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21 Best Funeral Songs for Dad

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

The 21 Best Funeral Songs for Dad is part of our series on the best and most popular songs for funerals. You can read the main article here, which includes a list of the top 100 funeral songs and much more.

What song are you going to play at Dad’s funeral? For some families, that’s easy – he has an absolute favorite song, or a song that was just “him.” Or maybe he even told you all what song he wanted at the service. If that’s your situation, go with it – you already have your own collection of “best funeral songs for dad.”

But for many people there’s not just one song. For others there are some great songs but they just don’t feel right for a funeral – too perky, to thrash-metal, to depressing, or they don’t have the “it” factor that make them the right funeral songs for dad.

So we’ve created this list funeral songs for dad to help you celebrate your father’s legacy. Each song has fitting words, a beautiful recording, and a melody that hits all the right notes.

The songs span a wide range of popular genres, from country to Christian to rock to pop to old big band standards. We hope you will find the perfect funeral song for your father as you peruse this list.

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Funeral Songs for Dad

  1. All Must Be Well by Matthew Smith
  2. A Song for Dad by Keith Urban
  3. Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton
  4. Bye Bye by Mariah Carey
  5. Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross
  6. Fathers and Daughters by Michael Bolton
  7. Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis
  8. Hero by Mariah Carey
  9. Homesick by MercyMe
  10. I’m Already There by Lonestar
  11. In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge
  12. Long As I Can See the Light by Credence Clearwater Revival
  13. The Lord’s My Shepherd (Psalm 23, Traditional)
  14. My Way by Frank Sinatra
  15. Thank You For Being My Dad by Jon Barker
  16. Satisfied Mind by Johnny Cash
  17. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  18. We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn
  19. What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  20. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
  21. You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

Listed in alphabetical order by title. See below for videos, descriptions, and links to download.

1. All Must Be Well by Matthew Smith (2007)

Stream / Download

Part of the “retuned hymns” movement in which old hymns are set to new music, this Christian hymn is perfect to represent your father’s faith while proclaiming a true hope for the future. It’s easy to sing for congregational use and the recording would easily work well played over a slideshow.

Listen to the hope in Christ expressed in the final stanza:

We expect a bright tomorrow; All will be well 
Faith can sing through days of sorrow; All is well
On our Father’s love relying 
Jesus every need supplying 
Yes in living or in dying 
All must be well

2. A Song for Dad by Keith Urban (2002)

Stream / Download

Keith Urban’s wistful remembrance of his father is a popular funeral song for dads that honors all a man does for his family.

3. Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton (2017)

Stream / Download

Winner of the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Country Song and CMA’s Song of the Year plus a host of other awards, Broken Halos has become a modern standard at funerals. Chris Stapleton himself has said that the song is about people who pass on before their time has come.

When listening to it you get the sense that the person who has died has had such a great impact on those around them, yet now they are gone – why? We may never know the reason they died when they did, we just know that they were like an angel to us while they were here. A powerful and beautiful song

4. Bye Bye by Mariah Carey (2008)

Stream / Download

The opening line to Mariah Carey’s 2008 hit dedicates the song to anyone who has lost someone dear to them. A steady rhythm underscores the gentle, contemplative lyrics that express the pain of losing a loved one and the confidence that they are now at peace.

5. Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross (2003)

Stream / Download

The title track from Luther Vandross’ final studio album, Dance With My Father is a tender ode to the wonderful memories he had of his dad. This song is a beautiful way to honor a father at his funeral.

6. Fathers and Daughters by Michael Bolton (2015)

Stream / Download

This song is an ode from a father to his daughter, a promise that he will always be there for her in the way he invested his love into her life. A beautiful tribute to a dad who had a great impact on your life.

7. Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis (2007)

Stream / Download

Leona Lewis is an incredible singer. This emotional funeral song takes the theme from the popular “Footprints in the Sand” poem to illustrate how a father is there for those around him.

8. Hero by Mariah Carey (1993)

Stream / Download

For many people, their dad is their hero. Mariah Carey’s Hero is the anthem for the “everyday” hero inside each one of us. A wonderful way to honor your father – and your hero – at his funeral.

9. Homesick by Mercy Me (2004)

Stream / Download

MercyMe unpacks the trite and almost meaningless phrase that people say about someone you love being “in a better place.” For those who are in Christ, if they have died then they truly are in a better place, and we will be reunited again someday. But until that day comes, we are “homesick.” Homesick for dad, for those who have gone on before us, for heaven, and to be face to face with the Lord.

