100 Best Pet Memorials When Pawprints Lead to Heaven

When you open your heart to love a special pet, their death leaves a deep emptiness that yearns to be filled. Their pawprints are leading on to heaven, but you’re still here, and you miss them and mourn their loss.

While nothing can replace your departed friend, you can still honor their life with beautiful pet memorials.

Creating a memorial for your pet can be a healthy way to express your grief and experience some measure of peace, relief, and healing. Many of the options and ideas below help with this.

Remember, your grief over your pet is real. It’s important to acknowledge that. Mourn the loss, and remember your fur baby with a meaningful memorial service, celebration of life, or special keepsake.

We’ve gathered the best ideas to help you express your grief and love while keeping your pet’s memory alive for years to come.

100 Best Pet Memorial Ideas

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Best Pet Memorial Ideas

1. Hold a “Celebration of Life” Memorial Service

Honor your fur baby with a celebration of life – let everyone know how much they enriched your life just by being in it. Invite humans and their pets to a backyard celebration or one at a local dog park.

2. Burial at a Pet Cemetery

There are many pet cemeteries that will assist you in having a funeral service and burial for your pet. To find if you have one near you, just do an internet search for “pet cemetery in [your location]”.

Not all areas have pet cemeteries, so you might also consider contacting your local traditional funeral home to see what options they have for pets.

3. DIY Pet Funeral at Home

You can also plan and carry out your own pet funeral at home. A service for a pet might involve reading relevant poems or Scripture verses, doing a memorial craft with the whole family, funeral flowers, placing something to mark the gravesite, and other creative expressions.

Read our DIY Pet Funeral Guide for more tips and ideas for a pet funeral at home.

4. Pet Cremation

Pet cremation has become very popular and is quite affordable nowadays. Most crematories will return your pet’s cremains within a few days to a week’s time.

We are never ready to lose a pet, but being able to keep their cremains in a pet urn might help you with the grief you are feeling.

For more in depth information, check out our guide to learn about the process of pet cremation.

5. Scattering Ashes

Scattering your pet’s remains in a favorite area is a wonderful way to honor their memory. Take them down to a favorite pond, river, or lake.

Through the cremation process, cremated remains are sterilized and are completely harmless. Just be aware of your state’s laws before scattering.

6. Pet Photo Urn

Our personalized laser engraved photo urn is made using the best quality black cultured granite and features the photo and engraving of your choice on the front of the urn.

You can set this urn in a place of honor and always be reminded of your sweet baby.

7. Involve the Kids

If you have children, make sure to involve them in the process of memorializing your pet. Whether you bury or cremate, have an official funeral, or a simple celebration of life, the kids will want to be included.

Kids take the death of a pet to heart and being able to participate in the burial and funeral process will help them grieve.

8. Set Up A Memorial Website

You can easily create your own memorial website for your fur baby – in minutes, for free! You can share the link with friends and family so they can enjoy some great pictures and sweet memories.

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9. Pet Memorial Stones

Pet memorial stones are small-to-medium-sized rocks or granite slabs that you place in the ground. You can use one to mark the pet’s burial spot or simply as an outdoor memorial tribute.

Many families place a memorial stone in a garden, flower bed, somewhere the pet enjoyed resting, or in a location easily visible from the porch or window.

The adorable pet memorial stone pictured above includes personalization of your pet’s name and dates, an “In Loving Memory” inscription, and puppy (or kitty) paw prints. It’s made from resin, ships quickly, and is very affordably priced as well.

Next we have a few more popular choices, all of them priced for any budget.

10. If Love Could Have Saved You Pet Memorial Marker

This one reads, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” Perfect for placing outside or on a shelf as part of an indoor memorial.

11. Photo Paw Print Grave Marker

For the fur baby that left paw prints on your hearts, choose this lovely garden stone which you can personalize with your pet’s photo.

12. Handcrafted Concrete Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Each of these concrete pet markers includes personalization, is very affordable, and is durable enough for the outdoors. You can display them inside or out, and if you ever move they are easy enough to transport with you.

