urn

Gone Fishing Cremation Urn Plaque

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Handcrafted Rosewood Urn

This one is imported from overseas, but it is an attractive, affordable, and very popular option for a wooden cremation urn.

Woodsculpt Collection

Wilmington Cross Urn in Walnut

Boxwood Cremation Urn

Photo Frame Wooden Urn

Deer Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn

Burl Elm Wood Cremation Urn

Sonata Cedar Wood Urn

Laser Carved Train Urn in Cherry Wood

Soulmates Wooden Companion Urn with 3-Dimensional Art

The “Soulmates” is another heartwarming and rustic wood companion urn for two people. This one depicts the couple sitting together on a lakeside bench. Their names and wedding date are etched into the back of the bench for a lovely, personalized touch.

Learn more about companion urns here.

Laser Carved Dragonfly Urn in Cherry Wood

Dovetailed Wood Urn

Black Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Walnut Inlays

Hamilton Cremation Urn

Shown here in lush mahogany wood, the Hamilton is a gem of American made craftsmanship. Made in solid premium wood yet still affordable, this simple and elegant wood urn is also available in cherry, oak, and walnut.

Geometric Carved Miniature Keepsake Wooden Urn


These beautiful wooden cremation urns boast incredibly detailed 3-dimensional inlays of artistic scene etched in real wood. Made in the USA from premium hardwoods, most designs are available in the wood type pictured as well as others, including Walnut, Oak, and Maple.

The inlays use a variety of woods in their natural colors which are laser engraved in fine detail then assembled together in layers like a jigsaw puzzle. This creates a realistic 3D effect which causes the art scene to “pop.”

Personalized engraving of name, dates, and more is also available. Most designs are available as standard, companion, and keepsakes urns (learn more about the different types of urns). Click or tap each image for more information.

Walnut Wood with Cardinal Bird

Shown above in Walnut, the Cardinal Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urn also comes in Oak, Maple, or Mahogany. The background of the scene is natural Cherry, and the bird itself is Rosewood (stained) with an Oak beak.

Astoria Lighthouse in Dark Walnut

This is just one of several lighthouse scenes, which include several based on famous real-life lighthouses such as Cape Hatteras and Portland Head Light.

American Eagle in Oak Wood

Walnut Wood Astioria Urn with Lilies

Ambassador Salmon Fishing Urn

Dark Walnut Wood with Golfing Scene

Desert Coyote with Cactus in Oak

Motorcycle Road Home Cremation Urn

Butterfly Astoria Urn in Walnut

Boat Fishing Cremation Urn in Walnut Wood

Maple Wood Hibiscus Flower Inlay Art Urn

Farm Tractor Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Seascape Sailing Keepsake Urn

This is the “keepsake size” of our 3-dimensional urns. Behind the back panel is a small compartment which secures a tin. The tin container holds a small portion (1 cubic inch) of cremated remains as a keepsake for when the loved one’s remains are buried, scattered, or shared with relatives.

Walnut Wood with Rustic Mountain Lakes Inlay

Astoria Maple Wood Urn with Cherry Blossoms

Octagon Sailing Ship Urn in Walnut Wood

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High Country Haven Bear Urn

Soaring Eagle Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Soft Breezes Sailing Inlay Art Urn

Ambassador Salmon Fishing Urn in Oak

Hawaiian Beach Walnut Wood Urn

Cowboy Riding Home Urn in Walnut Wood

This urn features a stunning natural wood inlay of a cowboy riding his horse on a final journey into the sunset. Browse this and more cowboy cremation urns.

Hummingbird Inlay Art Scene in Oak

Bicycle Riding Home Cremation Urn

Crafted entirely of wood, this inlay art wooden cremation urn breathes of the pastoral simplicity found on the open road. A lovely memorial for cyclists, the urn is made in the USA and available in walnut wood as shown or lighter oak.

Howling Wolves Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Moose Urn in Oak

Horse Riding Home Urn

Together Again Companion Urn in Walnut

The “Together Again” is a companion sized urn designed to hold the ashes of two people. The inlay wood art scene depicts two people walking arm in arm down an old country lane as the sun sets in the distance.

Learn more about companion urns here.

Old-Fashioned Sailing Ship in Walnut Wood

Walnut Wooden Cremation Urn with Celtic Cross Inlay

This solid walnut wood urn features a prominent Celtic Cross as an inlay. The Christian cross is etched from maple wood, set flush into the surface of the wooden cremation urn with rustic elegance and true craftsmanship. Made in the USA. Also available in a stunning “Bible” shape.

