Happy Birthday in Heaven: Best Heavenly Birthday Wishes

A special birthday is coming up, or perhaps it is today. But your loved one is no longer here with you.

How do you wish someone happy birthday in heaven?

Below, we have several ways to wish your loved one a happy heavenly birthday. We’ll also think about birthday wishes from heaven, on your birthday. And we’ll close it out with some ideas for how to celebrate your loved one’s posthumous birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone in Heaven

Best Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

When someone you cherished now celebrates their birthdays in Heaven, it leaves you feeling lonely. This is understandable, and you are definitely not alone in your feelings of grief. Thankfully, there are still ways for you to still wish your loved one a happy birthday, and ways to thoughtfully iterate it, too. Here are some birthday wishes to speak in your heart for your loved one this year on their special day.

“Happy birthday, ________. I don’t think you could ever know how much I miss you right now. I wish more than anything that we could be together again to celebrate your day. But I know we will again one day.”

“It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to celebrate it like you are here because I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love and miss you every single day.”

“I know you’re in Heaven and that your birthday there must be way better than any party I could have thrown for you here. And maybe I’m being selfish when I say that I wish you were still here anyway. Happy birthday, love.”

“I’m feeling a little jealous of the angels right now. Happy birthday in Heaven, _________. Until we meet again.”

“I know we can’t celebrate today like we have in years past. But I hope you know that I still try. Happy Birthday.”

“I never thought that this day would come, at least not so soon. The day I couldn’t wish you Happy Birthday to your face. So I’m sending you my best wishes straight from my heart and right up to Heaven.”

“We can’t go out celebrating today like we used to. But I wanted you to know that I’m still going out – still going to stop by all our old haunts, still going to buy you a birthday gift, still going to raise a glass in your memory. Even in the midst of sorrow, I still love you, dearest one. Happy birthday in Heaven.”

“I used to think that this day would get easier every year that went by. But quite the opposite has happened. Happy birthday, sweetie… I can’t wait for the day we can truly celebrate you again.”

“I will never let today become just another day. Because it will always be your special day. Happy birthday in Heaven, ________. I hope you can feel the love I’m sending your way.”

“No matter how old I get, your special day will always be the most special day of the year to me. And I will always celebrate it and you. Happiest of birthdays.”

“You were my best friend and I could never let your special day pass without wishing you happy birthday. I miss you so much, bestie.”

“Happy birthday, Darling. I hope heaven realizes what a treasure you are. You were certainly mine while you were here with me.”

Heavenly Birthday Quotes for Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes in Heaven

That first birthday Mom celebrates in Heaven is her most glorious one, yet the hardest for the children who survived her. Here are some ways to wish your Mom a happy birthday when she is no longer just a phone call away.

“Happy birthday, Mom. I didn’t know how I would feel today, and to be honest, I’m feeling pretty sad. Wish you were here, but I also wish you the most beautiful and joyous birthday today in the presence of the Lord. I love you.”

“There’s so much I want to tell you, Mama, and so much I want to hear you tell me. But on today, your special day, I simply want to wish you a happy birthday in Heaven.”

“Happy birthday, Mother. How I wish I was there to celebrate with you.”

“Every day since you passed away has been hard, Mom. Today has been especially difficult, but I know you wouldn’t want to see me sad like this. So here’s a smile just for you, just for today. I love you.”

The calendar says it’s your birthday…but it really doesn’t feel like it. Tonight I am getting takeout from our favorite little restaurant we’d always spend your special day at. I know you would join me if you could. Happy birthday, Mom, I sure do love you.”

“Sending hugs and kisses straight up to Heaven just for you today, Mommy. I wish I could wrap my arms around your neck and give them to you myself, but I’ll have to let God do it for me this year. Happy birthday.”

“Remember how you used to celebrate your whole birthday month and not just your birthday? I’m going to keep that candle burning for you, Mom. I love you.”

“You may be celebrating in paradise, but it seems a piece of mine is missing here without you. Happy birthday, Mama. I miss you so much.”

“To the most beautiful of heavenly souls, happy birthday. Mom, I know you are happy there in heaven, but I can’t help but wish you were still here with me. One day we can celebrate together again.”

Heavenly Birthday Quotes for Dad

My loss was heaven's gain

You used to celebrate every birthday together, but this year you must wish him, “Happy birthday in Heaven, Dad.” Here are some ways to express that sentiment in a meaningful way.

“We used to have so much fun on your birthdays, Dad. We’d always do the same things every year, but every year it was special. I love you, enjoy your birthday in Heaven.”

“You taught me strength, honor, humility, and also what it means to have a good time. I just can’t figure out how to do that last part anymore. Happy birthday, Pops, I know you’re having a good time in Heaven.”

“You used to love Mom’s homemade chocolate cake… so today I made a double recipe just for you. I know you can’t enjoy it this year, but don’t worry — I’ve got you covered. Happy birthday, Dad.”

