70 Best Memorial Plaques for Outdoors, Gifts, Photos, & More

Memorializing a loved one means something different to each of us. Some people will dedicate a park, a bench, or a tree in memory of someone. Others are happy to place a picture, a keepsake urn, or a memorial candle to honor their loved ones.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, how expensive or affordable; they are all important ways to say, “Your life mattered to me!”

If you’ve decided to honor your loved one’s memory with a memorial plaque, then we believe this list we’ve compiled will be very helpful for you. With so many beautiful options, it may be hard to pick which one would suit them best! 

Indoor Memorial Plaques for Wall

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1. If Love Could Have Saved You Floral Memorial Plaque

An all-wood memorial plaque to commemorate the love you feel for that special someone. “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” Isn’t that the way we all feel when we lose someone?

This wall hanging can be placed in any room, making you feel close to your loved one and their warm memories.

2. Hanging Hearts Engraved Plaques

A beautiful, heart-shaped slate plaque is a wonderful way to commemorate someone you loved. Add your dear one’s name and dates to make it personal. 

Made from beautiful, slate gray stone, this laser-etched plaque will last for years and years. Keep your loved one’s memory close to you with this unique and striking plaque.

3. Loved Beyond Words Wooden Memorial Plaque

Memorialize your loved one with this lovely, handmade plaque. Every time you pass by it, you will remember just why he/she was, and still is, important to you.

“Loved beyond words, missed beyond measure,” is a perfect reflection of your sentiments. Keep this memorial for yourself or gift it to someone who has lost an important person in their life.

4. In Loving Memory Hanging Frame

Grieving for a lost pet is every bit as real as grieving for a person. We carry our grief so close to our hearts. Display your beloved fur baby in this handsome frame that says “In Loving Memory.”

You’ll feel a tug on your heartstrings every single time you glance at this beautiful memorialization.

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5. Ocean Resin Customized Remembrance Plaque

Remembering those special places and times can help you work through this time of grief. This beautiful ocean-themed plaque will take you back to a happier time.

Who doesn’t love the beach, the ocean, and the sunshine?

6. It’s Hard to Forget Walnut Photo Plaque

Give a hurting heart a way to remember their special someone. “It is hard to forget someone who gave so much to remember” — what a beautiful phrase! Adding your favorite photo with your loved one’s name and dates is sure to make an unforgettable presentation.

Keeping your memories alive will help soothe your heart and heal your grief.

7. Farmhouse Memorial Plaque

Let your friends know you are thinking of them during this difficult time by sending them a memorial gift that will bring a smile to their hearts. A weathered farm scene adds to the beauty of this engraved memorial.

Place the decedent’s name and dates, then add a personal quote to make this an extra special tribute.

8. Gone Fishing Wooden Plaque

A meaningful tribute to your beloved fisherman. Fishing on a bad day is wonderful, how much more wonderful could it be if they have gone fishing in heaven?

Add your fisherman’s photo, name, and dates to this unique plaque — hang it in a place of honor, and enjoy your memories every time you walk past it.

9. You’re At Peace Cardinal Remembrance Sign

A cardinal is said to be a sign from above that your loved one is visiting. The bright red cardinal reminds you that your beloved is always within reach, watching over you.

A wonderful gift to yourself, a dear friend, or family member that has lost someone.

10. A Letter From Heaven Engraved Plaque

Just imagine receiving a letter from heaven — just knowing that your loved one is loving and missing you, too, would be a comforting thought.

This memorial plaque is a perfect addition to any room, and a beautiful reminder of the one who it is from.

Outdoor Memorial Plaques

11. Photo & Rose Granite Memorial Plaque

You can easily express your heartfelt sentiments on this black marble memorial stone. The stone plaque is beautifully crafted, sturdy, and durable to last for years to come.

Etched with your loved one’s photo, name, dates, and meaningful text, it is perfect for a gravesite or garden stone.

12. Personalized Photo Acrylic Memorial Sign

Making a lasting tribute to a lost loved one is a way to show how much you care. This handmade, laser engraved plaque will certainly fit the bill.

Your favorite photo, along with your loved one’s names and dates, will be laser etched into durable black acrylic. Perfect to display on a wall, bench, or bookshelf.

13. Custom Beach Themed Memorial Stone

Was the beach your favorite place to share? The wind, waves, and seashells bring peace and comfort to your very soul.

