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100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Last Updated on July 28, 2020

Here are 100 of the world’s most beautiful wood cremation urns. We’ve arranged them into five groups to help simplify your browsing:

  • Simple & Elegant – Expertly crafted wood urns that convey a sense of simplicity and elegance.
  • Unique Accents – These memorials offer unexpected colors and accents which draw the eye to appreciate the beauty of the woodworker’s skill.
  • Wood Art Inlays – Wood cremation urns with jigsaw puzzle-like art scenes in three dimensions, using real wood assembled in layers.
  • Hand Turned Wood Urns – Premium wood turned onto a lather and finished to perfection.
  • Heartwarming Images – These memorials include personalized engraved photos of your loved one, lovebirds, hearts, religious symbols and more.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Scroll on down to view 100 of the most beautiful wood cremation urns ever made, and remember to Pin your favorites to save them, or Pin the entire list using this image:

Wooden Cremation Urns


Below you’ll find elegant designs notable for their simplicity of shape and adornments. These wood cremation urns make idealistic use of real hardwoods such as Cedar, Black Walnut, Cherry, Elm, Mahogany, and more. To achieve such beauty in simplicity, the requisite expertise in woodcraft is plainly evident.

Note that many of these simple wood urns can be personalized with laser engraving of an inscription. Click or tap each image to be taken directly to the product page on the seller’s retail store.

Cherry Urn with Sculpture Art Carving

Art carving cherry wood cremation urn

Cedar Wood Cremation Urn

Beautiful aromatic cedar urn

Boston II Companion Urn in Walnut

Boston II Companion Urn in Walnut

Round Cremation Urn in African Mahogany with Walnut & Maple Inlays

African Mahogany Cremation Urn with Inlays

Wall Mounted Wood Cremation Urn with Personalized Engraving

Custom Wall Mounted Cremation Urn

Woodsculpt Collection

Wood Cremation Urns

Wilmington Cross Urn in Walnut

Walnut funeral urn with cross

Boxwood Cremation Urn

Funeral urn in Walnut

Deer Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn

Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn

Burl Elm Wood Cremation Urn

Elm wood urn

Sonata Cedar Wood Urn

Beautiful wood cremation urns

Laser Carved Train Urn in Cherry Wood

Train Cremation Urn

Black Walnut Cremation Urn

Black Walnut Cremation Urn

Soulmates Wooden Companion Urn with 3-Dimensional Art

Laser Carved Dragonfly Urn in Cherry Wood

Cherry wood urn with Dragonfly

Dovetailed Wood Urn

Beautiful wooden cremation urns

Esteem Mahogany Wood Urn

Esteem Wood Urn

Black Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

A shapely wood cremation urn

Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Walnut Inlays

Radiata Wood Urn with Espresso Finish

Wood Cremation Urn with Espresso Finish

Elegant Padauk Cremation Urn

Wooden Cremation Urn


These beautiful wood cremation urns boast incredibly detailed 3-dimensional inlays of artistic scene etched in real wood. Made in the USA from premium hardwoods, most designs are available in the wood type pictured as well as others, including Walnut, Oak, and Maple.

The inlays use a variety of woods in their natural colors which are laser engraved in fine detail then assembled together in layers like a jigsaw puzzle. This creates a realistic 3D effect which causes the art scene to “pop.” Personalized engraving of name, dates, and more is also available. Most designs are available as standard, companion, and keepsakes urns, and can be made into a memorial clock as well. Click or tap each image for more information.

Walnut Wood with Cardinal Bird

Cardinal Cremation Urn

Astoria Lighthouse in Dark Walnut

Walnut Wood Lighthouse Urn

American Eagle in Oak Wood

Eagle Inlay Art Cremation Urn

Walnut Wood Astioria Urn with Lilies

Floral Art Inlay Memorial

Ambassador Salmon Fishing Urn

Funeral Urn for Fisherman

Dark Walnut Wood with Golfing Scene

Wooden Cremation Urn

Desert Coyote with Cactus in Oak

Oak Wood Urn with Desert Coyote

Motorcycle Road Home Cremation Urn

Road Home Cremation Urn with Motorcycle

Butterfly Astoria Urn in Walnut

Walnut Cremation Urn

Clock Cremation Urn with Hummingbird Inlay

Clock Urn with Inlay Art

Boat Fishing Cremation Urn in Walnut Wood

Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Maple Wood Hibiscus Flower Inlay Art Urn

Maple wood urn with flower art

Farm Tractor Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Wood Cremation Urn with Tractor

Seascape Sailing Keepsake Urn

Seascape Sailing Cremation Urn

Walnut Wood with Rustic Mountain Lakes Inlay

Ambassador Urn with Rustic Mountain Scene

Astoria Maple Wood Urn with Cherry Blossoms

Floral Art Inlay Urn

Octagon Sailing Ship Urn in Walnut Wood

Octagon Walnut Wood Urn

High Country Haven Bear Urn

High Country Haven Cremation Urn

Soaring Eagle Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Walnut wood mountain eagle urn

Soft Breezes Sailing Inlay Art Urn

Soft Breezes Sailing Memorial Urn

Ambassador Salmon Fishing Urn in Oak

Wood Cremation Urn

Hawaiian Beach Walnut Wood Urn

Hawaiian Beach Inlay Art Urn

Cowboy Riding Home Urn in Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Funeral Urn