“I looked in the mirror today and saw my father. And know what? I couldn’t complain.”

“Happy birthday to the man who taught me all about the Reason I know I’ll get to see you again one day: Jesus.”

“My loss was Heaven’s gain, Daddy. But that doesn’t make this day any easier. I love you and can’t wait to be together again one day. Happy birthday.”

“Every year I think it will get easier, but to be honest nothing has changed. I still miss celebrating your birthday with you more than just about anything. Please enjoy your birthday there in paradise, Dad.”

“I’m sure you don’t miss how much I would tease you every time your birthday rolled around, Daddy, but I sure do. It does give some comfort to know you are happy and whole in heaven, though. Happy birthday, my favorite angel.”

Happy Birthday in Heaven: Brother

Missing a Brother in Heaven

Your brother has been by your side through it all. You’ve always enjoyed celebrating birthdays together, but this year is going to be different.

“I can’t believe it’s your birthday and you’re not here to celebrate it with us. Today I lean on all the good memories I have with you, and on the promise that I’ll see you again one day.”

“Brother, what does it mean to celebrate a birthday in Heaven? I have no idea, except that it’s probably not bad at all. I love you, I miss you, and I wish you were still here.”

“Today I saw what day it was and picked up the phone to call you. Then I remembered. Happy birthday in heaven, bro. Don’t worry — I’m not going to erase your number.”

“They say, ‘If only heaven had visiting hours…’ Well I say, if only earth had visiting hours. I’d bring you back in a heartbeat to celebrate just today… then God could have you back.”

“Happy birthday to my brother in Heaven. I’m sure after a glimpse of the heavenly realms there’s no way I could drag you back into this one for just for one more birthday together. And that’s okay. I love you.”

“To my bro, my best friend, my partner-in-crime… Happy heavenly birthday! No doubt, if you were here we’d be getting into all kinds of trouble for your birthday. Who knows, maybe you’re causing trouble up there, too. I wouldn’t put it past you.”

“I know heaven is celebrating you today and you are enjoying all the blessings of being on the other side, but I can’t help wishing you were still next to me. Selfish, I know, but I miss you, Brother. Happy birthday to you.”

Happy Birthday in Heaven: Sister

Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sisters share a close bond that those who don’t have a sister simply can’t comprehend. You will always want to wish your sister a happy birthday on her special day – even when she’s in Heaven – so here are some messages to help you do that.

“I’ve spent the whole day looking through photos of us during happier times. I’ve laughed, cried, gone numb and felt the pain of losing you all over again. Happy birthday, sweet sister. It’s not the same here without you.”

“When you left, a piece of me went with you. Happiest of heavenly birthdays to my precious sister. What a wonderful celebration we’ll have once we’re reunited again.”

“There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Sad, yes. But yet joyful, too. Happy birthday, _______.”

“I’m sitting here trying to come up with a way to tell you happy birthday when there’s really no way to physically do so. It’s breaking my heart, but I’ll say it anyway: Happy birthday, sister. You are sorely missed.”

“I will always celebrate you.”

“No matter how many years have passed since you’ve left, I will never let your birthday slip my mind. How could I? It seems like just yesterday you were here and we were planning shenanigans for your special day. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul in heaven.”

“You were my best friend while you were here, and you still are. Now and forever. Happy birthday, Sis. Enjoy every ounce of blessings paradise has to offer.”

Happy Birthday in Heaven: Friend

To someone very special in heaven...

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. You may have lost your friend, but you certainly didn’t lose the memories of birthdays past that will stay tucked in your heart forever.

“It doesn’t feel right to celebrate this day. But I’m going to do it anyway, for you and in your memory, because it’s what you would have wanted. Happy birthday, ________, I love you dearly.”

“Our friendship was one for the ages and will never again be duplicated. I don’t know how to honor you on this day other than by letting you know how much I miss you and wish you were still here. Happy birthday, my friend.”

“It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that I have a connection to the One Who has drawn you back to Him again: the Lord. I pray you have a wonderful birthday celebration in Heaven today, sweet friend.”

“Why does God always take the best? Happy birthday, __________. Thinking of you today and everyday.”

“I don’t know if you can hear me, so I’ll ask God to pass it along: I love you, I miss you, and I miss the good times we always had together. Happy birthday, __________. I hope it’s a good one.”

“To my best friend on the other side, I love and miss you dearly. I miss our coffee dates and picnics, our antics and shenanigans… I wish I were there to celebrate with you. Happy birthday in heaven.”

“I thought by now I wouldn’t miss you as much, but you left such a hole in my life. You were the greatest treasure to me. I wish I could give you a hug on your heavenly birthday, sweet friend.”

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Happy Birthday in Heaven Poems

Sometimes a little poetry can speak our emotions for us when we can’t get the words out ourselves. These are written by yours truly and are free for personal use.

Mother’s Memory

Here is a video of the poem read by the author:

Night had fallen, on the eve before
And I knew it wouldn’t be the same
As last year, or the year before
So I simply said your name.

