21 Best Hummingbird Memorial Gifts for Sympathy & Comfort

People say when a hummingbird appears in your yard, it means a visitor from heaven is looking out for you. That’s one reason why a hummingbird memorial gift is so special when you’re searching for the perfect way to honor the memory and loss of someone so dear.

Another reason is that people simply love hummingbirds!

Maybe your loved one adored hummingbirds. If she had feeders hanging all around the house, sported cute tattoos and t-shirts, and displayed trinkets and picture frames bursting with the delicate birds, then a memorial tribute or a sympathy gift like the ones featured below will be just right.

These sweet gifts and ideas have been carefully selected to help bring a smile through the tears. So read on to find the perfect hummingbird memorial.

21 Best Hummingbird Memorial Gifts

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1. Hummingbird Memorial Ornament

Completely personalized with your loved one’s details, this hummingbird ornament is a wonderful way to show you care. With its pretty etching of a bird in flight, the gentle colors, and the customization, this ornament will look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree, or dangling from the rearview mirror in your car.

We love the darling sentiment as well: “My mind still talks to your heart.” Made from white ceramic and comes with a pretty gold ribbon for hanging.

2. Memorial Hummingbird Candle Lantern

This stunning hummingbird candle lantern might be too pretty to keep outside! Then again, lighting up your back porch with such a gorgeous lantern also seems fitting.

Whichever way you go, you’ll want to admire this antique-style lantern for many years to come. It would also look lovely in the entryway. There are just so many places to put this pretty work of art!

It’s fully customizable with your loved one’s name and dates so that no two are alike. Crafted using iron and glass, this hummingbird comes with an LED flickering candle and batteries. How thoughtful are the batteries?!

3. Now She Flies with Hummingbirds Sympathy Gift

These personalized tumblers come in a variety of colors and are vacuum sealed so they keep your drinks super hot or icy cold. The hummingbird etching is so pretty, and adding your special someone’s name to it is icing on the cake.

The recipient will appreciate the gesture as they remember their loved one all throughout the day while staying hydrated.

Great for bikers and hikers, adventurers, athletes, campers, and really any human! We all need beverages; why not sip yours out of a completely special and unique tumbler that pays tribute to your hummingbird lover? 

4. Personalized Hummingbird Memorial Painting

This watercolor typography hummingbird painting is so much better than dropping off your typical sympathy card and flowers, because it will last a lifetime! The soft color palette is soothing to the soul as well.

You can add your loved one’s name and dates, making this pretty print even more one-of-a-kind and heartwarming. The frame is available in four different colors, and it will come with a watercolor painted card as well. You can even add on a jingle bell wind chime if you like! 

5. Hummingbird Memorial Tattoo

These temporary tattoos of gorgeous hummingbirds make a wonderful way to honor your loved one. Pass them out to friends and family before the memorial as a sweet gesture that honors her love for hummingbirds.

The colors are bright and sunny, and the tattoos themselves will make you and everyone who sees them smile. If your special someone brought joy to your life with their adventurous soul, zest for life, and unique personality, these temporary tattoos are just the thing! Who knows? Maybe it will inspire a real tattoo down the road. 

6. Personalized Hummingbird Memorial Garden Stake

“Hummingbirds appear when angels are near.” What a sweet sentiment! This memorial garden stake is so pretty on its own, but we love that you can customize it by adding in a name and date.

Especially great for nature lovers, this stake will be bringing smiles to your backyard for years and years to come. And visitors to your garden will be reminded of someone special who is still near in your heart. 

7. A Hug from Heaven – Hummingbird Blanket

Who doesn’t want a hug from heaven, especially in the form of a snuggly soft blanket? They’ll be so entranced with this customized throw and will love cuddling up with it. Maybe while flipping through photo albums or talking on the phone to someone near and dear.

The soft gray color means it will go with any decor, and will look just as good draped over a couch as it will folded and laid out on the bed, or on the front porch swing. Available in four different sizes to suit any need.

8. Always Near Hummingbird Box

This box comes with the most beautiful coffee mug and a ceramic tile, both with gorgeous artwork of a hummingbird in flight. You can almost feel some of your stress melting away when you look at them, and a peaceful feeling in your heart.

Remember your loved one every time you sip your coffee or tea. The tile can be used as a coaster, propped up on a table, or hung on the wall. And the mug is colored inside with a beautiful jewel tone of green. This hummingbird memorial gift is handmade, which shows how deeply you care in seeking out a one-of-a-kind tribute

9. Memorial Hummingbird Feeder

This memorial hummingbird feeder really is for the birds! In all the best ways, naturally. You can customize this pretty bird feeder with your loved one’s name, or you could do a snippet of poetry, a line from their favorite song, or your special nickname. There’s no wrong way to do it!

This is a sweet, sweet way to remember your special person, all while giving the hummingbirds something to come back to year after year. What a darling gift for nature lovers!

10. Engraved Hummingbird Necklace

This rose-gold and silver pendant is so lovely. She’ll love wearing this with all of her favorite outfits – and probably on the daily!

You can customize the name and date of course, and we love the sweet etching of “Now she flies with hummingbirds.” A great memorial gift for her or you, especially after the loss of a mother or sister. 

If you love the look, but she’s not a jewelry wearer, this is also available in the prettiest of keychains! 