13. Light a Candle

Keeping a candle burning signifies the memory of a life is still burning brightly. This ritual promotes self-reflection and remembrance.

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14. Create a Scrapbook

Making a scrapbook can be cathartic. The final result will have all of your treasured pictures and memories gathered in one special, beautiful place. Include some newspaper articles, photos, and hand-drawn pictures.

15. Pet Memorial Bird Feeder

There’s something uniquely life-affirming about a memorial bird feeder. As the birds flutter about, finding nourishment and singing and looking beautiful, your mind will be drawn to all the wonderful memories you shared with your beloved pet.

The feeder is made from real cedar wood right here in the USA, and includes the personalization of your pet’s name and more. This is one of our favorite pet memorials.

16. Write a Tribute Poem

Use descriptive words to describe your beloved pet. Create word pictures to show their love and devotion. Once your tribute is complete, it is entirely up to you if you want to share it or not.

Frame it, place it in your scrapbook, email it to family and friends, publish it, turn it into a song, or keep it in a favorite book. The choice is yours.

17. Write a Letter to Your Pet

Take your pen in hand and write your feelings down. Get it all out on paper – your heartache, loneliness, and despair. Tell your treasured pet of the love and devotion the two of you shared.

Once you have finished your letter, you can seal it up and stash it away. You can revisit it whenever you want.

18. Get a Pet Memorial Tattoo

Pet Memorial Ideas - Custom Tattoo

Create a tattoo design to honor your pet. This can be a simple, small script of the pet’s name on your shoulder, or a huge and detailed illustration of your favorite moments with them covering your entire… well, anywhere.

There are tons of creative ideas out there, check out some popular memorial tattoo ideas here.

If that’s too big of a step, or if you don’t like needles, you can also get temporary tattoos made. Hand them out to family and friends to show their support while your family mourns the loss of your pet. Your kids will definitely appreciate this idea!

19. Compose a Song as a Tribute

Put your feelings to music or hire someone to finish a tribute to your beloved four-legged friend. Music is good for your soul and can bring you so much comfort.

20. Make a Memorial Video or Slideshow

Collect your favorite pictures and put them together in a slideshow. You can add some background music, and voila! The perfect tribute.

21. Pet Memorial Jewelry

This personalized pet necklace is one of our favorite pet memorial jewelry pieces. Available in silver, gold, or rose gold finishes, the keepsake includes custom engraving of your pet’s name and a cute symbol.

There are many other types and styles of pet memorial jewelry. Just about anything you can think of – pendants large and small, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Many of them can be personalized with your pet’s name and dates.

Probably the biggest selection of pet memorial jewelry at a great price will be found on Etsy. For premium jewelry designed to hold a small amount of your pet’s ashes, see our collection at Urns Northwest.

22. Create a Special Memorial Wall or Shelf

Designate a wall or shelf and commit it to your four-legged baby. Set out a favorite toy, the urn, or a fun picture and build your tribute around it.

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23. Pet Memorial Shelf & Cremation Urn

Our floating shelf is also an urn. Keep your pet’s cremated remains safe and secure, and no one is the wiser that the ashes are even there.

Add your favorite photos of you and your pet together, a plant or even a few mementos. Make a beautiful tribute to your loyal companion.

24. Write or Journal Your Pet’s Life Story

Write your and your pet’s story in this pet remembrance journal. It will last for generations to come. Let everyone see what your pet meant to you.

A journal can be kept online, or you can do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. Writing out your thoughts and feelings is a great way to work through your grief. Many grief counselors recommend this cathartic approach.

25. Read & Share These Heartwarming Quotes

Sometimes, others have said best what our hearts yearn to say. Here are some beautiful pet memorial quotes, including:

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie The Pooh

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” – Charles Dickens

“Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

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26. Raise a Glass in Their Memory

Made in the USA, we’ll engrave this solid wood wall-mounted bottle opener with a special “raise a glass” memorial inscription to honor the memory of your departed pet. Includes personalized engraving of your pet’s name and dates.

This is a tribute for when you want something meaningful that will be used regularly but also doesn’t have that cheesy sentimentality of a lot of other pet memorials.

