Fish Urns for Ashes: 21 “Gone Fishing” Cremation Urns

If you are searching for the perfect fish urn to honor your beloved fishing enthusiast, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Not only are these the very best made-in-the-USA wood urns with fishing themes from our online cremation urn store, we’ve searched the web high and low to find all of the best fish urns for ashes to serve as the memorial urn for your fisherman.

These include memorials for bass, walleye, trout fish and more, plus river and boat fishing, nature scenes with fish, wood urns, metal, ceramic, and other types of materials as well. These are the best of the best for fish urns anywhere.

21 Fish Urns for Ashes

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1. Wood Inlay Art Memorial Bass Fish Urn

This oak wood cremation urn is also available in darker walnut wood, red-hued mahogany (see next picture) or light white maple. With a stunning three-dimensional inlay art scene made in the USA from completely solid wood pieces in their natural colors engraved for detail, this wooden fish urn is a gorgeous tribute to anyone who loved fishing.

2. Wood Inlay Art Memorial Walleye Fish Urn

The fisherman stands in his boat, reeling in a trophy walleye fish. This is the event that you’ll have heard stories about for years. Crafted in the USA from solid premium hardwoods, this 3-dimensional wood inlay fish urn is a true work of art.

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3. Wood Inlay Art Salmon Stream Fishing Urn

In this rustic fish urn we see the fisherman in classic garb standing in the middle of a mountain stream. As he reels in the catch of the day, the trout flails in one last burst of glorious energy. This wood cremation urn is pictured here in dark walnut wood, but we can also make it for you in lighter oak, mahogany, or maple woods.

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4. Wood Inlay Art Bass Boat Fishing Urn

This one has the same wood inlay art bass boat fishing scene as above, but with a simplified urn box style. Each of our gorgeous 3-dimensional wood inlay art scenes can be made in multiple wood types and box styles to suit your needs.

Oh, and you can also get them in companion urn size to hold the ashes of two people. This is the perfect way to memorialize a husband and wife.

5. Wall-Mounted Custom Engraved Plaque Urn

Honor your loved one with a beautiful handcrafted memorial plaque, personalized with fish art and inscription. But this plaque is more than what it seems… it doubles as a cremation urn, housing the ashes inside the plaque.

The 3″ deep plaque appears to be simply a well-framed decorative wall decor art piece. However, the interior of the sign is hollow, with a space for the remains to be put into plaque and discreetly hung on the wall.

Shown above with a bass fish, we can also engrave the plaque urn with a catfish, halibut, marlin, sailfish, salmon, tarpon, trout, or walleye fish.

6. Wood Urn with Bass Fish Emblem

This solid wood cremation urn features a colorful art applique with a leaping bass fish caught on a fly hook. Includes personalization on the name plate below the fish art scene.

7. Laser Carved Wooden Boat Fishing Urn

A solid wooden urn crafted in Oregon with superior materials and craftsmanship means that your beloved fisherman receives the ideal tribute to a lifelong passion. This fish urn features a bass, and we also offer it with a stunning walleye.

8. Laser Carved Wooden Stream Fish Urn

Made in the USA from solid wood in your choice of natural cherry, maple, or mahogany. This premium wooden trout fish urn boasts a rugged outdoor river scene carved into the surface of the urn.

In the art scene, a fisherman reels in a gorgeous rainbow trout as a prize catch.

9. Wood Fish Urn with 3D Bass Emblem

This solid wood fish urn has a rustic vibe, made from darkly stained wood (they don’t say what type) with a 3-d bass emblem and personalized nameplate.

10. Metal Fish Urn with Hand Painted Art

The perfect cremation urn for a dedicated fisherman. This metal vessel boasts completely hand-painted artwork which ensures that your loved one’s memorial will be truly one-of-a-kind.

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(#6 is very apt for fishermen)

11. Metal Bass Fish Urn

This simple metal cremation urn features art designed by Al Agnew, a renowned artist whose art has graced the cover of many Bass Pro Shop magazines.

12. Boat Fishing Cremation Urn Bust

The unique design of this cold-cast resin bust features a cremation urn base with boat fishing scene on top. Get yours here.

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13. Wall Mounted Ceramic Art Bass Fish Urn

Handcrafted ceramic art urn that looks like – and, really, is – a gorgeous wall art decor piece. But the interior is hollow, designed to hold the cremated ashes of your beloved fisherman. A beautifully unique memorial urn for anyone who loved to fish.

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14. Wall Mounted Ceramic Art Catfish Urn

A second fish urn made by the same artist, this time a catfish. The urn boasts incredible detail and realism, handmade to order in the shape of a catfish and arrives ready to hang.

