A Compendium of Links and Articles

Funeral Resources: A Compendium of Links and Articles

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

In our years of blogging about cremation urns and other relevant issues, we’ve discovered and created a wealth of funeral resources. Here we’ve gathered them together on one page in order to provide you with the best possible resources to help guide you through everything relating to the death of a loved one, from pre-planning to coping with grief after the funeral is over, and everything in between. Some of these are our own articles and blog posts, while many others are examples of the best content we’ve found on a given topic.

We hope that this compendium of links, articles, and funeral resources will be beneficial to you as you navigate these unfamiliar and difficult subjects.

Scroll down and read on for links on a wide variety of topics.

All the funeral resources you need for final arrangements, burial, cremation, memorials, scattering, and more

Updated 4/11/18 – What started as a resource for over 150 articles and resources has grown to over 200. Thank you for your submissions and ideas! Let us know what you find helpful.

Start Here

Resources for Planning Ahead

First Steps After a Death

Final Arrangements

Funeral Homes & Cemeteries


Final Disposition Options and Ideas

Resources for Funeral Products

Funeral Resources for Saving Money

Resources for Funerals & Memorial Services

Eco-Friendly Funeral Resources

Creative Memorials

DIY Funeral and Memorial Ideas

Funeral Program Resources

Resources for Religious Funeral Services

Resources for Eulogies, Obituaries, Epitaphs, and Inscriptions

Attending a Funeral: Etiquette, Attire, Etc.

Resources for After the Funeral

Resources for Grief & Loss

Children & Grief

Expressing Sympathy

Social Media and Memorial Websites

Military Funeral Resources

Resources for Funeral Directors & Funeral Homes

Miscellaneous Funeral Resources

2 thoughts on “Funeral Resources: A Compendium of Links and Articles”

  1. My grandmother is in ailing health and has been in a slow decline for years. I have been thinking about what her funeral would be like. Lately, I have been thinking about whether she would like to be involved in the planning. Thanks for the list of resources. These are are great places to start.

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