27. Turn Your Pet’s Name Tag Into Jewelry

Find a special way to pay tribute by making your pet’s name tag into a piece of jewelry. Whether you want to wear it around your neck or on a bracelet is up to you. But you will enjoy the feeling of closeness either way.

28. Start a Dog Memorial Park in Your Pet’s Name

Did you know: You could be instrumental in getting a dog park created in your local area. Follow these directives and create your very own dog park in your dog’s name! Be a hero in your community by dedicating land to man’s best friend.

29. Pet Memorial Pillow with Portrait

A custom-made pillow is a thoughtful gift to anyone who has lost their pet. Add the pet’s name to make it an extra special tribute.

A perfect addition to a couch, chair, or bed. You will brighten their world with this sweet pillow.

30. Custom 3D Pet Pillow

A cute custom 3-D pillow makes a sweet memorial to a much-loved pet. A pillow to resemble your beloved pet will certainly be hugged and cherished for unending hours of comfort.

31. Donate in Your Pet’s Name

Donate money to a veterinary clinic or veterinary emergency clinic. You can start a fund for fur babies that are less fortunate than yours. Vet bills can accumulate quickly and your donation could make the difference between life and death.

32. Donate Supplies to a Pet Shelter

Pet shelters are always in need of supplies. Blankets, food, kitty litter, and even office supplies. Oh, and don’t forget the toys and treats too!

33. Volunteer in Memory of Your Fur Baby

What better way to spend your time than to volunteer to take care of animals in memory of your fur baby? You can volunteer at a local shelter, pet daycare facility, or take dogs on a walk to the local dog park.

There are so many ways to make good use of your time when it comes to our four-legged babies.

34. Glass Pet Urn for Ashes

A beautiful tribute to your beloved companion. Our glass urns are handblown and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can place their urn on a shelf or table and decorate it with photos and keepsakes to keep their memory alive.

35. Save Some of Their Fur As a Keepsake

To preserve your pet’s fur, keep it sealed in a tightly closed container, such as a locket or small glass vial. Place the fur inside the item you chose to preserve it in, and seal it up.

36. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes Into a Diamond

Have your pet’s cremated remains turned into a diamond – it will last forever. This is for your steadfast friend – the one that saw you through all of life’s ups and downs. Keep your friendship alive for all time and eternity with a beautiful diamond.

Click here to learn more.

37. Plant a Tree in Memory of Your Pet

There are several ways to plant a tree in memory of your pet. You can plant a memorial tree in your own backyard, at local parks, or other public lands (with permission, of course), or have a memorial tree planted in a national forest in your pet’s memory.

This last option is great because it helps restore areas of our national forests that have been devastated by forest fires, and you get a certificate and the actual GPS location and photos of where your pet’s tree has been planted. Read more about it here or order the tree planting here.

38. Grow a Tree from Your Pet’s Ashes

As noted above, there are several ways to plant a tree in memory of your pet. Undoubtedly one of the most unique and meaningful is to grow a tree from your pet’s cremated ashes.

Pictured above is the Memorial Tree Urn, which incorporates your pet’s remains to help nourish and grow a memorial tree. That’s a pretty neat way that they can “live on” in your memory.

The urns come with many different options for trees including dogwood, cherry, maple, palm, oak, and more. There is even an option to add your own seeds, which you can use with any plant or flower of your choice.

39. Frame & Display Your Favorite Photo

Buy a beautiful frame for your favorite picture of your pet. Set the framed photo in place of honor. Accent with their collar, toys, or other memorabilia.

40. Pet Portrait on Wood

Frame or custom print your pet’s photo to create a beautiful memorial. Pictured above we have a Baltic birch panel with HD digital photo print and personalization included. This one is available for you to personalize here.

41. Create a Shadowbox Memorial Collage

A shadow box is a great way to preserve and display your precious memories. Place pictures, mementos, and memorabilia inside your shadowbox.

Display this case for everyone to see. Exhibit your treasured items and memories for years to come. See here for more ideas.

42. Create a Memory Board

Display your favorite pictures and stories from the time you spent with your beloved pet. Click here for some great ideas and templates.