This is a lasting tribute to the one you’ve lost. Personalize with their name and dates, and this stone plaque is sure to last for years and years.

14. Engraved Memorial Marble Stone for Military

Did you know that your beautiful memories can be made into art honoring your soldier?

Add your loved one’s picture, dates, and name, and they are laser engraved into a piece of marble. Handcrafted with pride, these plaques are unique to you and will be an everlasting tribute!

15. Planted in Memory Garden Marker

Planting a tree in honor of the one who has passed is a beautiful way to give something back to the people you love, nature, and animals. You can personalize your loved one’s marker with their name and dates, too. 

A wonderful gift for your family, or anyone you wish to offer condolences to.

Outdoor Memorial Plaques with Stake

16. Robins Appear Engraved Ornament Plaque

Enjoy a walk in the garden or yard, and at the same time honor someone you loved and lost. Robins, much like hummingbirds and cardinals, are often seen as heralds of our loved one’s spirits. 

Whether or not you are a birdlover, this pretty memorial stake will look lovely along the garden path as a sweet reminder, and a cute way to memorialize Mom or Dad.

17. Engraved Mirror Butterfly Plaque

A wonderful addition to a flower garden — a mirrored acrylic butterfly memorial! Enjoy your garden, and feel as if you are sharing time with your special someone.

Your stake can be displayed indoors in a flower pot, or even at the graveside. It will bring you a smile anytime you see it. 

18. Always Loved, Never Forgotten Memorial Stake Sign

There is no getting over a lost loved one, but creating a memorial will help you through their loss. 

This metal memorial stake sign is great to place in a yard, garden, or next to the grave. Let everyone see the love you still feel.

19. In Loving Memory Brass Memorial Plaque

This personalized copper remembrance can be placed indoors or out. Place it next to a loved one’s grave, a tree that you had planted in their memory, or even in your backyard. 

You will enjoy visiting your memorial and remembering your loved ones and the beautiful moments that you shared.

20. Personalized Plastic Memorial Garden Plaque

Choose from an angel, butterfly, or heart to immortalize your loved one. Made from clear acrylic, you can personalize it with the name and dates of the one who has passed on.

Perfect for displaying in your yard, garden, or at their graveside.

21. Engraved Tree Remembrance Plaque

A hand-made memorial plaque might be precisely what you are looking for. These plaques are unique to your custom order and are so special. Made from a high quality, hybrid acrylic material, they are weatherproof and meant to last a lifetime.

Engrave a name, picture, text, and dates, and let everyone know that your loved one existed and meant the world to you. 

22. Rose & Gold Personalized Memorial Stake

Build a memorial in your loved one’s name that will last for years to come. This sign is made from industrial-strength acrylic, and is perfectly suited for the outdoor elements.

Sturdy enough to place by a grave, or in a garden, you’ll find it’s easy to maintain the plaque’s beauty by simply wiping it clean.

23. QR Code Photo Memorial Plaque

An interactive memorial is a brand-new idea to keep your loved one’s memory alive. Place at the grave and share their story with the QR code. Visitors will simply scan the code with their smartphone, and be able to read a biography or story about your loved one.

Share something special, unique, and precious with the world!

Memorial Plaques for Garden

24. On Angel Wings Personalized Garden Stone

Place this personalized, resin stepping stone in your garden or backyard to memorialize your lost loved one. The stone will create a special tribute for you, your friends, and visitors to enjoy.

This plaque is perfect to honor a lost fur baby, too. 

25. Planted in Memory Metal Garden Plaque

The ideal marker for a garden or tree dedication. You can make it extra special by adding your beloved’s name, too. These pretty, standing stake memorials are sure to really catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Made of high-grade materials, your memorial will last for ages.

26. Still Loved, Still Missed Cardinal Sympathy Plaque

“When a cardinal appears, a loved one is near.” This bright red cardinal will remind you of the love and memories you shared together.

Your handmade, custom memorial is unique to you and your loved one. No two plaques will ever be the same — just like the two of you. So sweet and so special.

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27. Personalized Cross Memorial Stone

What a truly special way to memorialize and remember your loved one who has passed.

This pretty cross garden marker is made from durable resin and can withstand all that Mother Nature may conjure up. A memorial stone that will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come.