I cried in my sleep and wished you were close
By me still to rock and hold
My hand in the dark, my head to your chest
And whisper softly, a mother’s caress:

“It’s okay, I’m fine. I’m at the Lord’s feet
I’m dreaming of you and the day we can meet
To celebrate again that one day each year
The reason I was born at all: to love you, my dear.”


Tonight I’ll raise a glass to you
In a mournful sort of way
To celebrate who you once were
How you lived your life each day.

I’ll cry a toast to evermore
I’ll dance alone in our room
I’ll light a candle then blow it out
I’ll sing a song to you.

I’ll tell everyone how hard it’s been
Yet it won’t be honest enough
I’ll cry into your tear-stained pillow
Yet it won’t bring you back, my love.

Every year’s the same, and it’ll always be
Only me alone, and never you and me
To celebrate your special day
To live, to laugh, together be

The angels better treat you well
The Lord, I know He does
But until I can see you with my own eyes
I’ll remember you and what was.

Angel Baby

A tiny birthday wish
For my angel in disguise
Who didn’t get a full year round
The sun, the stars, or my eyes.

The babiest of blues
The smallest of smiles
To light up the entire world
To give me joy for awhile.

I miss you, angel baby
I wish I didn’t have to say
How I wish I could carry you
Still hold you anyway.

God took you before I’d ever want Him to
It should have been me first, right?
But I wouldn’t wish this pain upon you
So I’m giving up the fight.

The fight with God over what He’s deemed
A necessary lot for me
The fight with what could have been:
Daddy, you, and me.

So happy birthday, angel baby
This tiny birthday wish for you
Holding all the love I could ever give
Without ever having the chance to.

A Heavenly Birthday Haiku

In Heaven you live
On Earth I still celebrate
The day you were born.

Birthday Wishes from Heaven (on YOUR Birthday)

What about when it’s YOUR birthday, and your loved one is no longer with you? How can you possibly celebrate YOUR day when the one person you want to celebrate with literally can’t?

If you have a friend in Heaven, and your birthday is about to roll around again (only this time, without them), we have a piece of advice for you: Celebrate anyway.

Why? Because it’s what they would have wanted. If you’re finding that hard to imagine, here are some “birthday wishes from Heaven,” conceptualized messages from your loved one to help you feel just a little more content today:

“You would not believe how beautiful it is here. Sorry, but I wouldn’t want to leave Heaven for earth again any day – even your birthday! I look forward to the day we can celebrate YOU again, together.”

“Happy birthday, __________. I know today is hard for you without me and I’m so sorry I had to leave you behind. When you get here, I’ll catch you up on everything.”

“The Lord called my name and I had to go. But it’s on days like today that I wish earth had visiting hours. Happy birthday, honey, I love and miss you, too.”

“I wish I could turn that frown upside down. Because there’s no sadness whatsoever here! Happy birthday to you and many more to come before you get up here with me.”

“Life is so short – I think I have a right to say that now. Enjoy it while you can, live it to the fullest and make the most of all the birthdays you are given. I love you.”

“When the time comes, we’ll get to celebrate your big day again. Until then, keep your chin up, do all the things you want to do, and remember me today and always.”

How to Celebrate the Birthday of Someone in Heaven

For several years after a family friend passed away, I’d buy a 16-ounce of his favorite soda (Sunkist) on his birthday and have a drink in his memory. It was such a simple thing to do, and no one else even knew about it. But it was a way to keep his memory alive in my own mind and heart.

That’s something that you could do, too, for your loved one this year on their birthday. Did they have a favorite snack or drink, and was it always served at their birthday parties?

Or maybe they had a favorite song (or perhaps you associate a certain song with them). Listen to it on their birthday as a sweet gift to them, in their memory.

Here are some more specific ways that you can celebrate the posthumous birthday of your loved one who’s in Heaven now:

  • Set their photo up and light a candle in their memory.
  • Go to their favorite place, be it a certain store, restaurant or park.
  • Bake a birthday cake and share it with your loved ones.
  • Call their family up and tell them you’re thinking of them today.
  • Say a prayer just for your loved one.
  • Create a free memorial website as a space to remember their life, and to invite others to share tribute, memories and birthday wishes

These are all grief rituals… a way for us to further facilitate the mourning and healing process.

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Happy Heavenly Birthday

Until we meet again...

One day, we will meet again and then we can celebrate you special day together.

Flowers and Birthday Wishes for Those in Heaven

When you’re missing your bestie…

Wishing Your Loved One a Happy Heavenly Birthday

Beautiful birthday wishes for the love of your life.

It's your birthday and you're not here to celebrate

I can’t believe it’s your birthday and you’re not here to celebrate it with us. I miss you!

Wishing you were here to celebrate together

Mom, oh how I wish I was there with you to celebrate together.

Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Father

A father’s absence is always felt so deeply.

Birthday Wishes for Child in Heaven

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