50 Heartwarming Sympathy Messages for Loss of Pet

Losing a furry (or scaley, feathered, or swimmy) member of the family can be heartbreaking. Finding comforting words for the loss of a pet can be tricky, as the loss of a beloved pet can be just as sad and emotional as losing a part of the family.

Whether have lived a long, happy life or were taken too soon, knowing what to say when your friend or family member loses that special companion can go a long way toward their healing. No matter the form it takes – in person, through social media, a text message, or in a sympathy card.

To help you find the perfect condolence messages, here are 50 of our most heartwarming sympathy messages for dog and cat lovers alike (or any other animal lover).

These are best served up with a warm hug and an understanding smile.

10 Best Sympathy Messages for Loss of Pet

sympathy messages for loss of pet quotes
  • Our hearts are breaking for you in this time of grief. We know how hard it is to lose a pet, and we are here for you always. Please let us know if we can help! 
  • Love to you and all of our support during this time! Please let us know if there’s any way we can help you through this transition. 
  • We are missing your little guy so much, as well! Our hope today is that you find comfort in the many wonderful memories you made together.
  • Take care of yourself in this time of loss. They call it a grieving process because that’s what it is: a process. And there’s no hurry.
  • Thinking of you and remembering your pet fondly. Such wonderful memories are coming to mind. What a character they were! Please remember that they’re in a better place.
  • Losing a family member is so hard — I’m here for you! Whatever it takes: talking and reminiscing, looking through photos, going on a walk, volunteering together at a shelter. Just say the word, and I’ll be there.
  • Happy memories can help to heal you when you’re hurting. Here are some of my favorites with your sweet fur baby… [write out some stories of their pet]
  • Watching them cross that rainbow bridge is never easy! I’m happy to be here when you’re ready for some company. Until then, take care of yourself, please.
  • Hugs and prayers for you at this time. Not to mention, anything else you need! Company, hugs, a walk… you name it. 
  • It’s hard to find the right words to say. So very saddened to hear of your loss. This world is a dimmer place without your sweet companion in it. 

Pet Sympathy Messages for Dogs

loss of dog text messages
  • They call them Man’s Best Friend for a reason, and they leave a huge hole when they’re gone. Praying for comfort for you!
  • It’s never easy losing our canine friends. I know from experience! But that won’t stop us from loving on all the rest of the world’s dogs. I’m here for you…pet parents unite.
  • We’re saddened to hear of the loss of your pup — know that they’re chasing their tail and napping contentedly in Heaven’s backyard!
  • The loss of a pet is so difficult, especially the loss of a dog. I’m here for you when you want to talk about it.
  • Furry and floppy, wet kisses and lots of drool. We know he/she left a hole in your life….they really do teach us the meaning of love.
  • It’s hard to move on when you’ve lost your best friend. Take some precious time for yourself to go through the process, and know that when you’re ready to talk and reminisce, I am ready too! 
  • You two were such a pair! So sad you lost your partner in crime (not to mention partner in snuggles and cuddles, too). 
  • Dogs are our constant companions and best sidekicks. So sorry for the loss of yours. I’m here for you when you need a friend!
  • A true friend to all (except cats), your dog will be sorely missed! I know this is a difficult time for you. I am praying for you, and you are very much on my heart. 
  • Dog’s only have one fault. They don’t live long enough.

Pet Sympathy Messages for Cats

sympathy messages for loss of pet - losing a cat
  • So sorry for the loss of your beloved cat. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Grief is a universal language we all sadly understand. 
  • Thoughts and prayers are with you during the loss of [pet’s name]. There was no one else like her/him — I smile just remembering their sweet spirit. 
  • They left their paw prints on our hearts! What a sweet little guy/girl, and a charmer, too! If you need a shoulder to cry on, I have a sturdy set! 
  • Snuggles and cuddles, meows and shenanigans… we know you miss them. How can you not? But cherish your memories — no one can ever steal those. 
  • Cats leave such a hole to be filled! I am available anytime you need a friend. Let’s eat together, cry together, and remember your sweet kitty together. 
  • May you be comforted with many whiskered memories! What a treasured life they led with you at their side. My deepest condolences and prayers are with you. 
  • We will miss your little furry friend. It’s so hard to say goodbye! It never gets easier, but it does help to talk it out and remember the good times. 
  • Losing a pet is one of life’s hardest things. They’re only with us for a few short years, but we remember them forever! What a joy they bring to our lives. Words cannot express my sorrow. 
  • Purrs and cuddles. They will be so missed! I hope you can relish the memories and remember all the good times with your sweet little one. 
  • May you feel their angel presence whenever you miss them most! That could be a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope, a warm memory… anything sweet that brings to mind your little ball of fluff. Love to you! 

