30 Best Funeral Welcome Signs, Collages, & Memory Boards

At any funeral or memorial service you have attended, you have probably seen welcome signs, collages, and memory boards that depict the departed loved one.

How are these made? Where do you find these beautiful designs?

In a word: Right here.

We’ll start with our ten favorite Funeral Welcome Signs. Then we’ll showcase ten lovely Memorial Collages, followed by ten gorgeous Memory Board ideas.

Here we go!

10 Beautiful Funeral Welcome Signs

You can personalize each of these templates quickly and easily, with no prior training. Our templates don’t require any special software for you to buy. Just follow the “easy-to-understand” directions.

Then you can print them yourself by taking them to a preferred print shop, printing online, or ask the funeral home to print them for you.

1. Portrait Photo Branches Funeral Welcome Sign

This Funeral Service Welcome Sign Template has been kept simple so that the focus can remain where it should be: On your loved one.

Upload your favorite photo of your dearest departed, personalize with their name and dates, and have it printed on a canvas or poster board to display at the front of the service or the entryway (or both).

2. Gentle Florals Life Celebration Funeral Welcome Sign

Gentle pink tones and soft flower overlays give this template an elegant feeling. This dignified sign is a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one.

You can completely personalize this funeral sign with a favorite picture, name, and dates of your loved one.

3. Evergreen Trees Funeral Welcome Sign Template

This funeral welcome sign template celebrates your loved one’s life with a subtle watercolor painting of a lakeside with evergreen trees. Perfect for the person that enjoyed the water and quiet lakeside life.

All you need to do is add a picture of your loved one, along with their name and dates.

4. Dusty Fleur Funeral Welcome Sign Template

Celebrate your loved one’s life with an elegant dusty fleur overlay. This template makes a beautiful welcome sign to the funeral service – just add her picture, name, and dates.

This is a stylish way to memorialize your special someone.

5. Golden Celtic Cross Funeral Welcome Sign

Our handsome funeral welcome sign template commemorates your loved one’s life with a gold Celtic cross design and green leaf overlays.

Customize with your loved one’s details and consider getting matching funeral programs and prayer cards.

6. Flora Funeral Welcome Sign

The flora funeral welcome sign includes a delicately soft, purple and green, floral design. A nice touch for the person that enjoyed flowers.

This template is fully customizable and able to be edited online. Add a favorite picture, your loved one’s name, and dates to complete your sign.

7. Deer Creek Welcome Sign Templates

The minimalist silhouette of a deer is enhanced by the colorful picture of a mountain stream contained within.

You’ll personalize this outdoor-themed memorial welcome sign with your loved one’s name and dates, save the file, and get it to the printers to create a beautiful welcome sign for the service.

The aspect ratio allows it to be printed in a variety of common canvas sizes.

8. Vintage Floral Framed Funeral Welcome Sign

A stunning funeral welcome sign template that celebrates your loved one’s life with a clean, minimal look and vintage flower overlays.

The vintage flowers gently frame your loved one’s portrait with her name and dates below. This is a beautiful and classic look.

9. Soft Light Funeral Welcome Sign Template

Yellow is one of those colors that just perfectly suits some people. If your loved one was one of those, you know that this is the welcome sign template that you want at the guest book table, at the front of the service by the casket or urn, or outside inviting attendees to come inside to mourn, remember, and celebrate your loved one’s life.

10. Vintage Rose Funeral Welcome Sign Template

Celebrate your loved one’s life with a stunning vintage rose overlay welcome sign. Red roses are the perfect way to honor the one you love.

This template includes space for a photo of your loved one, dates, and more.

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10 Stunning Memorial Collages

Memory boards and collages have become a service staple. Friends and family members will enjoy gathering around to remember happier times.

You can choose from any of these templates to honor your loved one.

1. Evergreen Trees Funeral Memory Board

Our customizable memory board includes seven sections for photos of your loved one – along with personalized name and dates.

Delicate watercolor painting of the lakeside and evergreen trees gives a quiet, comforting feeling to the board. A nice touch for someone who loved the water and the outdoors.

2. Lavender Funeral Memory Board

A striking funeral memory board template that celebrates your loved one’s life. Framed in graceful lavender and gold – it’s a dignified way to celebrate your loved one.

Customize with seven favorite photos, their name, and dates.

3. Modern Heart Snapshot – Cool Tones

Immortalize your loved one with this beautifully modern look. These unique designs are printed on the highest quality paper and framed by artisans.

