15 Memorial Ideas Made From Cremated Ashes

A memorial made from cremated ashes is simply the ultimate way to keep your loved one close to your heart. Here are 15 creative and unique memorial ideas made using actual cremated remains. These include decorative accents, jewelry, and even trees.

15 Memorial Ideas Made From Cremated Ashes

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1. Ash-Infused Spiral Flame Glass Art

These unique glass sculptures are made out of your loved one’s cremated ashes. Each one is hand crafted individually using a small portion of the remains. Available here.

2. Stained Glass Window

Memorials Made from Cremated Ashes

You can have your loved one’s remains infused into a variety of glass items. From Forever Close Memorials, here is a stained glass window crafted using ash-infused glass. They also make a wide variety of pendants, mementos, and jewelry items.

3. Glass Art

The blown glass memorial and pendants from Kevin Fulton Glass are so unique and beautiful. Each one is hand blown and crafted by hand with the utmost care, and all are available with the option to incorporate your loved one’s cremains.

With so many varieties and styles to choose from, there is certainly a beautiful piece that will be just right for honoring their memory in this lasting and beautiful form.

4. Diamonds

Diamonds made from ashes

The brilliant and caring professionals at Eterneva produce a truly valuable diamond – one made using your loved one’s cremated ashes. Available in a variety of sizes, cuts, colors, and settings, this is the ultimate memorial keepsake. Learn more here.

5. Tree

These simple and affordable memorial tree urns allow you to grow a tree from your loved one’s ashes. Each urn holds a portion of the remains and includes a seed from a variety of trees, including the popular Dogwood tree shown above, Blue Spruce, Flowering Cherry, and more.

You can also get the Personal Choice which allows you to place your own seeds into the urn. All you do is fill the urn with remains, plant as you would normally plant a seed, and watch a “living memorial” grow. Available here.

6. Cremation Jewelry

In addition to the more “standard” cremation jewelry that has a small space for you to insert your loved one’s remains, you can also get jewelry custom-made for you that actually incorporates the ashes into the jewelry itself.

This is typically done using resin. The artist creates

7. Beads

Such a beautiful and dainty tribute to the whom you’ve lost. These beads are crafted with care from glass and your loved one’s cremains, and fashioned around a gold-plated, sterling silver center.

The beautiful lampworked glass beads are compatible with Pandora, Truth, Troll and similar type bracelets and necklaces. Choose from many colors and additions to craft a piece as lovely as they were.

However, if you are looking for memorial beads that have the remains actually made into the product, here are some options for you.

8. Hourglass Jewelry

This adorable Hourglass Cremation Urn Necklace is a lovely little memorial, an attractive stainless steel hourglass pendant that keeps your loved one’s remains visible and near. It’s affordable and versatile, so you can get one for any family member that wants one.

9. Painting

Art Paintings from Cremated Ashes

Icons in Ash is one of several creative artists who work in the most unusual – yet precious – medium: human ashes. Lifelike black & white portraits are hand-painted using the cremated remains of your loved one.

10. Writing Ink

This is a beautiful idea that you can take in any number of directions. For instance, Marvel Comics author and editor Mark Gruenwald had his ashes mixed in with ink which was then used in a comic book. You can use this ink in a grief journal, an art sketchbook, or for everyday use to weave their memory into your daily life. You can have a special pen engraved in their memory. If you’re into Pinterest/Etsy style typography art, decorate your walls with creative and inspiring quotes drawn with the ink. The possibilities are limitless.

To make ink with cremated ashes, the simplest and best way is to mix the remains with some good-quality writing ink. Sift the ashes so that you have only the finest particles, and mix a small amount in with the ink.

11. Tattoo Ink

Memorial art with cremation ashes

Tattoo ink gets its own mention because it is a different process and far more intimate and permanent than general ink usage. Memorial tattoos are a popular staple of tattoo artistry, and using ink with cremated ashes is becoming more and more common.

12. Ammunition

Cremated remains in bullets

Holy Smoke is a service that will take your loved one’s remains and fill ammunition of just about any caliber so you can celebrate their live and loves in a very special way. Eco-friendly and affordable, this is the perfect way to honor a hunter, gun enthusiast, military service member, or law enforcement office.

13. Worry Stone

These lovely “worry stones” are made from your beloved’s cremated ashes. It’s a little pocket token you can take and rub as a gentle, soothing activity that keeps you close to your beloved.

14. Tea Light Candle

These sweet, colorful memorials are a wonderful small way of keeping your loved one close. Each piece is crafted of handblown glass and contains a small portion of their ashes, and can also be engraved with your dear one’s name and dates.

Kevin Fulton Glass turns each tealight into a little glass masterpiece, and a beautiful and meaningful tribute.

15. Coral Reed

Alternative things to do with cremated remains

Eternal Reef is helping rebuild coral reefs by creating cement structures that the coral can latch to and grow on. This reef-making process involves placing your loved one’s cremated remains into the cement mix before it is poured into the form which the coral grows on.

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  1. Great idea! actually We got cremation jewelry for my Uncle and it is nice to have the ashes of your love ones to be with you all the time you can still feel his presence.

  2. I’m sure there’s a way. One simple method would be to laminate both wildflowers and a small pinch of ashes onto the bookmark. Or encase the flowers and ashes into a small silicone shape, like a heart, and affix to the bookmark. Lots of creative ideas if you’re crafty!

  3. My wife and I have an idea were the cremated remains of the first of us to pass, or at least a portion is used in the clay to make the urn for the one of us who passes last. Is there anyone who performs this service?

  4. I’m not aware of any ceramic artists who do that as a standard service. I would suggest that you contact local artisans to gauge their willingness to do such a task.

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