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What should I send as a memorial gift instead of flowers?

Memorial Gift Ideas

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Funeral flowers are beautiful, but many people find them depressing. After all, once the hubbub of the funeral or memorial service subsides, the flowers sit on a table and… die. A sad collection of wilting flowers isn’t exactly the image you want to leave with the recipient of your memorial gift.

So many people look for funeral flower alternatives to give that somehow celebrate life.Whether it’s a “living wreath” instead of a traditional flower wreath, or perhaps a bird feeder that draws local wildlife close and actually helps sustain them, these sympathy gifts are great substitutes if you are looking to get away from the overdone memorial gift tradition of funeral flowers.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for non-flower memorial gifts that can be sent to a loved one.

What to send as a memorial gift instead of flowers

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A “living wreath” such as this gorgeous Succulent Living Wreath is a great option to send instead of flowers, as sympathy floral wreaths are a well-established condolence gift.

This one is different, however, because it does not simply wither and die after a week or two. It actually lives on. Keep it lightly watered now and again, and this beautifully unique wreath will be a very long-lasting memorial gift.


What to send as a sympathy gift instead of flowers: How about a personalized cedar wood bird feeder? The “Bird on a Branch” design shown above is just one of many we can engrave onto the front panel of the feeder. Includes laser engraved customization name & dates. Made in the USA from real aromatic cedar wood, this makes a great “life-affirming” gift.


Cute cards such as the ones pictured above feature plantable seed paper cutout images affixed to a sympathy card. The recipient can plant the seed paper to grow flowers that will bloom in memory of the departed.

If those designs don’t strike the right tone, you can get plain seed paper cards and write your own condolences. These are also handy for use as thank-you cards, invitations, and more.

At Urns Northwest, we also offer sets of plantable memorial bookmarks that are ideal for giving out to attendees at the memorial service.


Gold FinishRhodium FinishMore Jewelry

Cremation and memorial jewelry is a very popular way to remember a loved one. A beautiful necklace or quality sterling silver ring can be a very appreciated and treasured sympathy gift.


Call a family member and ask to provide something that will help with the funeral. Be specific; a generic offer of, “How can I help?” is almost always turned down. Instead, say that you would like to help by taking care of one of the following items, and ask which would be best:


We wrote the definitive Guide to Sympathy Meals After the Funeral, which you can read for tips and recipes. If you’re away and are looking for something to send, consider organizing a “meal train” for locals to bring hot meals in the weeks following the funeral.

There are also a variety of options for boxed meals delivered to their door. These include Hello Fresh delivered with ready-to-cook ingredients,, calling in a local delivery for their favorite pizza, Uber Eats, or gift cards to local restaurants.


If the decedent is Roman Catholic, one memorial gift choice is to arrange a mass and send a mass card. For the uninitiated, a mass card is sent to the family of the deceased to let them know that the sender has arranged a mass to be performed in memory of the departed loved one.


Self-care sympathy gifts are a good idea for a sister, bestie, or co-worker. It tells the recipient that you are thinking of them, and that their welfare is important to you in this difficult time.

Here are a few self-care memorial gift ideas:


Sometimes what a person needs is something to take their mind off of everything. If you’re a close friend and you know their tastes, a good idea might be something special like bohemian wind chimes or a personalized pocketknife, stacking cactus coffee mugs or a silly card game.


Don’t forget about the little ones. During a time of sadness and confusing emotions, a little extra care shown towards kids in the family can go a long ways. Pictured above we have the Money Maze Puzzle Box, and inexpensive little puzzle they will have to solve in order to open the puzzle box and retrieve the money. This will provide something to occupy their time while also giving them a nice little surprise.

If you know what the kids are into, go with that. Pokemon, fidget spinners, Legos, journals, and marbles are big with my kids right now. Maybe the children in your family love crafts, Minecraft, sports, or those little “blind bag” collectible figurines. You can also choose a single gift the whole family can use, such as a magnetic toy building set or a deluxe art set with markers, pencils, and painting supplies.


If you know what they like and appreciate, send a meaningful gift certificate. If they love to shop, a card for their favorite store. For movie buffs, a theater gift card. Books, coffee, and restaurants are also popular choices, always well-recieved. Include a note that lets them know you’re thinking of them and why you chose the particular vendor.


Sending money can be a very important service and welcome memorial gift to the family. Funerals are expensive, time is taken off from work, and financial stress is inevitable. In accord with your means and their needs, you might consider sending a check to cover groceries or to cover a month or more of their living expenses. No matter how large or small, it will be appreciated.


Helping out is great way to show a personal level of care. Here are a few memorial gift options for when you’re local:

  • Do some yardwork – this is a great one because you won’t even need to go inside. Come and weed the garden, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, etc
  • Clean the house – make sure it’s ok first, but don’t give them too much time to pre-clean. Be ready to get your hands dirty and take care of business!
  • Clean out the post-funeral junk – toss out old flowers, clean out the fridge from all the cassaroles, break down cardboard boxes from mailed gifts and memorial service supplies, organize the keepsakes from the funeral
  • Babysit the kids – come to the house so they can get out for a long walk or go to a movie, or take the kids so they can have some peace and quiet at home
  • Run some errands – pick up the dry cleaning, return items borrowed from family or friends, walkt the dog
  • Get the groceries – after the meal deliveries end, run to the grocery store and pick up fresh fruits and veggies and some healthy prepared meal items along with some TP and other weekly necessities

If you’re in a different town or state, you might want to consider hiring some local people to help out in the ways listed above. Make sure that whoever you hire is either well regarded or already personally known to you or the recipient (preferably both). Spring for a restaurant gift card and hire their regular babysitter, or send them groceries and household goods via online delivery so that they don’t have to go grocery shopping for a week. There are plenty of ways to get creative with the gift of service!

What should I send as a memorial gift instead of flowers?
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  1. I like how you mentioned that you can send a game for little kids as a memorial gift for a funeral. I want to be creative with my gift for my friend’s funeral and it would be great to send a game for his kids. I’ll be sure to look for appropriate kids games so his kids can take their minds off of things.

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