Hummingbird Inlay Art Scene in Oak

Wooden Urn with Hummingbird

Bicycle Riding Home Cremation Urn

Cremation Urn with Bicycle

Howling Wolves Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

Wood Urn with Wolves

Moose Urn in Oak

Canadian Wood Art Cremation Urn

Horse Riding Home Urn

Horse riding home memorial

Together Again Companion Urn in Walnut

Beautiful Wood Companion Urns

Old-Fashioned Sailing Ship in Walnut Wood

Sailing Ship Urn

Astoria Hummingbird Urn

Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Walnut Wood Surfing Cremation Urn

Surfing Memorial Urn

Whitetail Deer Wood Cremation Urn

Deer Hunter Memorial


These urns offer something different, something surprising, something to ponder. One of a kind wood memorial urns that are beautiful and expressive. Click each picture for more info or to order.

Amarinth Crimson Vessel

Wood Cremation Urn

Tranquility Radiata Wood Urn with Ceramic Roses

Radiata Wood Urn with Ceramic Flowers

Marquetry Wood Cremation Urn with Floral Inlay

Marquetry Floral Art Inlay Memorial

Black Cherry Cremation Urn

Wood cremation urns

Blue Mineral Chestnut & Birch Cremation Urn

Blue Wood Cremation Urn

Hand Turned Cowboy Hat Maple Wood Urn

Hand turned cowboy hat urn

Dragon Scroll Memory Chest

Hand carved dragon wood memorial

Ambrosia Maple Burl Urn

Maple Cremation Urn

Big Leaf Maple Burl with Embedded Gold Leaf

Unique Cremation Urns

Silver Maple with Hand Carved Maple Leaves and Pyrography

Hand Carved Maple Leaf Cremation Urn

Tree of Life Wood Carved Keepsake Box

Wood urn with tree carving

Veneration Hand Carved Urn

Wooden Cremation Urns

Wooden Chest Urn with Pewter Accents

Pet Cremation Urn

Pacific Yew Tree Trunk Chest

Tree trunk cremation urn


Woodturning is a time-honored tradition for fine wood art pieces. The way the lathe reveals the unique grain texture of each wood piece makes it ideal for use as a premium funeral urn memorial for your loved one. Below you will find beautiful wood cremation urns made in a variety of styles and wood types, all turned by hand.

Padauk and Black Walnut Wood Hand Turned Urns

Wood Cremation Urns

Padauk and Oak Wood Hand Turned Urns

Hand Turned Wood Cremation Urn

Yew and Plum Wood Hand Turned Urn

Hand turned wood cremation urn

Turquoise Blue Hand Turned Wood Urn

Maple Wood Hand Turned Urn

Segmented Walnut Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

Walnut Wood Round Urn

Purple Poplar Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

Poplar wood hand turned urn

Segmented Maple Wood Hand Turned Memorial Urn

Maple and Walnut Wood Urn

Maple Woodturned Urn

Maple Cremation Urn

Black Walnut Woodturned Urn

Memorial Urns

Cherry Woodturned Urn

Cherry Wood Urn

Black Walnut & Yellowheart Hand Turned Urn

Checkered Wood Memorial Urn

Black Walnut & Padauk Hand Turned Urn

Woodturned Cremation Urns

Blue Oak Wood Hand Turned Urn

Oak Wood Cremation Urn

Walnut, Cherry, and Padauk Wood Urn

Walnut, Cherry, and Padauk Wood Urn

Pure Maple Wood Cremation Urn

Pure Maple Funeral Urn

Hand Turned Cedar Wood Vessel

Round Wood Cremation Urn

Dutch Elm Wood Hand Turned Urn

Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Celtic Cross Green Hand Turned Cremation Urn

Celtic Cross Wood Cremation Urn

Blue Tear Drop Woodturned Memorial

Hand turned wood urn in blue

Black Walnut & Zebrawood Cremation Urn

Zebrawood Cremation Urn


The “heartwarming images” collection features touching and inspirational designs. These inlcude religious, personalized, and emotive themes such as the Christian Cross, hearts, horses, lovebirds, personalized photos and drawings, books, Bibles, and more.

Heart Shaped Walnut and Cherry Wood Urn

Heart shaped wood urn

Book Urn with Lovebirds Inlay

Doves Walnut Wood Urn

Walnut Wood Cremation Urn with Maple Cross Inlay

Walnut Cross Urn

Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Walnut Cross Inlay

Maple wood cremation urn

Bible Wood Urn with Christian Cross Inlay

Bible Cremation Urn with Cross Inlay

Your Own Drawing Maple Wood Urn

Wood Cremation Urn with Your Drawing

Inspiration Praying Hands with Cross Inlay Cherry Urn

Praying Hands Cross Inlay

Mahogany Wood Cremation Urn with Cross

Beautiful Wood Cremation Urns

Vision Photo Engraved Walnut Wood Memorial

Walnut and Alder Wood Urn

Mother’s Love Horses Inlay Art Cremation Urn

Horses Walnut Wood Funeral Urn

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  1. I really love your work, I’m trying to fine someone that can make a recliner urn, cant fine one ,my husband loved his recliner and his girls are wanted one for there Daddy

  2. Looking for 2 matching urns. Very Hard wood dark in color.
    Need to be vertical oriented so can be placed side by side in one niche in veterans cemetery. Will add local silver engraved plaque.
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    Please provide outside dimensions.
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