15. Pearl Light Blue Fishing Cremation Urn

A perfect tribute to your favorite fisherman or woman. These high-quality urns are crafted from aluminum alloy and are beautifully finished to last a lifetime. The shimmering silver fishing silhouette depicts that “big catch” your loved one was always looking forward to.

These adult urns can also feature a double-sided inscription if you wish.

16. “Gone Fishin’ Bobber Cremation Urn

What could suit your avid fisherman better than this “Gone Fishing” bobber? Perfectly designed to replicate that essential piece of gear they always carried, this urn also functions as an urn vault and is suitable for direct burial.

Airtight, watertight and crush resistant, your loved one’s cremains will be safe and secure for years and years to come.

17. Cherry Wood Gone Fishing Engraved Urn

This wonderful, hand carved “Gone Fishing” urn is a perfect final resting place for your favorite fishing hero. Beautifully carved from solid cherry wood, each piece is custom crafted to order and stained by hand to create a finished urn as unique as they were.

This is an adult urn and can hold cremains equivalent of up to 220lbs.

18. Composite Bass Fish Urn with Vinyl Art

The moderate price point combined with lovely digital art makes this fish urn a beautiful choice for the bass fisherman. The composite fiberglass material ensures that your loved one’s remains will be well-protected for years to come.

Other features include an above-average capacity of 260 cubic inches and an extra-large opening that ensures you can place the ashes inside without opening the bag.

19. Aluminum Fishing Cremation Urn Tower

This fish urn boasts durable, sturdy aluminum construction with a premium metallic finish in your choice of eight colors. Includes laser engraved personalization of an active fishing scene along with name, dates, and other inscription details.

20. Fishing Memorial Cremation Necklace

This lovely fish urn necklace holds a small amount of cremated remains, keeping your loved one “close to your heart” while honoring their passion for fishing.

21. Wooden “Gone Fishing” Inlay Urn

A great alternative to a traditional vase-style urn, these crafted wooden urns are perfect for your loved one’s final resting place. The “Gone Fishin'” moniker and laser engraved scene are artfully tooled to create a one-of-a-kind urn for your favorite fisherman, and honor their chosen passion even after they’ve passed.

BONUS: Fisherman Memorial Bird Feeder

This is a bird feeder only, and not a cremation urn. However, as our #1 most popular memorial gift we can’t end this post without mentioning it. Made in the USA from real cedar wood and laser engraved with a fisherman image along with an “in loving memory” inscription, this bird feeder is a beautiful memorial tribute or sympathy gift to honor anyone who loved to fish.

BONUS 2: Salmon Fishing Urn

The Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn is another favorite design in our series of 3-dimensional wood art urns crafted in the Pacific Northwest. The wood art inlay scene is perfect as a memorial tribute for an avid fisherman, built in layers of wood inlays using different wood types in their natural colors. Each piece is engraved in lovely detail and assembled by hand.

Check out the Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn in detail, shown in this video and the following photos in gorgeous Oak wood:

YouTube video

As you can see, the woodworking and artistry exhibited in this wood urn is exquisite. The 3/4″ thick urn box ensures that this memorial will endure as a long-lasting family heirloom. Made in your choice of Oak (as shown), Walnut, or Maple wood, the urn boasts a simple clear coat finish that will age gracefully and provide a safe and beautiful resting place for the remains of your beloved fishing enthusiast.

The oak wood urn box is accented with a curvy base, which perfectly balances the tiered layers of beveled wood which configure the top of the urn.

The inlay art scene is set into a well-composed oval in the face of the oak wood urn front. The salmon fish, leaping in the foreground as it struggles against the fisherman’s line and reel, takes up the left portion of the oval fishing art scene and is a finely engraved piece of cherry wood.

The salmon is set over a background and border of white maple wood, etched with a splashing water design and detailed Pacific Northwest outdoor scene. The river fishing boat is walnut wood, with rosewood for the fisherman’s coveralls and another small piece of cherry wood for the hat.

Wood art cremation urn inlay scene

Oak wood memorial cremation urn for fisherman

Boat fishing salmon fisherman wood urn

Urn for fisherman

Fishing Cremation Urn

Fishing Urn

Engraved fishing art cremation urn memorial

Due to the design of the top of the urn, many people’s initial perception is that the urn opens from the top like a memory chest. Like most of our wood urns, the Salmon Fishing Cremation Urn opens from the bottom.

The wood panel comes off easily by taking out the four standard screws. To fill the urn, all that is neccessary is to remove the bottom inset panel, place the plastic bag of cremated remains into the urn, and re-attach the panel.

Cremation urn base panel

Oak wood cremation urn

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