11. Hummingbird Memorial Wind Chimes

“Hear the wind and think of me,” or customize your own sentence for your loved one with this pretty hummingbird wind chime! The wood, aluminum, and deep green color make this a great gift for a man as well as a lady.

Every time you hear the wind breeze through this chime, making them sing, it will make you smile and think of the dear memories you shared.

Hang it from your porch, or even inside as long as it is close to the open window! Made of cast iron and cherry wood. You can even listen to the chimes before you order by clicking on their special link! 

12. Personalized Hummingbird Memorial Seeds

This memorial seed packet full of wildflower seeds is such a great way to honor the nature lover and/or gardener in your life who left too soon.

You’ll want to hang onto and maybe even frame the pretty packet, with the drawing of a beautiful hummingbird and the name of your special someone. And once the flowers come up, you’ll be reminiscing all over again about all the fun times you had with your loved one.

The inexpensive price tag means you can order these by the handful, making them perfect for handing out at the celebration of life or memorial service. 

13. Hummingbird Memorial Plaque & Cremation Urn

This beautiful hummingbird memorial plaque is more than just a plaque, it’s a discreet place to keep their ashes as well. Different from your typical urn, this one is special, just like your loved one.

The wooden frame is made of alder and the hummingbird and flower art is laser engraved in Oregon. Customized naturally with your gone-but-not-forgotten someone’s name and date(s), this makes a really special way to honor and remember them without making your heart heavy. 

You can mount on the wall (hardware is included), or keep on the mantle. 

14. Engraved Wooden Hummingbird Music Box

This pretty wooden jewelry box features a hummingbird and flowers and has your own message inscripted inside. If that weren’t perfect enough, you can also customize the song it plays. Those are just two reasons why this gift is absolutely perfect for her.

She’ll have a lovely place to stash her sentimental jewelry and momentos, and will think of her loved one each and every time she opens the lid. All you need for the song is to include a YouTube clip and keep it under two minutes.

15. Personalized Hummingbird Keepsake Plaque

This sweet little rectangle hummingbird keepsake plaque can also be used as a paperweight, making it perfect for the office, as well as for the home.

It’s a gentle reminder to look out for hummingbirds as well as angels, and to remember that your special someone is looking down on you in all the best ways. The bright colors against the clear acrylic really keep your heart light instead of heavy. Fully customizable with names and dates. 

16. Hummingbirds Visit from Heaven – Tote Bag

This canvas tote means you can bring memories of your loved one with you, wherever you travel! Perfect for book returns to the library, a quick overnight trip, your office lunch, a diaper bag, or just an everyday tote, it features a lovely reminder that “Hummingbirds visit us from heaven to bring us well wishes.”

Great for teachers, homeschooling parents on the go, artists, and travelers. The strong polyester fibers means this tote will be around for a long time, even hauling heavier items! And it’s machine washable so after that trip to the farmer’s market you can toss it in the washer.

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17. Hummingbird Memorial Stone

This memorial stone is absolutely the thing for gardeners and nature lovers! They’ll love the charming colors of the vibrant hummingbird, and the way you had it personalized just for them.

Such a lovely addition to the garden walkway or the patio. The stone is hand painted, making it completely unique and one-of-a-kind. And it weighs a hefty 16 pounds, meaning it won’t break easily (don’t worry: shipping includes a lot of bubble wrap!). 

18. Lighted Remembrance Hummingbird Frame

Made of wood and glass, this lovely Lighted Remembrance Hummingbird Frame also includes fairy lights. These lights add a touch of whimsy and cheer to an otherwise sad time

You can pick the color of your wooden frame (white, black, or rustic wood). This makes such a lovely addition to a celebration of life or memorial, and you could even pass them out as keepsakes. They’ll look just as pretty on the wall as they will propped up on your bookshelf or table. 

19. Personalized Bird Feeder Sympathy Gift with Hummingbird Art

This American-made bird feeder is absolutely exquisite! Nature lovers and bird adorers will love filling this generously sized feeder up with high quality seed and watching to see who comes to lunch.

You can go the sentimental sweet route with your personalization, or just keep it simple with your loved one’s name and date. It’s made of real cedar wood, and you can include a personalized note as well. Every time someone flocks to this feeder you’ll be fondly reminded of the special someone you lost, but never forgot. 

This is one of the most popular hummingbird memorial gifts of all time. It’s a great gift to ship directly to someone when you’re far away, and the seller will never include the sticker price in the receipt.

Just note that this is a bird-seed feeder etched with hummingbird art, and not a hummingbird nectar feeder.

20. Memorial Flowers Hummingbird Keepsake

This resin hummingbird is such a sweet and thoughtful gift for a loved one who has lost their special person! The flowers come from you – whether they were from a wedding bouquet or a funeral, or simply their favorite bloom.

This little ornament looks adorable nestled in your Christmas tree, dangling from your rearview mirror, or hanging from your wall. It could even be made into a piece of jewelry. Each one is totally unique, full of color and beauty: just like your loved one was. 

21. Now She Flies with Hummingbirds Memorial Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet has the loveliest of sentiments (“now she flies with hummingbirds”) and is a little bit boho in style. You can customize the birthstone and the name of course, to make it completely their own.

It also comes with an angel wing charm as well, giving it an even more special touch. This bracelet will look just as good with a casual outfit as it will with her best dress, making it perfect for everyday wear.

These would be wonderful to pass out to a family of girls after the loss of their mother or grandmother, to match one another and remember their person together. 

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