Astoria Hummingbird Urn

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Walnut Wood Surfing Cremation Urn

Whitetail Deer Wood Cremation Urn

The “Deer by the Lake” design is is just one of many scenes in our premier line of wood art urns. The inlays are intricately cut and engraved from several types of wood, assembled into a layered inlay that gives the effect of 3-dimensions.

Above, the urn is pictured in our gorgeous solid mahogany. The series is also available in walnut, oak, or maple woods. Other art scenes include hummingbirds, fishing, soaring eagles, lighthouses, and much more.

Browse the complete collection here

Rustic Cabin 3-Dimensional Inlay Art Companion Urn

Our incredibly popular dimensional inlay art urns come in a companion size. That means it will hold the cremated remains of two people, often a husband and wife. The Rustic Cabin scene is a perennial favorite, and has that perfectly serene lakeside sensibility perfected by your choice of wood for the box.


These urns offer something different, something surprising, something to ponder. One of a kind wood memorial urns that are beautiful and expressive. Click each picture for more info or to order.

Oak Tree Branch Tealight Holder Keepsake Urn

This adorable tree branch cutting is not only a tealight, but it is also a tiny cremation urn! Designed to hold a small keepsake amount of ashes, this memorial is functional, cute, and meaningful.

Hand Turned Cowboy Hat Maple Wood Urn

Decorative Lidded Vessel Walnut Urn

Wall Mounted Wood Cremation Urn with Personalized Engraving

More memorial plaque urns are available here

Dragon Scroll Memory Chest

Wooden Chest Urn with Pewter Accents

Yew Companion Urn with Amethyst


Woodturning is a time-honored tradition for fine wood art pieces. The way the lathe reveals the unique grain texture of each piece makes it ideal for use as a wood urns for human ashes.

Below you will find beautiful memorial urns made in a variety of styles and wood types, all turned by hand.

Black Oak Wood Cremation Urn

Crafted from segments of solid wood, turned by hand on a lathe, then finished in a stunning black, this artisan urn is a work of art.

Cherry Wood Turned Urn

Padauk and Black Walnut Wood Hand Turned Urns

Alternating sections of black walnut and exotic padauk wood make a bold statement. As with all of our hand turned urns, each segment is chosen for elegance and symmetry of grain pattern to create a beautiful work of woodturned art.

Segmented Walnut Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

Tranquility Maple Wood Cremation Urn

Purple Poplar Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

Segments of poplar wood shaped into a sphere, turned by hand and completed with a natural purple dye then finished with a protective glaze. Available in multiple sizes.

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Segmented Maple Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

White maple shines out in contrast with the accents of the darker walnut wood in the base and lid of these beautiful hand turned wood cremation urns. The round shape is the ideal vessel for displaying the unique woodgrain patterns of the maple wood while serving as an artistic funeral urn for your loved one’s remains.

Maple Woodturned Urn

Large Curly Catalpa Wooden Urn

Black Walnut Woodturned Urn

Black Walnut & Yellowheart Hand Turned Urn

Black walnut and yellowheart woods are composed in an rising pattern of alternating colorful wooden blocks, rounded to perfection on the woodturner’s lathe. The robust shape conveys dignity, harmony, and joy in honor of your loved one.

Black Walnut & Padauk Hand Turned Urn

This design uses black walnut a red exotic padauk hardwoods assembled in a rising checkered pattern to convey a sense of mystery and elegance. These gorgeous hand turned wooden urns are available in three sizes to suit your needs, and can come with optional complementing walnut wood base with engraved name plate for personalization.

Blue Oak Wood Hand Turned Urn

The graceful shape of this wood urn allows full expression of the woodgrain patterns. Crafted from oak wood which is dyed blue, this colorful memorial showcases the wood in a way that exhibits both the woodturner’s craft and the organic beauty of the natural grain figures.

Pure Maple Wood Cremation Urn

Celtic Cross Green Hand Turned Cremation Urn

Blue Tear Drop Woodturned Memorial

Black Walnut & Zebrawood Cremation Urn

Long strips of black walnut wood are complimented with a gorgeous stripe of zebrawood. Crafted in an expansive tower shape, the urn portrays a sense of strength and potent action.

Tranquility Walnut Cremation Urn

Woodturning is rising in popularity as a medium for memorial art cremation urns. This piece, handcrafted in the USA from a solid piece of walnut wood, showcases the artistry of the hand-turned woodworking process. An elegant and refined memorial that retains a rustic and earthy sensibility.


The “heartwarming images” collection features touching and inspirational designs. These inlcude religious, personalized, and emotive themes such as the Christian Cross, hearts, horses, lovebirds, personalized photos and drawings, books, Bibles, and more.

