24 Beautiful Cremation Urns for Humans

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Cremation urns for humans are designed to hold the cremated remains of an individual adult. The standard or typical size for a human cremation urn is 200 cubic inches, and will hold the ashes of a person who weighed up to about 200 lbs or so.

More information about urn sizes and capacities here: What Size Urn Should I Get?

24 Beautiful Cremation Urns for Humans

All of these are considered standard adult cremation urns, meaning they have a capacity of about 200 cubic inches and will hold the remains of the average adult. Some are also available in smaller keepsake sizes and/or larger “companion” sizes for two people. To learn more about cremation urn sizes, see the end of this list.

So here are 24 beautiful cremation urns for humans.

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Lighthouse Cremation Urn with Wood Inlay Art

Available Here

This wooden urn is made in a small Oregon woodshop, intricately crafted with wood inlays in natural colors and engraved for detail.

The scene, framed by a swirling maple wood oval, depicts an iconic waterfront image of a lighthouse overlooking the rocky shoals. Gulls swoop in the foreground and the background.

Using cherry, alder, and maple woods, this beautiful urn honors someone who loved the sea. Available in a walnut wood urn box, as shown, as well as maple, oak, or mahogany.

Handcrafted Dragonfly Ceramic Urn

Urns for Ashes- Ceramic Art Urns
Available Here

This beautifully handcrafted ceramic urn is thrown and fired in the traditional Raku style, which creates the metallic swirls of copper, blue, and even silver surrounding the earthy aqua colored surface. Many designs and themes are available, but the Dragonfly you see here has proven to be one of the most popular.

In addition to the standard adult size pictured here, this cremation urn for humans also comes in smaller sizes as well as a double companion urn size.

Designer Cherry Urn with Sculpture Art Carving

Cherry Urn with Art Carving
Available Here

The Cherry Wood Urn with Sculpture Art Carving presents refined simplicity and premium woodworking. A beautifully crafted cherry wood box with a rich cherry stain, this urn is accented with a gorgeous laser carved design which wraps the entire piece.

This design is available four ways (read here for more info on each style):

Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urns

Glass Cremation Urns for Humans
Available Here

What could be more elegant, timeless, and sophisticated than a stunning hand-blown glass cremation urn? These glass urns are individually crafted and blown by artisans in Oregon. Each piece is made to order and, though it will be very similar to the product photo, it will have unique patterns and swirls of color that will honor your loved one in a special way.

Wood Turned Maple Urn

Urns for Human Ashes
Available Here

Individually crafted and hand turned by an artisan in the Carolinas, our Hand Turned Cremation Urns present a traditional design that has become a customer favorite in our collection of wood urns.

Proving to be very popular in the maple (as pictured above, also available in cherry wood), the Pure Hand Turned Wood Cremation Urn is the ideal combination showcasing the beauty of nature alongside skilled woodcraft.

This item is also made in Companion Urn size in both maple and cherry.

Personalized Wall Mounted Cremation Urn Plaques

Wall Mounted Wooden Cremation Urn Plaque
Available Here

An Urns Northwest Original, these wall-mounted cremation urn plaques are handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest and personalized to order. Framed with a 3″ depth, these sturdy cremation urns hold the ashes of your loved one between the front and back panels. You can display the urn on your wall as a memorial plaque, and no one need know it is actually a cremation urn – unless you tell them. Many styles, sizes, and personalization options are available to celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one. We make these in standard adult (shown above) as well as a companion urn size.

Deer Cremation Urn with Wood Inlay Art

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes
Available Here

Here is another stunning wood inlay art cremation urn. This one, the Deer Wood Cremation Urn, is shown in walnut wood, with a 3-dimensional inlay scene framed in natural cherry over a background of maple.

The background is laser etched with a mountain, forest, and lake scene. In the foreground a noble buck pauses beneath the overhanging branches of a tree.