28. A Life That Touches Others Goes On Forever Personalized Memorial Stone

A heartfelt memorial gift for anyone that is going through a loss. Perfect as a shelf decoration or a tribute in a flower garden.

Don’t be afraid to remember your loved one and all the joy they brought to your life. Display your love proudly with a pretty memorial like this.

29. Hand-Painted Hydrangeas Garden Stone

This is a simply beautiful and elegant garden stone, hand-painted with florals and truly one of a kind piece. Your stone can be placed indoors or outdoors in honor of your loved one.

Certain flowers have different meanings, and Hydrangeas mean “boastfulness”. Why not boast of the love and friendship you shared?

30. Light Up Solar Remembrance Stone

Solar lights to help scatter the darkness and light the way. The text states, “You have left our lives, but you will never leave our hearts.” This is a true sentiment for the one you love.

The love you feel will live forever. Bring comfort to someone who is suffering with this beautiful cross, vine, and flowers memorial stone. 

31. Sturdy Outdoor Remembrance Plaque with Stake

Honor your loved one with this appealingly designed marker. This sturdy, heavy-duty marker comes in a variety of tones. Plus, you can decorate it with various emblems and a favorite poem, verse, or saying.

Use this marker for a grave or a special tree, or a garden you planted in your loved one’s memory.

32. Now They Fly with Butterflies Remembrance Garden Stone

Give a gift of sympathy that is one of a kind. Their spirit lives on in this reassuring message, “Now she/he flies with the butterflies.” 

This resin garden stone looks like it is carved from real rock. This pretty tribute to your loved one will help you to remember their free spirit, and let your own soar.

33. Tree of Life Garden Stone

Made with the best quality inks and beautifully designed, this is a meaningful memorial gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Your tribute can be placed outside in a garden or inside on a shelf, table, or desk. It will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Memorial Plaques for Benches

34. Personalized Dragonfly Name Plate

It can be a difficult choice to find the right way to memorialize a loved one. You can easily add a touch of class to a memorial bench or a niche with this solid brass name plaque. 

The personalized plaque can hold a name, dates, and a loving sentiment. A simple but beautiful tribute to honor their memory.

35. Copper Butterfly Memorial Nameplate

A solid copper memorial nameplate is a wonderful addition to a headstone, a wall, a niche, or even on an indoor or outdoor bench.

You can further personalize this plaque with a beautiful portrait or silhouette, along with your loved one’s name and dates.

36. Gold Photo Memorial Plaque

A splendidly made photo memorial plaque is a thoughtful gift for anyone who has lost a loved one. Use a favorite photo to immortalize that special person. Add their name and dates and a short text to complete the design.

These plaques are made from strong, durable plastic to look like brass and are a less expensive alternative.  

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37. Stylish Framed Engraved Metal Plaque

Elegant and stylish, this engraved plaque is sure to add beauty to any shrine or memorial you are planning. 

Handmade from high-quality aluminum and laser engraved, they are a beautiful compliment to a life well lived.

38. Grandad’s Bench… Personalized Brass Bench Plate

The lettering on this solid brass plate is deeply engraved and then filled back with a polished, enamel black paint. Its design makes it easy to read and resistant to the elements, too.

Enter a personal message to your loved one, and perhaps incorporate a picture, name, nickname, dates, or any other engraving you need to immortalize your loved one.

39. Minimalistic Stamped Plaque

Made with the minimalist in mind. This little plaque will keep your loved one’s information safe for years to come. No tarnishing or rusting from the elements, either!

Every piece is special and unique, just like the person you are honoring.

Memorial Plaques for Trees

40. Tree Charm Memorial Tree Dedication Plaque

A wonderfully thoughtful gift for a tree planted in memory of someone. Tree charms give you the ability to mark your tree with a name and message.

Imagine walking through a park and seeing the name of someone you knew and loved attached to a beautiful tree. This tree could be home to birds, squirrels, and more… or perhaps have a swing attached to it for hours of sweet remembrance and fun.

41. Engraved Tree Marker Plaque Your Beautiful Light…

Let everyone know of the light your loved one continues to shine by placing a heartfelt dedication plaque for the world to see.

Suitable for a wall, a memorial garden, a tree, or even a grave marker. A wonderful way to commemorate your loved one.

42. Personalized Tree Tag

A precious dedication to the one you love. A personalized, hand-stamped tree tag is a unique way to commemorate an important person and date.

