Infographics for Funerals, Death, and Cremation

10 Interesting Funeral Infographics

Last Updated on October 26, 2016

In a visual world, a unique illustrated display of facts and figures can go a long way towards explaining a difficult or in-depth topic. Here are ten interesting funeral infographics that we have found to be helpful. Below you’ll find many new fascinating facts, tips, and stats relating to topics such as how to plan a funeral, cremation trends, famous funerals, handy life insurance information, and the rising costs of dying.

1. How to Plan a Funeral [Infographic]

10 Interesting Funeral Infographics


2. Average Funeral Costs [Infographic]

10 Interesting Funeral Infographics


3. The World’s Most Famous Funerals [Infographic]

10 Interesting Funeral Infographics


4. Beware the High Cost of Funerals [Infographic]

Funeral Infographic


5. Your Guide to Funeral Planning [Infographic]

Guide to Funeral Planning Infographic


6. Can You Afford to Die? [Infographic]

Funeral Infographics


7. How to Have an Irish Wake [Infographic]

Funeral Infographics


8. What You Need to Know About Life Insurance [Infographic]

Funeral Infographics


9. Creating Tributes After Cremation [Infographic]

Creating A Memorial After Cremation


10. Cremation On the Rise [Infographic]

Cremation and Funeral Infographics


As with most statistical information, these numbers will eventually need to be updated due to changing trends and economic factors. Let us know in the comments any new info or additional helpful infographics relating to funerals, burials, and cremation.

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