Cultured Granite Urn with Engraved Photo

Black granite urn engraved with photo
Available Here

The cultured black granite cremation urn has a noble and timeless feel, and engraves in a beautifully contrasting white. The photo etching process will tenderly depict your loved one along with an inscription of their name, dates, and more.

Angel Memorial Stoneware Cremation Urn

Available Here

This unique urn is made from resin stoneware in the style of the ancient Roman architecture and features a beautiful mourning angel. The inscription on the front of the urn reads, “It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you on the day God called you home.”

Bicycle Road Home Wooden Cremation Urn

Wooden Bicycle Cremation Urn Inlay Art
Available Here

This bicycle cremation urn is the perfect tribute to a passionate cyclist. Made in the USA from solid walnut (shown) or oak wood. The bucolic country lane is a lovely setting for the cycling enthusiast’s final ride.

Hand Turned Walnut Wood “Tranquility” Urn

Walnut Wood Cremation Urn - Hand Turned
Available Here

The Tranquility Urn is handcrafted from a solid block of walnut wood. The artist finds and salvages each piece from naturally fallen trees. This means that no trees were cut down to produce these urns. He then shapes and carves the block until it is hollowed out. Finally, the artist turns the urn on a lathe to finish it with incredible sophistication and beauty.

Boston II Wood Urn for Cremation Ashes

Classic Wood Cremation Urns
Available Here

The Boston II Wood Cremation Urn is the epitome of a “classic” urn. The woodworked design is reminiscent of classical architecture from antiquity. This urn has proven history of approval with the many families who have selected this urn over the years. It is a top seller in both standard adult and companion urn sizes.

Wood options include Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and Mahogany.

Passages Ceramic Candlelight Cremation Urn

Urns for Human Ashes - Memorials
Available Here

Contemporary sculpture art and memorial functionality meet together in perfect harmony with the Passages Ceramic Candlelight Urn. The hollow interior of the urn holds up to 195 cubic inches of remains, yet the piece functions perfectly as a memorial candle and art piece that celebrates the life and beauty of your beloved. Shown here in “Craquelure” finish, this urn comes in your choice of six finishes.

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Wooden Military Cremation Urn with Inscription

Available Here

This solid wood military cremation urn is made in the USA from your choice of genuine wood. Choose cherry (as shown), maple, mahogany, rosewood, or walnut. The urn also comes with the military service emblem representing your loved one’s branch. You can personalize the urn with a custom laser engraved inscription carved into the surface of the wood urn.

Rustic Cabin 3D Inlay Cremation Urn

Available Here

This is a memorial that belongs on a spacious fireplace mantle. Handcrafted in Oregon from real wood, the inlay art scene is made from several pieces of wood (maple, rosewood, alder, and more) to create a peaceful scene of a lakeside log cabin surrounded by nature’s wonders. Available here.

Mother of Pearl Brass Cremation Urn

Mother of Pearl Brass Cremation Urn
Available Here

The Mother of Pearl Brass Cremation Urn features an inlay of tiny pieces of Mother of Pearl, which are cut and placed by hand, one at a time, with perfect alignment. The urn is perfectly cast using solid brass, and the exterior is protected by premium GlossCoat technology.

Biodegradable Journey Earthurn Eco-Friendly Water Burial Urn

Cremation Urns for People - Eco-Friendly Urns
Available Here

These eco-friendly urns for humans are designed to simplify a water disposition – a burial at sea of the cremated ashes. The Journey Earthurn is made by hand using biodegradable paper fabricated from the bark of mulberry trees. When placed into the water, it will float for a few minutes and then gradually sink. As water penetrates the urn, it will biodegrade and slowly release your loved one’s remains into the ocean.

Aromatic Cedar Urn

Heirloom Memorial Cremation Urns
Available Here

The Cedar Wood Cremation Urn is made in the USA with aromatic Eastern Tennessee cedar.

The rich textures and patterns of the wood grain, the elegance and classic simplicity of the box shape, and the subtle yet enduring aroma of cedar wood make this memorial urn a premium choice.

