The 25 Best Funeral Director T-Shirts

funeral director shirts - feature image

Funeral directors, morticians, and embalmers are just like regular people. No, seriously! They have families, watch Netflix, enjoy a night out eating sushi, and wear t-shirts on their day off.

If a funeral director is going to wear a t-shirt, it had better be a good one. A comfortable fit, a complementary color, a quirky quote that speaks to the heart of their macabre yet service-oriented calling in what has been termed, “The Dismal Trade.”

For the very best funeral director t-shirts, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best designs and favorites from around the web. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a friend, these are the best funny mortician shirts in existence.

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15 Compassionate Gifts for Grieving Moms

Memorial gifts for after a miscarriage

Tips about gift ideas for mothers who have lost a child are best coming from moms who have experience in this area of grief.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 15 compassionate gifts for grieving moms that have been suggested on blog posts, comments, and gift lists curated by those who know. Links to resources are included at the end of the post.

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16 DIY Options for Scattering Ashes

DIY Ideas Scattering Ashes - feat image

If you’re planning your own DIY scattering ashes service, you’ll need some sort of method or container for the actual scattering.

Here we’ve gathered together all your options for scattering ashes, ranging from budget-friendly DIY ideas that cost you pennies all the way up to pre-made scattering urn containers specifically designed for ease of use in scattering ashes.

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10 Ways to Create a Unique Keepsake Memory Box

Keepsake Memory Box Ideas

Keepsake memory boxes are a great way to collect into one place all those little tokens, trinkets, and treasures you want to keep to remember your loved one. There are tons of options out there (you could spend days just browsing the memory box collection on Etsy), so we thought it would be helpful to list our favorite 10 ways to create a unique keepsake memory box in honor of your dearly beloved.

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15 Ideas for a Beautiful Memorial Service on a Budget

Ideas for funerals on a budget

Planning a beautiful memorial service on a budget is a goal anyone can obtain. There are definitely many costs to a funeral for a loved one, but there are also many steps you can take to ensure that you get competitive prices, find affordable alternatives, and make informed choices that make sense with your funeral budget.

Here are our 15 affordable ideas to consider for a beautiful memorial service on a budget.

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