Pet Sympathy Card Messages

Pet Loss Messages for Cards

Sympathy cards aren’t just for people. So consider mailing some kind words to your loved one; it’ll go a long way to brighten their day as they grieve over the loss of their pet. Here are some ideas of what to include inside your sympathy card.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Know that whenever the sun shines a little brighter, and you feel something like a warm, wet nose on your hand that they’re visiting you as an angel. I hope those times come often!
  • We are grieving with you during the loss of such a wonderful cat. I know words seem empty right now, but please know how loved they were and how much I’d love to help when you’re ready for company. 
  • Love to you during this emotional time of loss. It’s never easy to lose a pet and it seems we’re never ready. I hope you feel his/her presence often and with love. 
  • May your memories become true treasures during this time. All those cuddles and belly scratches, snacks, and zoomies…they were such a special part of your life. Love to you! 
  • I know you’re missing the snuggles and pets. How can you not be? Love to you in this sad time. It won’t be easy, but it will get easier. 
  • Gone too soon but always remembered! I found some photos of your sweet kitty and am including them for your collection. 
  • It just won’t be the same seeing you without [pet’s name]! What a faithful friend he/she was! Hold tight and keep your head up. Better days without the tears are ahead. 
  • Losing a cat is like losing your sunshine. Condolences to you. Know that those memories will keep your head high even on the saddest day. 
  • So much love to you during this tough time. As soon as I heard the news, my day certainly got dimmer. I hope you can feel the love from everyone. 
  • It’s never easy to say goodbye to such a wonderful companion. Whenever you want to talk, I am here for you. I promise to be here for you whenever you need me! 

Words of Comfort for Texts & Social Media Comments

Pet Loss Messages for Texts

Sympathy cards are wonderful, but if we’re being honest, social media and text messages are used much more often today. When I lost my cat, several family members and friends sent messages of sympathy and support through social media. It was a nice gesture that I appreciated just as much as if they had mailed me a card.

Emojis included, here are some food ideas for what to include in a message to a friend who has just lost their precious furball.

  • Cats are the purrfect friend 🐱 So sorry for your loss! Whenever you need a friend, I am just a text or phone call away.
  • Please just send me a message if you ever need a friend! I may not have ears worth scratching, but I’ll do my best! 
  • So sorry for the loss of your feline companion 💔 They make such great friends and roommates, don’t they? Such a loss, and we know you feel it deeply. Our condolences.
  • Condolences on the loss of such a wonderful doggo 🐶 He/she was one of a kind and will never be forgotten! I still remember so many funny times. And sweet times too…here is a pic of the two of you I recently came across…hope it brings a smile <3
  • Heaven won’t really be paradise unless our cats are waiting for us there! What a day that will be. Until then, know I am here for you. Coffee soon?

Encouraging Quotes for Loss of Pet

Pet Sympathy Quotes & Messages

Sometimes it’s appropriate to insert a comforting quote to a friend who is missing their best bud. Here are some of my favorites:

  • No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat. — Leo Dworken
  • Dogs are gentlemen. I hope to go to their heaven: not man’s. — Mark Twain
  • Cats are angels with whiskers! — Alexis Flora Hope
  • You can tell if a man is good if he had a dog who loved him. — W. Bruce Cameron
  • If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. — James Herriot

We hope you have found some inspiration for expressing your condolences to your loved one who has lost their furry companion. If you are also looking to send a sweet gift of remembrance for one of those special companions, you may find 10 Heartwarming Pet Sympathy Gifts helpful.

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