43. Sleeping Angel Sculpture Puppy Cremation Urn

Our sleeping angel-winged puppy slumbers in peace as a touching memorial to your special friend. Optionally, we can add a personalized heart-shaped tag to the collar with name and dates.

This sweet urn is available in cold cast bronze, black polymer, or white porcelain and will accommodate up to 55 cubic inches of cremated remains. This is equivalent to a 55-pound pet.

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44. Sleeping Angel Sculpture Cat Cremation Urn

A sleeping angel-winged kitty slumbering as a memorial to your special friend. Our urn is available in four finishes and has the capacity to hold up to 22 cubic inches. A safe and secure urn for your sweet cat.

45. Read a Book About Pet Loss with Your Kids

I am sure you already know the benefits of reading out loud to your children. Sharing grief through reading is a wonderful way to support your kids, and help explain the grieving process.

Here are some children’s book recommendations that address death, pet loss, and grief.

46. Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

Every time the wind blows, you will hear the charming sound of wind chimes and think of your pet.

These made-in-the-USA pet memorials boast beautiful redwood and weather-resistant and tempered anodized aluminum tubes. Includes the personalization of your pet’s name below the quote.

47. In Loving Memory Garden Stake

This attractive personalized pet memorial garden stake is a unique way to mark any special tree, rosebush, or beautiful garden with the memory of a beloved pet. Designed from wrought iron and a customized ceramic tile insert.

48. Turn Their Collar or Leash Into a Memorial Bracelet

Depending on the size of the collar and your own creativity, it won’t be too hard to transform their collar into a memorial bracelet.

A leash will take a bit more doing but it’s the same idea. With either, you’ll feel a constant connection to their memory every time you put on your DIY pet memorial bracelet.

49. Pet Memorial Portraits

There is a massive gulf that separates a good pet memorial portrait from a photo of your pet. Photos are great and capture a moment in time in a special way. Portraits are on another level.

Here is a form of art that expresses not just a moment, but rather a collection of moments distilled into one image. If you have a yearning to capture your pet’s personality in a single memorial, you might want to commission a good artist to create a pet memorial portrait.

Pictured above is one attractive option. There are many more talented pet portrait artists available who can create a unique and beautiful memorial portrait for you to honor your pet.

50. Paint or Draw Your Own Portrait of Your Pet

Whether you are an artist or not, this is a wonderful way to memorialize your special pet. Art is a great way to express your grief.

Art allows you to express extreme feelings in a safe way. You can use chalks, paints, markers, or even pencils. Whatever you want to use. Let yourself be expressive and creative.

51. Decorate & Fill a Memory Box

Get an unfinished keepsake box from Hobby Lobby, paint and decorate it. If you have kids, definitely let them participate! Then fill the box with your pet’s collar, photos, toys, and other special memories.

52. Custom Pet Figurine

What could be better than having a lifelike, realistic figurine of your pet custom-made to look just like him or her!

Commission an artist to sculpt your pet’s likeness by hand from photos that you provide, and the result will be simply stunning.

53. Custom Pet Memorial Plush

What a cute idea! Send in a photo of your dog and these artists will make a personalized plush based on your pet.

54. Crochet a Plushie

Here’s another stuffie idea, but in crochet! Make it yourself if you have the skills, or order one custom-made here (they’ll handcraft and personalize it based on photos you provide).

This might be a great pet memorial gift for your kids, who dearly loved and miss your pet. A plush toy that they can play with and take to bed can help in some small way as they grieve.

55. Create Pet Memorial Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Create a personalized pet memorial ornament to hang on your holiday tree each year. This is a special way to celebrate the holidays and keep your pet in mind. A sweet way to know your pet is always with you.

56. Make a Christmas Tree Topper in their Honor

You can create a truly touching pet memorial in a Christmas tree topper. Your sweet fur baby will be the star of the holiday season with a cute tree topper like one of these.

57. Create a Window Decal for Your Car

Window decals provide a public way for you to honor the loss of someone you care about. Get one in memory of your pet, which include paw prints, quotes, angel wings, personalization of your pet’s name, and more.