Book Urn with Lovebirds Inlay

Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn with Praying Hands

Walnut Wood Cremation Urn with Maple Cross Inlay

Bible Wood Urn with Christian Cross Inlay

Your Own Drawing Maple Wood Urn

Loving Heart Floral Memorial Plaque Cremation Urn

This rustic wood cremation urn looks like a memorial plaque (and it is!), but it’s more than that. It’s also a cremation urn you can discreetly mount on the wall. With our beautiful memorial plaque urns, you can honor your loved one in a central and visible way, yet also not make it too obvious that it’s a cremation urn.

The “Loving Hearts” design is one of our most popular, plus there are many more including the best-selling “Gone Fishing” plaque for fishermen.

Inspiration Praying Hands with Cross Inlay Cherry Urn

Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn with Cross

Lovebirds Companion Urn Memorial Plaque

This memorial plaque is actually a cremation urn – for two people! Between the front and back panels of this American-made wooden memorial plaque, there is room to secure up to 400 cubic inches of cremation ashes. The gorgeous design includes free personalized laser etching.

Vision Photo Engraved Walnut Wood Memorial

Mother’s Love Horses Inlay Art Cremation Urn

Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Laser Engraved Photo

Love Floral Heart Wall-Mounted Plaque Urn

This rustic wood cremation urn looks like a memorial plaque (and it is!), but it’s more than that. It’s also a cremation urn you can discreetly mount on the wall. With our beautiful memorial plaque urns, you can honor your loved one in a central and visible way, yet also not make it too obvious that it’s a cremation urn.

The “Loving Hearts” design is one of our most popular, plus there are many more including the best-selling “Gone Fishing” plaque for fishermen.

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Boston II Urn in Oak

To introduce you to this beautiful oak wood cremation urn, here is a brief video:

If you’re not convinced by the grace and beauty of the urn as shown in the video, below are some stills that will show you in great detail just how lovely the Boston II is in Oak wood.

And note, we can personalize this memorial for your loved one with a laser engraved inscription, which we will carve directly into the surface of the wood. The premium oak wood used in the Boston II is ideal for a customized inscription of name and dates.

Let’s take another look, this time using photos from a variety of angles. After the photos, we’ll detail all the important stats like capacity and outside dimensions.

Beautiful oak wood urn
Lovely oak wood urn
Gorgeous oak wood cremation urn
Beautiful oak wood funeral urn
Remove screws to take off the bottom access panel. Place the remains inside, then re-attach the base panel and the urn has been filled.

For more info and videos on how to open an urn, see here.
Wooden urn in Oak
Gorgeous oak wood

Here are the stats for this beautiful oak wood cremation urn:

Standard size

  • 210 cubic inch interior
  • Exterior length: 10-3/4″
  • Exterior width: 7-1/2″
  • Exterior height: 6-1/2″

Companion size

  • 400 cubic inch interior
  • Exterior length: 12-1/4″
  • Exterior width: 9″
  • Exterior height: 8″

Small/pet/child size

  • 55 cubic inch interior
  • Exterior length: 8-1/2″
  • Exterior width: 5-1/2″
  • Exterior height: 5-1/2″

Maple Wood Urn with Cardinal Inlay

For bird watchers, nature lovers, or fans of various sports teams, the Cardinal Cremation Urn is the perfect urn. This heirloom-quality memorial will suit your family’s needs and provide a fitting symbol of their life and passions.

This urn for ashes has wood inlay art of a cardinal bird as the centerpiece. The bird is laser engraved in detail using rosewood, walnut, and oak. These woods are set into the front of a gorgeous maple wood urn, creating a lovely memorial.

YouTube video

Of course, this urn is perfect to engrave with the famous cardinal memorial quote. One variation reads, “Cardinals appear when angels are near.” You can also get that personalized on a memorial bird feeder, which makes a great sympathy gift.

Since our craftsmen product the cardinal urn from natural materials, the grain pattern and specific hue of the woods will vary with each piece. This is a desirable effect of using real wood, ensuring that your loved one receives a completely unique memorial urn.

Here are some images we’ve taken of this gorgeous Cardinal Urn, showcasing various aspects of the design, shape, and craftsmanship:

Wood Cremation Urn with Cardinal Bird
Red Cardinal Bird Inlay Memorial Cremation Urn
Cardinal Cremation Urn
Wood inlay art made in USA

Each memorial is crafted in an Oregon wood shop from premium solid white maple wood. The urn boasts a hearty 3/4″ thickness all around, a sturdy base which removes to provide access to the inside of the urn, beveled edges, and the lovely cardinal inlay art design.

Optionally, we can engrave the top or back of the urn with an inscription of name and dates. We will laser etch the personalization directly into the wood surface of the urn.

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