Metal Cremation Urn with Beach Breeze Scene

Beach photo cremation urn
Available Here

The manufacturer coats this elegant metal urn with a breezy beach image. The photo looks into the glorious waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with a original photo taken along the Florida Panhandle. Perfect for the one who treasured beach time with friends and family.

Rustic Copper & Oak Urn

Rustic Copper & Oak Urn
Available Here

These urns are so unique and stunning. A wonderfully modern alternative to the standard urn, each piece is meticulously crafted from grey stoneware, hand burned oak, vintage leather, and a one-of-a-kind glazed finish.

Perfect to compliment a modern or industrial interior, the oaken lid is also fitted to accommodate a tea light. You can have the leather strap custom engraved, as well! These are just too pretty for words.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Cremation Urn

Hawaiian Koa Wood Cremation Urn
Available Here

This stunning handcrafted cremation urn is made in Hawaii from native Koa wood. The wood, according to the manufacturer,

…was collected from Koa trees that were blown over during high winds on the slopes of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Koa wood is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and does not grow in large harvest-able groves anywhere in the world. Koa is the second most prolific endemic tree growing in the State of Hawaii and even though it is in short supply and very expensive it is not on the Endangered Species List. Harvesting of Koa trees is now limited to trees that have been knocked down by natural causes and subject to government regulations. Thousands of Koa seedlings are planted yearly now to supplement natural propagation of the species.

Mediterranean Blue Cremation Urn in Brass

Available Here

This affordable cremation urn is simple, classy, bright, and above all, blue. Handmade from enameled brass and polished until it shines, the urn includes an elegant velvet bag to store and protect your memorial urn.

Crystal Keepsake Urns

Crystal Keepsake Urns
Available Here

Choose from one of eighteen gorgeous, natural gemstones for these small, keepsake urns. You can keep them with you, place them in a memorial terrarium, add it to a necklace… there are so many meaningful options with these.

Get one just for yourself, or maybe buy one for each of the close family members. They will be cherished.

Cardinal Inlay Urn for Cremation Ashes

Walnut Wood with Inlay Cardinal Bird
Available Here

The Rosewood cardinal bird rests on a laser etched leafy branch, standing out from the background of natural cherry wood. Shown in Walnut, but also available in Oak, Maple, or Mahogany, the Cardinal Dimensional Inlay Art Urn is a newer addition to our longstanding line of 3-dimensional inlay art urns.

Also available in a simpler maple wood box with a traditional inlay. This second style (available here) is also very popular, narrowly missing this list.

American Flag and Eagle Wood Cremation Urn

Available Here

The American Flag and Eagle Wood Cremation Urn presents a stunning solid wood memorial with a 3-dimensional applique made of resin. The applique features a background of the red, white, and blue American flag, with a bald eagle sweeping across the foreground. Includes custom engraving on name plate as well.

Patterned Mango Wood Urn

Mango Wood Cremation Urn
Available Here

Made with rings of mango wood turned on a lathe and polished smooth to the touch, this elegant wooden cremation urn is a fitting tribute to someone special.

Simple & Affordable Rosewood Urn with Carvings

Available Here

This is a highly affordable wooden urn. Due to the small size, many customers purchase it as a pet urn but it also comes in a “standard” size for use as a cremation urn for human remains.

While the quality of this import cannot compare to our wood urns made in the USA, the price is simply too low to ignore. A lovely choice if you are on a budget.

Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Engraved Photo

Cremation Urns with Engraved Photograph
Available Here

We make and personalize this gorgeous maple wood urn right here in the USA . The urn includes laser engraving of your loved one’s picture on the front of the urn. A true heirloom, this solid wood memorial will endure while keeping the memory of your loved one alive in a very special way.

Sailing Home Wooden Inlay Urn

Classic Wood Cremation Urns
Available Here

Sailing off into the sunset on an old-fashioned masted ship, this is the perfect image to close out our list of enduringly classic wood cremation urns. The Sailing Ship Dimensional Inlay Art Urn is available in this elegant “Octagon” shape.