58. Personalized Pet Mosaic Stone

Create a handmade mosaic memorial stone with the pet’s image in mosaic style. Each stone is made of solid concrete and art glass, measuring 12 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick, and weighs just over 20 pounds when completed.

The final product is sealed with a premium 20-year outdoor grout sealer. A beautiful, unique, and long-lasting pet memorial gift idea.

59. Get This Rainbow Bridge Tribute Keepsake

This vibrant handmade fused glass curve will add a splash of color to any surface. This is a perfect tribute to your pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

 The embossed paw print on the glass makes it a sweet reminder of a lost but very cherished pet.

60. Launch Their Ashes Into Space.

Give your fur baby a one-of-a-kind tribute by launching their cremated remains into space. You can look into the sky each night and feel the honor and respect you have paid to your beloved pet.

61. Put Their Ashes In a Snow Globe Keepsake

A snow globe memorial is a great way to honor your much-loved pet.

The ashes of your loved pet are infused into the glass during the liquid phase of the glassblowing process. You can choose a color that represents your pet’s eyes or their collar.

62. Mix Their Ashes with Paint to Create a Special Painting

Artists are using gels, acrylics, oils, and watercolors, to produce ash art on canvas.

If you have decided to have your dearest pet turned into a work of art, here is the perfect place to look. If you are already an artist, you can create your own paintings right at home.

63. Rainbow Suncatcher Pet Memorial

The hand-made rainbow suncatcher is a cute way to be reminded of your pet. The memorial has four paw prints arranged in the glass to represent your pet’s journey to the other side of the bridge.

Hang in a window or on a patio, it is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you glance at it.

64. Plant Flowers Where Your Pet is Buried

Plant some brightly colored flowers on your pet’s grave.

Here is a shortlist of the best flowers to plant for your pet.

  1. Rosebud
  2. Magnolia
  3. Lilac
  4. Hydrangea
  5. Japanese Maple

These plants/shrubs are easy to grow and will last. Always consider the environment around where you are planting. This includes the type of soil, the severity of winters, and the heat of the summers.

65. Personalized Rainbow Heart Photo Magnet

A personalized rainbow photo magnet makes a special gift to anyone who has lost their pet. The picture is sealed with coats of glossy resin to keep it safe and secure.

Show your friend you are thinking of them through this rough time by sharing this gift.

66. Create a Stick or Ball “Library”

Make a stick or ball “library” at your local pet park in your pet’s name! This is a fun way to share an activity with your kids. It can help all of you work through your grief a little at a time.

Simply start out with a wooden box. Create your library of sticks or balls that will be returned to the box after a few hours of fun.

67. Personalize a Memorial Coffee Mug for Sweet Memories Every Morning

Now you can enjoy your favorite brew with your much-loved pet every day. Take the time to reminisce and relish the quiet time before the rush of the day begins.

68. Create a Comic Book in Their Memory

Gift that special someone with a custom comic book dedicated to the memory of their pet.

Here’s an artist that will make a memorial comic book for your beloved pet. Simply email the artist the story you want to be told, and as many pictures as you want. They will take it from there and make you a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

69. Frame Their Collar and Photo

Paying tribute to your much-loved pet is easy with the “Forever in My Heart” pet memorial frame. Add your pet’s color and a favorite picture. All you need to do is hang it in a place of honor. You are sure to smile when you remember the great times you shared.

70. Willow Tree Pet Figurines

Feel comfort every time you look at this sweet, hand-painted plaque. It will be easy to create a wall of remembrance centered around your new memorial. You can add favorite pictures and other mementos to make it a tribute to the one you love.

71. Print Impression of Pet’s Nose on a Charm

Make an impression of your pet’s nose as a lovely memorial. It only takes a few seconds to take the impression, send it off to the artist, and within a few weeks, you will receive your one-of-a-kind charm.

72. Add Ashes to Fireworks

Cremation fireworks also called memorial fireworks are becoming more popular. A little bit of cremated remains can be added to the firework shell and sent up into the sky with a display of light and sound.

A beautiful way to commemorate the delightful friendship you and your buddy shared.

