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Should I Buy A Cremation Urn in Advance?

Last Updated on March 23, 2017

There are many advantages to selecting and even purchasing your cremation urn ahead of time. This is a smart step in the process of planning and preparing for your eventual funeral. Pre-planning allows you the opportunity to infuse the occasion with your personality and preferences, while at the same time saving your surviving relatives stress when finalizing the funeral.

Cremation Urns: Ordering ahead of time
The Together Again Companion Urn holds the remains of two people, often a husband and wife.

All you need to do…

Shop for the perfect cremation urn, decide whether you would like an inscription (see below), order it with free ground shipping, store it in a closet, and put a note about it in your final arrangements folder or some other readily identifiable and accessible place. Simple! You get the memorial you truly want, plus you save your family stress later on.

Benefits of buying a cremation urn in advance

Here are some of the benefits of getting a head start on this, along with some tips for personalization options.

  • Peace of mind knowing your resting place has been finalized
  • You get the exact urn you want
  • You can choose the inscription or personalization you want
  • You save your loved ones from additional stress
  • No need to pay expedited shipping fees
  • No chance of delay-causing shipping mishaps

Inscriptions when buying an urn ahead of time

The trickiest part is deciding whether you would like an inscription in advance, arrange to have a family member take care of it after you pass away, or forego an inscription entirely. Here are some options available to you and a few tips:

1. No inscription

  • Keeps it simple
  • Shifts focus to urn design or an accompanying portrait, etc
  • A name plate, plaque, or memorial stone can always be purchased later

2. Inscription added after death

  • Traditional and accurate
  • Laser engraving can often be done locally by a trophy or jewelry shop
  • A name plate can be ordered online and expedited at reasonable cost
  • Many funeral homes can easily do this for you

3. Inscription in advance

  • Everything is done – no last-minute engraving
  • Everything is paid for
  • No focus on date of death
  • Your choice of text and layout

Common inscription ideas

  • Name & favorite quote
  • Name & brief epitaph (“Devoted Husband and Father” etc)
  • Name and military service details
  • Name only
  • Poem
  • Bible verse

Popular urn designs

Here are some of our popular designs which are treasured family heirlooms. We have many, many more designs available here.

The Gallantry

Wood memorial urn
Available here.

Deer with Inlay Art

Ordering a cremation urn ahead of time
Available here.

Dragonfly Ceramic Urn

Ceramic Cremation Urns
Available here.

Cedar Wood Urn

Cedar Wood Urn
Available here.

Soulmates Urn

Companion Urns
Available here.

Browse all cremation urns here.

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