Made from sturdy aluminum, it is sure to withstand the test of time and serve their memory for years to come.

43. Rooted In Love Engraved Memorial Tree Planting Plaque

Honor them with this lovely granite plaque to immortalize their memory. Perfect for that special person, or even your sweet fur baby.

You can add a picture, a graphic, their name, and dates. There is no end to the personalization you can add to this monument.

Memorial Plaques for Cremation

44. Gone Fishing Wall Mounted Urn Plaque

A discreetly hidden urn and a personal message make this a truly unique tribute. Our “Gone Fishing” urn is a fitting way to honor your fisherman.

Hang in a place of honor, and a smile is sure to touch your heart every time you walk by.

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45. Loving Heart Floral Urn Plaque

Your memorial plaque includes a hidden urn. Our urns allow you to create a special decorative tribute that honors your loved one in a meaningful way.

Honor your loved one in your home or your office with this individually designed tribute.

46. Lovebirds Wall Companion Urn Plaque

A testimony to a lifelong love story, our companion urn is large enough to keep the lovebirds together for all time.

Your wall mounted urn is discreet and secure. Adding your loved one’s names and dates will only add to the beauty of this memorial.

Memorial Plaques with Photo

47. Painted Mountains Slate Memorial Plaque

A handmade memorial slate is a wonderful way to keep the memory of a loved one close to your heart. Their photo looking out at you will bring a warmth to your heart and a smile to your face, and the pretty painted mountains are so peaceful.

48. The Broken Chain Wooden Heart Plaque

The beauty of wood never diminishes. Engraved with a photo, names and dates, you will want to hang your memorial plaque in a place of honor. 

These stunning, handcrafted pieces make a wonderful remembrance of your loved one.

49. When Tomorrow Starts Without Me Memorial String Plaque

Place a treasured picture in your personalized memorial picture frame. The hand-strung heart adds a wonderful touch, reminding you of the love you shared.

Keep one of these pretty plaques for yourself, or share this heartfelt gift with a friend that has lost someone dear.

50. Wooden Framed Bronze Photo Plaque

Show your loved one the gratitude they deserve. Make this personalized bronze plaque a stunning addition to their memorial.

Wonderfully suited for an office or home setting, it’s sure to earn a place of honor.

51. I Will Hold You in My Heart Memorial Frame

A memorial gift that is sure to touch the heart of anyone who reads its message. 

When someone is grieving, it can be difficult to know just what to say. Send this thoughtful gift, and you won’t have to say a word. Your message will be felt and appreciated.

52. With Love, We Remember Engraved Photo Plaque

This beautifully laser engraved bamboo plaque is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one gone too soon.

The loss of a loved one is hard to cope with, but by making a memorial to their memory you can begin to heal. This is a great gift for anyone that is going through the journey of grieving.

Wooden Memorial Plaques

53. Engraved Pine Wood Plaque

Save a place for your loved one that can’t be there physically, but will join you in your heart.

Made from pine, this beautiful memorial sign will mean so much to so many. After the big day, your memorial sign can be placed by your loved one’s pictures, urn, or on a tribute table.

54. You are My Today & All My Tomorrows Memorial Plaque

A beautifully personalized plaque will be the finishing touch to the memorial wall you’ve been working on. What a tribute this would be! Perhaps place photos of your loved one or family photos around the plaque?

This is something you and your family would enjoy doing together and treasuring for years to come.

55. Those We Love Wooden Heart Memorial Plaque

A touching poem to immortalize your lost loved one. The wooden heart makes a nice embellishment to any memorial you are putting together.

Place on a table by the urn, on a shelf with pictures, or even on  your bedside table.

56. Heart & Wings Engraved Memorial Plaque

A beautiful, hand drawn memorial plaque to immortalize your loved one. This is a sweet and tender way to honor the memory of someone you held so dearly.

Add their name and dates for a tribute that you can admire for years to come.

57. Laser Engraved & Rose Painted Remembrance Sign

This handmade memorial plaque will be the perfect addition to any tribute.

Make this sweet sign special by adding their name and a personal line or two. The elegant flowers and splash of color add just the right touch to finish it off. A thoughtful gift for a friend that has lost someone dear.

