Beautiful Funeral Program Examples for Everyone

Looking for some funeral program examples?

If you’re wondering what a typical funeral program should look like, you’re not alone. The best way to figure out your own outline is to check out samples of what others have done.

Here are some standard funeral program samples, outlines, and templates – including free and premium options.

Funeral Program Examples

Funeral programs are also called “an order of service,” “funeral brochure,” or “funeral pamphlet.”

This is a simple program that details what is going to happen in the service. It will be given to guests as they enter. The family can send these programs in the mail to people that could not make it to the funeral. It can also be posted on social media, or emailed as a PDF document. The digital format is ideal for virtual or live-streamed funeral services.

If your loved one’s death has occurred suddenly, you will have to quickly get the program together. You will only have a few days to gather all of the info. You may need to ask family members for help to get the information needed for the funeral program. Pay attention to the obituary. There will be interesting facts you will want to add to the service.

Sample 1

Above, you can see an example of a bi-fold funeral program. This is a simple program printed on a single, standard sheet of printer paper (8.5″ x 11″), on both front and back sides, then folded in half.

You’ll notice that the right-hand side of the first image is the front of the folded program. The left-hand side is the back. Next, the second image shows the inside of the program.

Typically, funeral programs feature elegant fonts, some attractive art or adornments such as flowers or crosses, and the individual’s photo.

Sample 2

Here’s another sample, this time one of our free funeral program templates.

If you find the images hard to read, here’s the text from this program:

Front Page

In Loving Memory
Gabriela Martins
April 1994 – January 2021

Inside (Left)


Gabriela Martins was a beautiful woman, both inside & out. There wasn’t a single person that didn’t love her, and I think that shows with everyone who is here.
Gabriela was born on April 10th in 1994 to her Mother Joan and Father Alejandro. Gabriela has two sister, Meagan Martins & Luna Martins. She was raised only knowing the love of family.
During life, Gabriela went on to accomplishing great things. She finished college with Bachelor of Science in Nursing achieving her goal of being able to help the people she loves around her.

While Gabriela was taken too soon from our world, her imprint of who she was will never leave. Gabriela, until we meet again in Heaven, we will miss you.

Inside (Right)


Organ Prelude:
“Be Still My Soul” played by Mrs. Karen Smith
John 14:1-3
“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”
Pastor John Crain
Sofia Martins, 1st Cousin of Gabriela Martins
Sarah William, Best Friend of Gabriela Martins
Prayer & Acknowledgements:
Pastor John Crain
“O God Our Help in Ages Past” play by Mrs. Karen Smith

Back Page


A huge thank you to the Robinson Family for helping with the funeral arrangements, a huge thank you to the Alan Family for offering their home for the memorial dinner, and a huge thank you to following people who have brought flowers in Gabriela’s honor-

The Gonzales Family, The Horton Family, The Carroll Family, The William Family, & The Hardy Family


James Horton – Mick Robin
Kyle William – Josh William
Joey Martins – Jose Martinez
Eric Alan – Pedro Gonzales


Please join us following the service for a memorial dinner at the Alan’s home-

2236 Frankford Drive
Frisco, TX

Funeral Program Outlines

There is some information that will be included in all programs:

This will be a lasting memento to your loved one, and you will want to do it right. Please continue reading for some outlines and examples of what to include in your loved one’s funeral program.

Outline #1: Christian Funeral Service

If your loved one was active in their Christian faith, you would want to choose a religious program.

You will want to include:

  • Full name of your loved one (including maiden name, and often nicknames)
  • Birth and death dates
  • Birthplace and place of death
  • Surviving family members, which typically includes the immediate family members: spouse, mother, father, sisters, brothers, and grandparents should be listed first
  • Name and title of the officiant (often a pastor or clergy member)
  • A Christian order of service: Hymns, Scripture readings, and prayers. You can also include poems, acknowledgments, and remarks to be read by family or friends
  • Obituary – read by the officiant
  • Scripture – including Old Testament and New Testament readings. The officiant or family member can read this
  • Eulogy – read by the officiant or a close friend/family member
  • Special music – traditionally hymns. One favorite hymn that always stands out is Amazing Grace; more ideas here
  • Pallbearers (if applicable)
  • Date, time, and location of service
  • Date, time, and location of interment (if applicable)
  • Reception information

Outline #2: Non-Religious Memorial Service

If your loved one was not religious, you would create a non-religious funeral program.

You will want to include:

  • Full name of your loved one (including maiden name or nickname)
  • Final dates
  • Birthplace and place of death
  • Surviving family members: spouse, children, parents, and siblings, and grandparents, in that order
  • Officiant – can be a funeral director, family member or friend; it doesn’t have to be a church representative
  • Obituary – A longer obituary will get more information out there. You can include the decedent’s employment information and hobbies. Share a silly anecdote or memory. Was your loved one a Veteran? Make sure to include that information.
  • Music – Usually secular, and often the decedent’s own CD collection is used; here are some popular and cherished funeral music selections
  • Pallbearers (if applicable)
  • Date, time, and location of service
  • Date, time, and location of interment (if applicable)
  • Reception information

Outline #3: Celebration of Life

Focusing on a life well-lived is the reason this service is called a celebration of life. The celebration of life is not as structured as the traditional funeral service, but you will still want to include much of the same information. Consider the following:

  • Full name of your loved one (including maiden name and often nickname)
  • Birth and “going home” dates
  • Birthplace and place of death
  • Surviving family members, with a focus on the immediate family members: spouse, mother, father, sisters, brothers, and grandparents should be listed first and in this order
  • Officiant – Often an ordained pastor or the funeral director; can also be a family member, friend, or professional celebrant
  • Music – This music is usually something that the decedent would have listened to. It can be anything from Aerosmith to Donny Osmond. It can be sad or reflective, but often for a celebration of life the music is decidedly upbeat
  • Obituary – Read by family member, friend, or officiant
  • Scripture – If the decedent was a believer
  • Have a family member or close friend write a poem
  • Open mic – A time to share stories of how the loved one impacted your lives
  • Pallbearers (if applicable)
  • Date, time, and location of service
  • Date, time, and location of the interment
  • Reception information

Tips for the Perfect Funeral Program

Adding Lyrics & More

In all three of these outlines, people might want to include words in any music that will be played. Friends and family would enjoy singing along. Some services might “open the mic” for people to pay their final respects. You may also want to include a favorite Scripture and print it out so people can read along.

One easy way to do this is to create a bifold funeral program and print it on thick, quality paper. Then, for song lyrics, Scripture readings, or longer obituaries, print it on a separate sheet of thinner, typical printer paper, which you can cut in half and insert into the program.

The Personal Touch

In each service, you can add a personal touch. Include favorite quotes, something that they loved, their volunteer service, their accomplishments, their art or poetry, and so on. Tailor everything around your loved one. Sharing the happy times will help you heal.

Families & Photos

As a funeral director, when I help a family write an obituary, I advise them not to mention all family members by name. This would include aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Instead of saying: survived by nieces; Sabrina, Sara, Janice, Jane, Trixie, and Michelle, say survived by numerous nieces. It can get complicated to get everyone’s correct spelling.

This is a very delicate time. If you miss mentioning someone or spell a name wrong, people get hurt feelings. Keep it simple.

Remember the adage: A picture is worth a thousand words. Including a picture of your loved one is a nice touch.

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4 Free Funeral Program Templates

We are offering you elegant and tasteful funeral templates. Please visit the template download page with the links that are provided below.

1. Blossoms

Our Blossoms template is a simple and elegant design. It features small pink buds and greenery, framing a picture of your loved one.

This funeral program is a bi-fold. In addition to the front, you have 3 more pages to personalize and fill out the way you want. You may want to use the inside for an obituary, songs, or scriptures. Let your creativity come into play as you create this memorial.

2. Soaring Seagull

Wispy clouds above blue waters with a Soaring Seagull, this ocean-themed program is a tribute to your loved one. The seagull represents your loved one’s soul being liberated!

There is plenty of room on the inside and back page to edit and add information.

Matching thank you cards and invitations are available.

3. Simple Funeral Program

The Simple Funeral Program is a classic. The front will show a picture and final dates for your loved one. On the inside of this bi-fold, you can have an order of service. You can add an obituary, poems, songs, or anything you would like.

4. Sunset

Our Sunset template is a nice way for you to honor your loved one. The sunset means the closing of a life well-lived. Pay honor with name and dates on the front. Add an obituary, eulogy, order of service, or even musical selections on the 3 other pages of this bi-fold.

More Beautiful Funeral Program Templates

Here are some more funeral program templates. You can fully customize each of these premium templates online via the easy-to-use editing interface. Make it exactly how you want. Finalize to receive a print-ready file, which you can print at home or take to a favorite printer.

1. Vintage Floral Frame

Our Vintage Floral Frame is elegant. Watercolor roses and greenery will surround a picture of your loved one. The name and dates will be printed on the front, below the picture.

Tailor this template to suit you. You can add dates, an obituary, and an order of service. Placing words of gratitude to let friends and family know they are appreciated.

2. Geometric Elegance

The Geometric Elegance template is very classy and chic. Shown on the front of the program will be your loved one’s picture and dates. Inside the bi-fold, you can include scripture. You can add poetry, songs, and an order of service.

3. Celtic Cross

Our Celtic Cross template includes a golden Celtic cross on the front page. The front of the program will display your loved one’s name and dates below the cross.

On the inside of this bi-fold, you can include an obituary, words of gratitude, or an order of service. Don’t forget to pay tribute to the pallbearers, if applicable. Include a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped. You can thank nurses, doctors, or hospice.

Small blossoms and leaves, along with a Celtic knot, add to the charm of this program.

4. Timeless Green

The Timeless Green funeral program is a simple yet classic tribute to your loved one. On the front of the memorial will be your loved one’s photo and dates. Green leaves decorate the corners and enhance the look.

On the inside of this program, you can add an obituary and an order of service. You can reserve the back for any information you want to add. This could include a thank you, pallbearers, or information about a reception.

5. Gentle Florals

A beautiful way to honor your mother, sister, or grandmother. Rosebuds and roses frame our Gentle Florals program. The front of this design will display a photo of your loved one. Add their dates too, along with the place and date for the service.

Adorning the inside with roses and rosebuds adds to the beauty of this folder. You can include an obituary, an order of service, hymns, or anything else. You can reserve the back for a heartfelt thank you, and you are letting your friends and family know they’re appreciated.

6. Blue & Gold Branches

This funeral program template celebrates your loved one’s life with bold blue marbled tones and gold leafy branches. Add your loved one’s picture, name, and dates, and you have a beautiful tribute.

This is a modern way to memorialize your beloved, and it’s especially ideal for a man.

Open the Blue & Gold Branches program, and you will see plenty of room for information. You will want to add an obituary, some scripture, or some poetry. You can edit and customize in any way you would like.

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