As with most of our 3D urns, we can make this one in Walnut wood (shown), Oak, Mahogany, or Maple.

We also offer a variation in “portrait” style orientation, a taller wooden urn which features a larger sailing ship inlay. Available here.

Materials for Cremation Urns

As you can see, cremation urns are made in a wide variety of materials.

The most popular are:

  • Wood: Walnut, maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, etc. We have the best wood cremation urns on the market.
  • Metal: Brass, bronze, pewter, etc. We have a gorgeous selection of premium metal urns here at Urns Northwest. However, metal and wood are the two most popular materials because urns can also be made very cheaply and imported from other countries. Most of these are still nice, they just aren’t quite as refined and don’t have the premium quality.
  • Stone: Cultured marble, granite, onyx, etc. There are very few genuine stone urns available, since those would have to be made from a single slab of the material. Nearly every stone (marble or granite) urn is cultured, meaning that it is man-made. Still, these result in durable, beautiful, classy, and relatively affordable urns, so it is a very good choice. Shop our stone urn selection here.
  • Ceramic: Pottery thrown and fired by hand. These urns are more delicate and earthy, often featuring the marks of the artist’s hand. We have several collections of stunning ceramic urns available here.
  • Glass: Hand-blown glass vessels. Truly stunning works of art, full of color and vitality. Glass urns are decidedly high-end and artistic, and are growing in popularity. See our glass urns here.
  • Biodegradable materials: Some urns are designed to biodegrade and decompose naturally, for an “eco friendly” disposition. Materials include paper mache, cardboard, sand, gelatin, salt, cornstarch, and more.

Other Sizes and Types of Urns for Cremation Ashes

Bigger Cremation Urns

You can find some larger urns with an above-average capacity. There are also many styles of companion urns. These urns hold 400 cubic inches, designed to hold the cremation ashes of two people (e.g. a husband and wife).

Smaller Cremation Urns

Smaller cremation urns are either called “keepsakes,” “pet urns,” or “child urns.”

The last two are fairly self-explanatory; pet urns are often designed with a smaller capacity to hold the remains of a dog (often 10-75 lbs, and thus the urn is typically 10-75 cubic inches) or a cat (8-20 lbs, 8-20 cubic inches). Child urns are for the sad need to hold the smaller amount of remains from a young person. Child urns can be found in a wide range of sizes but typically under 100 cubic inches.

The first term, “keepsakes,” needs a little more explanation. When you see the word “keepsake,” think of it as a funeral industry code word, inside baseball. It simply means that the urn is designed to hold a small keepsake portion of the cremated remains. So a keepsake urn can be a tiny necklace pendant that holds a pinch of ashes or a small box or vase that has room for a cup or handful of remains. The term “keepsake” is fairly consistently used throughout the industry. Bear that in mind as you shop around for cremation urns for a human: keepsake = small or partial.

Cremation Urns for Humans

Cremation urns for humans, then, come in three basic sizes.

Standard sized cremation urns are simply called “cremation urns,” “funeral urns,” or even just “urns.” Somewhere in the product description you’ll probably find something that says it is a standard adult urn, and/or that it has a capacity of about 200 cubic inches. Sometimes you’ll find urns with 180 cubic inches all the way up to 250 cubic inches, but it will typically be around 200.

Double sized cremation urns will be called “companion urns” or “double urns.” These are around 400 cubic inches and will be described as an urn that holds the remains of two people.

Small sized urns will usually be called “keepsake urns.” Depending on the design or theme, you may find the exact same urn listed as a pet urn, a keepsake urn (for a partial amount of an adult human’s remains), or a child urn. The actual capacity can vary widely depending on the shape, size, style, and design of the urn, but any urn that is significantly less than 200 cubic inches will be described with one of those terms: small, pet, child, keepsake, mini, etc.

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