58. There is Not a Day That Goes By Hanging Remembrance Plaque

A hand-crafted heart is a welcome addition to any memorial dedicated to the one you love. 

You may want to place this heart by a grave, on a wall, or even hang it in a memorial garden. The sincere message is sure to bring you comfort, knowing your loved one is always carried in your heart.

59. Forever Garden Engraved Floral Plaque

Made from birch wood, this shelf sitter is a marvelous way to save a place in your home and heart for a lost loved one.

Engraved with flowers and a heartfelt poem, you will surely treasure it for years to come.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

60. Personalized Oak Tree Memorial Plaque

An oak tree represents the Tree of Life on this tribute to your loved one. You can add a touch of beauty to the gravesite when you place this memorial.

Family and friends will enjoy seeing the sign of remembrance every time they pass by.

61. Custom Cross Memorial Plaque

There is no way to replace your loved one, but there is a way to honor their memory. This custom brass plaque will carry their name, dates, and a personal message that will touch your heart.

Perfect to attach to a niche plate, the back of a headstone, or place on a wall.  

62. When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory Bronze Plaque

Treasure your memories with this resin garden stone. You can mount this tribute on a wall, display it on a shelf, or place it outside.

Some memories are meant to share, and some are meant to be tucked away, but all of your good memories should be treasured.

63. Personalized Cast Bronze Memorial Plaque

A personalized, cast bronze tribute plaque is a wonderful way to memorialize someone you love. This plaque is handcrafted out of high-quality metal, and is meant to last and last.

After all, don’t you want your precious memories to stay with you froever?

64. Flying Dove Bronze Memorial Plaque

A dove represents love and peace — the exact feelings you had when you were around your loved one. Keep these feelings alive by placing this classic bronze plaque in a place of honor.

Place this plaque on the back of a headstone, on a wall, or on the front of a niche. Anywhere it is displayed it will esteem your loved one.

Stone Memorial Plaques

65. Sunflower & Monarch Butterfly Remembrance Stone

A remembrance stone that can be added to your garden, a walkway, or even set indoors. A one of a kind sympathy gift that will never fade, even when exposed to the elements.

Creating a memorial centered around this beautiful remembrance stone will help you work through your grief.

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66. Dandelion & Heart Shaped Slate Marker

When you feel the soft caress of wind on your face, let it remind you of your loved one. An attractive piece to add to your garden, at the base of a tree, or even on a shelf.

Keeping a memorial to a loved one is a great way to keep their memory alive.

67. Personalized Lighthouse Memorial Stone

Just like a lighthouse guides the way, so does the light of your loved one guide you. Physically, they are gone, but their light will continue to lead the way for as long as you need it.

This personalized, handcrafted memorial stone is fashioned from concrete and will resist decomposing for years to come. It can be placed indoors or outdoors to celebrate your loved one.

68. Granite Dedication Plaque

Make it a permanent dedication with this handcrafted, granite plaque. 

Honor your loved one with one to four lines of personal text, and display it on any wall by attaching it with screws. You can even attach this to the back of a headstone if you so wish.

69. Painted Butterfly Remembrance Garden Stone

Plant a beautiful remembrance garden in their memory. Scatter your favorite flowers throughout — or perhaps their favorite colors and scents. Then you can add this handmade memorial garden stone with your loved one’s name.

You can spend quiet time in the morning with the birds and open flowers. Enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful memories the two of you made together.

70. Slate & Hook Personalized Memorial Sign

Take a walk in your garden and visit a memorial for your lost one. Made from durable slate and stainless steel, it will last for many years to come.

Always loved, never forgotten… What more is there to say to your beloved? Add their name and dates to this timeless plaque.

What do you write on a memorial plaque?

When you are memorializing a loved one, you will want to include their name and dates. After that, you can personalize it with some meaningful text. Maybe a favorite poem or scripture?

Should you include a middle name or nickname on a memorial plaque?

Yes, you should include anything to make it “more personal” to your loved one. Even if it is a nickname just the two of you shared. Make it meaningful. 

What is the correct format for dates on a memorial inscription?

There is no correct format. You can write out the month, date, and year, or you can shorten it by using digits. You can make the decision based on the amount of room that is available.

Memorializing your loved one is an important step in the journey of your grief.  Whether it is a trinket, a shrine, or even organizing an event in their name. You will never regret the time you have invested in creating your remembrance.

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