Add your loved one’s name, dates, and a sweet message.

4. Blue & Gold Branches Funeral Memory Board

A distinguished funeral collage memory board that celebrates your loved one’s life. Printed on bold blue marbled tones and overlaid with gold leafy branches. 

Includes six sections for photographs of your loved. You can personalize with their name and dates.

5. Forest Green Border Funeral Memory Board

Our minimalist funeral memory board template celebrates your loved one’s life with a solid pop of forest green surrounded by photos of your sweetheart.

Includes 14 sections for photos of your loved one – personalize with name, dates, and a quote.

6. Leaves Life Celebration Memory Board

The colors of this funeral memory board template will highlight your loved one’s personality. You are able to add 11 of your favorite photos, name, dates, and a sweet sentiment.

This is an elegant way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

7. Foil Circle Snapshot Mix

You can create a work of art that is uniquely yours! Supply your 24 photos, pick your color scheme, molding, and frame. Then allow Minted to do the rest.

Each photo will be placed where you want it to go. This is a highly customizable way to create your memory board.

8. Tranquil Bird Funeral Memory Board

With a phrase that is timeless – Forever in Our Hearts – our minimalistic funeral memory board celebrates your loved one’s life with a display of a creatively colored bird.

Add their name and dates to make this an outstanding yet simplistic memorial tribute.

9. Patriotic Military Veteran Funeral Memory Board

Our patriotic military memory board is the perfect addition to any service honoring a veteran. Let everyone honor and give thanks to your loved one by incorporating the pride of the American flag.

There is space to add six photos, your loved one’s name and dates, along with a heartfelt message.

10. Painted Hues Heart Snapshot

For this painted hues heart collage, select your color scheme, frame, and molding. Arrange the photos in the order you want. Choose from three sizes to get the perfect look for your loved one.

Perfect to set up at any funeral service, memorial service, or hang on any wall.

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10 Gorgeous Memory Board Ideas

1. Wood & Twine Picture Photo Frame

With this versatile wooden photo frame, you can change out your pictures whenever you want to. You can organize and display your most treasured pictures.

This is a great way to memorialize your loved one at their service – then take it home and hang it on your wall.

2. Macramé Photo Wall Hanger

This macramé photo organizer is a great way to show off your favorite photos of your loved one. Have friends and family add their photos to honor your loved one.

This is a wonderful display for friends and family to gather around and reminisce together.

3. Punch Board Frame Decorator

The frame punch board allows you to quickly create picture frames with ease. You can create a beautiful and unique way to display your special photos at your loved one’s service.

Once the service is over, take your treasured photos home and display them for all to see.

4. Personalized Light Up Photo Holder

This hand-made, LED illuminated photo frame is an attractive way to display your treasured photos. Personalize it with your loved one’s name.

Frame 12 photos of your choice – printed in high-quality definition. This is a display your whole family will cherish for years to come.

5. Fishing Net Photo Display

The fishing net display is a fun way to organize your favorite pictures. If your loved one was a fisherman or enjoyed the water, this is a great way to honor them.

You can change out your photos whenever you want to. Change photos for the seasons, celebrations, and days of remembrance.

6. Hanging Metal Grid Photo Holders

The geometric design of this display will add decoration to any service or room.

Save your most cherished memories by clipping them up on this grid-style frame. Have friends and family add their favorite pictures to the collection!

7. Wood & Clothespin Photo Holder

A “clip” frame is a great way to organize and display your most loved pics! Add your loved one’s photos for their funeral service. Share these special memories with everyone.

After the service, you can take this frame home and hang it in a place of honor.

8. Customizable Felt Letter board Collage Picture Frame

Personalize your memories with this oak frame picture board, with a customized quote, name, or text. Perfect to display at your loved one’s service and in your home or office.

With this cute frame, you can change your saying and pictures whenever you feel like it.

9. LED Fairy Light String Photo Clips

Use these photo clips to display your favorite memories and make a small show with various pictures. An ideal way to display photos at the service and then at home.

The LED lights add a beautiful warm glow to your precious memories.

10. Personalized Floral Photo Hanging Sign

You can personalize this decorative display with your loved one’s name and a sweet note. The rustic design will fit nicely into most decors, allowing you to display precious memories.

Thank you for looking over our list of templates and frame ideas. We are sure you were able to find one to suit your needs. Our sympathies are with you at this time.

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