73. 3D Pet Memorial Photo Crystal

Now you can capture your pet’s memory in a beautiful 3D image. The artist will engrave your favorite pet photo right into the crystal. They will laser etch a sweet message from you next to the photo.

This is a memorial that is sure to bring a smile or even a tear – it is simply beautiful.

74. Photo Memorial Pet Lantern

The loss of a pet leaves a hole in our hearts. It can be devastating. The warm glow from a Memorial Lantern can bring comfort to the broken-hearted.

You can customize your lantern to reflect your pet’s personality. Once you receive your lantern, set it on a table, shelf, or countertop and enjoy your memories.

75. DIY Pet Garden Stone with Your Pet’s Cremated Remains

This DIY project is fairly easy to accomplish. You need a few supplies and a few hours.

There are other ideas to choose from besides a “stepping” stone. Place your stone in a garden, under a tree, or even on a shelf in your home. Follow the directions and become an artist in a few easy steps.

76. Ceramic Jar Pet Urn

You can order a personalized urn for your furbaby. Add their name, dates, and a sweet message of endearment.

With various colors and fonts to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect match for you. Your sweet baby’s cremated remains will be safe and sound forever.

77. Cremation Ash Earrings

A cute and fun way to keep your pet’s cremated remains with you. The adorable little paw prints come in so many colors you won’t have any problem finding your favorite.

Made with stainless steel posts, these earrings are hypoallergenic. Your pet’s cremains will be kept safe with you always.

78. Custom Pet Portrait Necklace

Order yourself or a friend a beautiful pet portrait necklace. This is a treasure you are sure to never part with.

Supply your favorite picture of your sweet four-legged friend – the artist will make you a piece of jewelry that you are proud to wear.

79. Start a Garden in Their Memory

Make yourself a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Plant some forget-me-nots, a special tree, add some wind chimes, and a bench. You will enjoy hours of pleasure with a good book, a glass of wine, and the sunshine.

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80. Make a Flag for Your Garden

Memorialize your pup with a personalized garden flag including a picture and name along with the sweet remembrance quote. Place your one-of-a-kind flag in your front yard, a garden, or even on your patio.

81. Name a Star After Your Pet

Your pet is a star in your life – now you can name a star after them. The naming of a star lasts forever and will bear your pet’s name for eternity. Your star will be registered in the Star Naming Registry.

You will receive a celestial map so you can see exactly where your star is.

82. Paw Print in Clay

If possible, do this before your pet passes, or ask the vet to do it for you. Simply prepare some clay or cement and press your pet’s paw into it. You’ll have a permanent pawprint memento!

83. Snuggle with a Pet Photo Blanket

Looking for a memorial that is soft, cozy, and snuggly while paying tribute to your devoted friend? A custom blanket is just the thing.

They’ll print a gorgeous photo of your pet (and their name, too) onto a super-soft and durable fleece or Sherpa blanket, each of which comes in a variety of sizes.

84. Create a Terrarium

Get a small jar or glass bowl, then add rocks, dirt, moss, and so on. Set up everything just as you would with a typical terrarium, then add a small pet statue that looks like your loved pet.

Add other items such as their tags or small versions of their favorite items. For you crafty types, you can do this with modeling clay for a lovely effect. Here are some examples.

85. Include Their Photo in Your Wedding Bouquet

Your best friend can still be with you, at least in spirit. Incorporate their photo into your wedding bouquet. You can have their image placed on a charm and attach it to your flowers with a ribbon.

A beautiful way to commemorate the love you shared with your pet.

86. Dedicate a Memorial Bench in Your Pet’s Honor

Get in touch with your city government and have your pet’s name engraved in a place of honor. Bench’s are always welcome in parks, along streets, or in front of stores.

Let your pet’s name live on by giving back to your community.

87. Pet Memorial Photo Album

You probably have a thousand photos of your pet. Playing, sleeping, snuggling, and getting into all the mischief a pet is prone to get into.

Print out the best photographs and put them into a gorgeous custom engraved wooden photo album as an heirloom tribute to your pet’s memory.