10. I’m Already There by Lonestar (2001)

Stream / Download

I’m Already There tells a tale of a man on the road, away from his family but missing them dearly as he says how much he loves them. It’s a poignant song that has been used in many settings of absence and tragedy, often associated with the 9/11 attacks, soldiers on deployment, and, increasingly, at funerals.

11. In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge (2004)

Stream / Download

This powerful song tells your father “thank you” for all he has done for you.

12. Long As I Can See the Light by Credence Clearwater Revival (1970)

Stream / Download

A great 70s song to raise a candle to your dad’s memory and commemorate his journey homeward.

13. The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want (Psalm 23, Traditional) by New Scottish Hymns (1650, 2012)

Stream / Download

New Scottish Hymns does a lovely, contemplative version of this traditional funeral hymn. A metrical version of Psalm 23, The Lord’s My Shepherd rehearses some of the most famous lines in Scripture as the shepherd-king David expresses his confidence in the Lord.

The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want;
he makes me down to lie
in pastures green; he leadeth me
the quiet waters by.

Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale,
yet will I fear none ill,
for thou art with me; and thy rod
and staff me comfort still.

This hymn has been sung at thousands of funerals as generations of faithful Christians have been laid to rest. As such, it is ideal for a dad whose heritage is one of faith, hope, love, and trust in Jesus the True Shepherd.

14. My Way by Frank Sinatra (1969)

Stream / Download

A defiantly upbeat tune, Sinatra’s classic big band hit has been tapped by many families as the ideal funeral song for their father. I Did It My Way is all about the unique twist a person puts on their life, leaving an imprint on all they leave behind.

15. Thank You For Being My Dad by Jon Barker (2010)

Stream / Download

Jon Barker’s underrated and relatively unknown gem of a song puts words to the things that are rarely said by sons to their fathers. It’s a simple “thank you for being my dad,” but the simple things are sometimes the most powerful. If you choose this as your father’s funeral song, there won’t be a dry eye in the place.

16. Satisfied Mind by Johnny Cash (2004)

Stream / Download

Johnny Cash knows how to draw deep emotion from simple words set to a simple tune. Satisfied Mind is an old-school ballad that compares the riches of this world to the peace found in contentment. For the father who lived with confidence and compassion, this is a beautiful funeral song to pay tribute to his life, death, and legacy.

17. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin (1971)

Stream / Download

The classic rock song is also a great funeral song for your dad.

18. We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn (1939)

Stream / Download

A mournful jazz standard crooned perfectly by Vera Lynn. When you know in your heart that you’ll meet again – but you don’t know how or when that will happen – this song gives a voice to the longing you feel. Though originally a romantic song, families love the hopeful vibe this song provides at the funeral of a family member.

19. What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (1967)

Stream / Download

Louis Armstrong’s deep gravel tones crooning about the joys of flowers and blue skies and growing babies makes this recording of What a Wonderful World one of the most popular funeral songs of all time.

It’s an ideal memorial song for anyone, but especially dads. This is because fathers are often the ones that inspire their children to appreciate the beauty of the world. And further, if you find your life was better for knowing your dad, you can appreciate that this world truly is a wonderful place for having him in it.

20. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban (2003)

Stream / Download

You Raise Me Up was originally a mildly popular song on the UK pop charts by the Irish/Norwegian duo Secret Garden. It was then covered in a more “classical” style by Josh Groban, which sent it to the top of the Adult Contemporary charts and has been a staple of funerals ever since, being covered well over 100 more times by artists like Westlife, Selah, Celtic Woman and many more.

There is good reason for how popular this song is at funerals. Groban’s soaring vocals take you on an emotional journey, married flawlessly with the refrain “you raise me up.” It’s the ideal funeral song for a dad who was always there for you to share your burdens, the one who loved to encourage, help, teach, guide, and just simply be with you.

21. You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell (2016)

Stream / Download

This song acknowledges that life is still beautiful, life can still be enjoyed, but it’s simply different when your dad is not there. With all your heart you feel like there is something wrong with a world in which those you love can die and leave you behind. You should be here.

And that’s the reality – this life is not all that it was meant to be, but looks forward to something greater and better. Music conveys something beyond what mere words can say. With music we tune our hearts to things beyond what we can see and touch. As such, music is a powerful medium that resonates in our minds and souls.

I hope you’ve found some great songs for your dad’s funeral on this list, or at the very least have discovered some music that speaks to you and the relationship you shared with your father. And I hope you find the One about whom it is said,

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.

I John 3:1

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