88. Create a Statue in Their Honor

You can memorialize your pet for years and years to come – by having them cast in bronze. A gift that anyone would treasure forever.

Immortalize your beloved pet – from a hamster, bird, cat, dog, or even a horse. The realistic statue is modeled from your pictures.

89. Memorialize with Taxidermy

This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but taxidermy has a long history as a meaningful way to memorialize a beloved pet.

There are plenty of famous animals who have been preserved through taxidermy, including Hachiko, the dog who waited every day at the Shibuya train station in Tokyo for his master who had unexpectedly died. (The story was made into a great tear-jerker film, Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale.)

It’s becoming more and more common for people to preserve their beloved pets by the art of taxidermy. Many pet owners feel that it is a way to keep the pet close and keep their memory alive in a special way.

90. Personalize an “In Loving Memory” Candle

This aromatic memorial candle includes the personalization of your pet’s name, a paw print, and the quote, “If love alone could have kept you here, you would have stayed forever.” Light a candle in memory of a beloved friend!

91. Customize a Memorial Bookmark

A bookmark is a wonderful way to immortalize your pet. Using our templates is easy and you can see your creation instantly.

You can give these keepsakes to anyone of your friends and family. They’ll be happy to stick it in a novel, the bible, or even on their fridge.

92. DIY Photo Coaster

Resin photo coasters are fun and inexpensive to make. Make them square or round, it doesn’t matter, just as long as their cute “mug” is on it. Set a hot or cold beverage on your coaster and your coffee, end, or bedside tables will be protected from any moisture.

This is the perfect gift for anyone that is remembering their sweet pet.

93. Engrave Pet’s Portrait onto a Glass Cup

Our customized glasses are a great way to share a drink with your pal. You can create a one-of-a-kind whiskey glass by adding your pet’s photo, name, and dates.

Raise a glass in memory of your best friend!

94. Place their Collar Around a Garden Pot

This is for all those times your doggo dug up your flowers, and the times your kitty used your flower bed for a litter box. Those silly antics will become sweet memories as your hold your pet friend dear in your heart.

Place their collar around a garden pot to remember their favorite spot. It will warm your heart each time you see it.

95. Have Your Pet’s Ashes Infused in Glass Art

A hand-made piece of memorial art is perfect for anyone, person or pet, that loves the ocean. Have your best friend’s cremated remains placed into the beautiful replica of a wave and set it in a place of honor.

This is a tribute that will be passed down for generations to come.

96. Print Their Photo on a Pocket Token or Wallet Card

Now you can print your favorite photo on a metal card. It’s a photo that will never wear out or get old. The card is laser engraved so it will last a lifetime.

97. Add Ashes or Photo to Rearview Mirror in Car

Hang your best friend’s cremated remains from your rearview mirror with a tiny, jewelry-sized keepsake urn. Add a paw print charm and their name and dates to the urn cylinder.

Remember how much your peppers loved to go for a ride? Well, now, you can take him with you wherever you go.

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98. Wall Mounted Memorial Plaque Urn

Our Loving Heart Floral Memorial Cremation Urn is a plaque that is handcrafted from solid wood. The urn plaque is laser engraved with a floral heart and the word “love.” This is a beautiful way to discreetly hold your pet’s cremated remains safely for years to come.

99. Send a Pet Sympathy Gift

If you’re looking over this list for a friend, choose an idea and create or buy it and give it to your friend who is grieving the loss of their pet. It’s a meaningful gesture that they will appreciate. Be sure to express your condolences!

100. Commit to Love Again: Adopt a Pet

Commit to Love Again

Right now it may be hard to even think about loving again. But when you are ready, you may want to honor your special friend’s memory by renewing once again the love you shared, this time with a new friend.

What better way can you honor your pet’s memory than by rescuing or adopting a pet in need? You can never replace your departed pet, but you can invite a new bundle of joy into your home.

This will help the animal while opening up your heart to new relationships and experiences.

After reading our exhaustive list of pet memorial ideas, you are sure to have found one or two you’d like to try. Whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, it is our hope that you have been comforted by seeing all of the ways you can keep your pet’s memory alive.

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